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December 9, 2016
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December 29, 2000
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May 14, 1972
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crJ 'I.t' kfJ L 1 W CAN 14 Mgy?1972 STATINTL Approved For Release 200'1/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R00 H _`i NII ?Y J. TAYLOR These Soviet Moves IRAN .IS the world's fourth largest oil producer and the Soviet could sniff out in a twinkling Iran's four main ports and its now '$92 million Kharg Island oil-loading station' on the Persian Gulf. The Soviet fleet is moving -into the vacuum created by the British Navy's departure from the Persian Gulf and this will give the U.S.S.R. a firm hand on the area's oil faucet. As a result, the Kremlin has tricked under Its belt a C 0110- z + to contract to build near Isfahan Iran's first steel mill. The government's Iran National Oil Company has made a'$40 Behind the scenes the -U.S.S.R. Is demonstrating again million contract with Techno-Export, a Soviet firm, to develop how beautifully it plays both sides of the street. Unrevealed, and exploit an oil field in southern Iran. The Shah has Iran is the current proof-likewise proving the truism that authorized the purchase of Soviet aircraft, military equip- the Communists never do anything openly that they can ment, All ethi The Kremlin's is hi hl relevant to our ' future . c achieve by stealth, g y The Kremlin proceeds like a good gen- current behind-the-scenes pressure on the Shah of Iran is eral moves on the battlefield, taking one the frontal push against a Soviet Mediterranean strategy pivotal position to dominate the next pivotal dedicated to a military-political outflanking of NATO and position. And immense Iran is a vital pawn all of Western Europe. n ti . o in the Soviet's Mediterranean penetra Britain's influence in maintaining stabil- ity. in the Middle East has all but vanished. The British have abandoned states and rulers that they established and supported. The expanded Soviet Mediterranean fleet has turned what had long been a British take into a potential focal point for nuclear confrontation. We have heard much about' this. But the erosion of the Mideast situation and the subversion of existing regimes in. oil-rich Arab countries is the current intent. THIS IS NOT VISIONARY. The Arab governments are shot through with individuals whose real loyalties are to dissident factors. And most Arabs are willing to pay high .for what they call "akhad taro" - their revenge. Iran Is the bitter. foe of. Iraq. That nervous country, more than twice the ? size of Utah, . stands beyond Iran in the sequence of continuous pivotal places to be dominated in changing the geopolitical balance in. the vital European- Mideast area. The Kremlin's subversives are at work in Baghdad, Iraq's capital, ? burrowing everywhere like fiddler crabs busy at their hidden business in the sand. And from what I myself have seen of President Ahmed -Hassan al-Baler, he is about as reliable as a skid-row alcoholic. ' Our Central Intelligence Agency has reported to Secretary of State William P. Rogers that the Soviet subversion results have so frightened President al-Bakr that he has secretly agreed to place an estimated 12,000 troops in Jordan and another 6,000 in Syria as part of the general Kremlin-supported confrontation with Israel. Further, he has accepted new oil development loans from the U.S.S.R. Meanwhile, Iraq has publicly signed a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union. "INSHALLAII" (God willing) is. the' key word and phil- orld and this was President al Baler's th b A h i w ra n e y osop utterly unsatisfactory answer to these actions, reports the CIA to Secretary Rogers. Thus the pro-American Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, is caught anew in the Soviet nutcracker. The worried Shah's country is larger than Alaska. In fact, it is nearly as large as all America east of the Missis- sippi, Iran,: derived from Aryan and long referred to as Persia, borders on the U.S.S.R., Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey as well as Iraq. It,5Soviet border is more than 1,000 miles long. The Trans=lranian railroad has 4,100 bridges and 54 miles of tunnels. These mean easy crippling by an enemy. Its air- ports at the capital, Teheran, and at Isfahan, Shiraz and Abadan are totally vulnerable. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000300120001-8