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December 9, 2016
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November 13, 2000
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November 29, 1971
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pH AD> ve&For. Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R0003 111QUIRER i - _ STATINTL _ 463,503 867,810 fiJ V 29 7. LONDON (AP).-The Arab : Martinez Fernandez from skyjacking of four Western Colombia. A fourth was a airliners last year was part of Costa Rican student, Alvara a worldwide Communist plot ~, Fuentes I lesias the book , g that delivered secret Atlantic Alliance documents to the So- said.. ... ways jumbo jet, hijacked to viet Union, a British spy book Even Leila l:haled, the girl Cairo on a ,Sept. 7 flight from claimed Monday. guerilla briefly-jailed in Bri- Amsterdam to New York, Pouches containing top taro after she failed to cap- "they captured' a mass -of secret reports on a NATO air- tune an Israeli El Al plane NATO documents concerning ` sea exercise and the military. over the English Channel' + i I budget were taken off the ? toli-'secret Plaps for the com planes before they were blown may have been born in Hon- . bined NATO air and naval ' Win- tip at Cairo airport and in the duras, Coo':cridge indicated. exercises code-named sands of the Jordanian desert, The name on her passport, he tex'," set for 1971,. said H. Cookridge, a Vienna-horn Chaves, and she speaks Span- The Central _-!.P tcfligcnce espionage specialist. ish. A?rency, he went on, later dis- ,.,v..... Y had been delivered to Col, and a fifth attempt which dead i-, Israeli securit failed in a blaze of gunfire guards while the plane was in Samih Sharraf, the Egyptian above the English Channel-- flight, t:'as Nicaraguan-born intelligence chief, and given flashed the world spotlight on . Patrick Anguello, an Ameri to the Soviet Embassy in the Arab guerillas. of the can citizen. Cairo. Marxist-Maoist Popular Front "!le had nothing to do with The papers were photogra- plied and the pouches slashed for the Liberation of Palest- Arab nationalism ... he was ine,"who did the job. The or- a professional Ccnununist and burned to resemble ex- .__ nlne-nn fin,,, n-n Than thnv ganization has now virtually :vanished from the Arab scene. The air piracy had little to do' with Arab nationalism, claimed "Spy Trade,". which contended: "It was, in fact, part of a worldwide Commu- n1st conspiracy,. although not necessarily -stage-n.tanaged from Moscow. "Hardly any of the actual skyjackers were Palestinians or Arabs," said Cookridge. The book is likely to pro- yoke Arab denials from the Middle East, where the skyjackers are regarded as Palestinian heroes and bona- 'fide Arabs. Two of tie air bandits were; Africans from Senegal, said Cookridge, a World War II intelligence agent and author of half a dozen books on spying., Another was Miss . Cecilia [l"C11L 611U 111J 111VU1V' 111G11L were. ?with the PFLP was only inci- delivered to the Ameri- .dental," the book say . i can Embassy in Cairo with 1 formal Egyptian regrets. The Cookridge did not specify Spiritex maneuvers were the precise purposes of the --- ------._-..----- = alleged' Communist plot. But he said one effect of the hi- jacking was the seizure of the secret NATO papers. From a Pan American Air- canceled. From a Trans World . Air- lines 707, hijacked and blowii' tip in Jordan, the skyjackers" took NATO . documents route from Supreme Head- quarters Allied Powers in T,ii- rope (SHAPE) to the Penta-- on in Washington, the book said. ? These were given to Ru's- 'sian agents in Damascus, .arid Cookridbe comments: "It was a good catch: They con- tamed a complete set of'. documents of the NATO mili- tary budget for 1971." "The great skyjack open-. ation of' September 1970, :is" already half forgotten," cau- tioned Cookridge. He warned that "in the area of intelli- gence and military limbs of government the drama .i.e mains an ominous pointer. to the future." Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601R000300300010-8