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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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April 22, 1972
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Approve~L~'~oK S:eleaL~,2d6`~E07/27 COURIER JOURNAL M AP~9~~~~~". s - 3so,3o~ , STATI NTL ~y >P;trrvlJ lvo>vnrr ~qn+-Afghanistan with the United States Information Service, the rumors began circulating among the Afgha~~e Cent ltobet~ Trautman was a spy tral Inte).ligence Agency. `- "Hoty could anyone think I was a spy vt?ith you as a wife?" tvas Trautman's amazed comment to his wife, Kathleen, referring to her reputation for being "outspoken." Dirs. Trautman broke into laughter-as she told the story of how, after a Stag party her husband attondecl at the Rus- sian Ismbassy, the family was boycotted by the Affhans for months because of the suspicion that he was a CIA agent. But, in - Afghanistan, Itiirs. Trautman said, one never really knows +vho the spies are. ':~' She li~?ed in honinville ~?~ Mrs. Trautman, . a 39-year-old former Louisvill2'resideut and mother of three bushes when the sub}ecL came ut~. includes the spy incident and other et- pericuces the family had during their Dirs. Trautman said their mission in year-long tour of duty in the "hardship" A{ghanistan was to inform the Afghans post of Afghanistan in her .iirat book, about the United States. And that, she "Spies Behind the Pillars, Bandits ab the said, meant et;tertaining the affluent, Pass" It is the story of the .Trautmans educated Afghan minority becatvtse "they in diplortatic. circles, which they decided- had the po+~~er:' The Afghans were after their year in Afghanistan, +vasn't similarly entertained by representatives for .them.. from other ccnntries in a constant round Trautman,- a 'staff writer for The . of cocktail parties at various embassies. Courier-Journal for three years, joined "They were all alike, Bob said. The the- United States, Information Agency in only difference was that the Russians 1965. Aftet' two years in ~vashi;igton, he served vodka and +r-e served gin:' Was told he would he stationed in Beirut . -and he was given extensive French les- ? Cook spoke ~n;lish sons. Three, months before they were to leave,' the Trautmans. were told they The Trautmans were lucky enough to would be going to Afghanistan ins+.ead.. 'enough to take tl em onot ors of the coon 1 Under "constant' srrutiuy trysidc while other diplomats stuck with ' -the American community. . :So in 1967, Kathleen Tra~zt-n.~n was Trautman has been with the British settling her family into a country where news agency Reuters since he left the the language was foreib;, to them, drain- , USIA in 19G6.. The family lives in Beth- age ditches set?+?ed as the municipal sewer esda, 11Id. Ivlrs. Trautman has already system, and their conduct as rel;resenta- started working on her second book, "I'd fives of America +vas urde, wnstant Love to Go Around the World With You scrutiny. ~ - ~ ~ But I IIave To Go to the Dentist." She .At that time, a report ~n tl:e wif., was said it's about "being ?0:' ?:indudcd in the ferei~;n service officer s fitness re to ~ ? IT?tti;l,encirautrianefound inS children's om~+galzines~ sandrafortotwo b d w1, stationed ?. d Kathleen Trautman has written a book about her family's experi- ences in Afghanistan. - ~ government or her husband; ~. she was told. Dirs: Trautman thougl~t it was impor- tant for people to know that ti~ere was -free speech in America. She +voulcl cam- meet on the fact tha? not everyone agreed +vith U.S. policy in Viclnam, +vhil+nother change , ~u ~ ~- ,, 'ears, whale her lots an ~ . herself being constantly by Y ~Qt~~, wives o r outspokenness at in Washington, +vas a rese~ah Cocpernr~. Approved F~dc~~~~i~4~'~ot~/8at:?~44A~DI~~Or0pl~6"Itfl$~'O~~~f~~~-4 ~ . _. STATI NTL Approved For Release 2001/~'~':~t~~(?~R[J~.~~~U'I~T~i9~000400060 2 d MAC 1972 Thy spies buc~ped inter each o~h~r in ~fgha~~stan By ~i7AVl-III.z.AU I.A HAY. - Scripps-Howard SfoN Writrr Kathleen Trautman has lovely red hair, alluring .green eyes and what she describes?as"a "big flannel mouth." It's this last fe