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December 9, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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January 11, 1971
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I.E7R'OiJ!ilT ; trj;'r_':t'i.AlT!l)tr - Aproved For ReleaYb9hW: C"9M01 Senator Cavanagh said 71 a r d war c,' by Mrs! that since Mr Molt's dis- Catherine Dalton, hints appearance - in Decent- that Mr Holt was assassi- ber, - 1967, at . Cheviot gated for political rca- Beach near Porisca -- sons and that Dr Bogle some politicians in Can- died for similar reasons. ?bcrra had expressed sus- Sen. Cavanagh said: "I 1picion about the reasons have received a series of given for his death. The allegations which I don't senator would not name t e il y accep . n cessar the politicians. The three main "ru- E clrte mors" were that Mr Holt V1 9 had not gone Into the sea, C~.; -rr9a at Portsca, that he was t A-4 o,' that he had no a A South Austre"eji~Jii Labor sc,.-00rs~lirl fie wants ?1 Iinllicilt to InVCSticc1to "the opcra'tionS ?f krcijr A.ti t1'c`]Iicl." Poiiticcii powers in Senator Cavaliagh, 57, said by phone from Adel :idc tof'ay that Ile would ask severed questions in Parliament .next month about the death Of former Prime Minister -l~~rold 1-tolt' tnd the Bogle-Chandler case, "If they ate not answered satisfactorily, I shall move for a royal commission. "The fact that there -ire groups which accept that political pressures will not stop at liilircler, justifies Mr hieti's death and the deaths of Dr Bo de and Mrs Chandler being included in an inquiry," he said. New South Wales Police Commissioner, Mr Allan, said ;he was prepared to . send a senior detective by plane to Adelaide to confer with Senator Cavanagh on the Bogle- Chandler allegations. ! I;ut they are grave been murdered and bur- ied, Senator Cavanagh charges. and ought to be said. investigated:' He said information he "In 1969 I claimed that had received indicated the Australian Security there was a need for a and Intelligence Organis- "tltorough Inquiry into ation had plants In a the operations of foreign foreign embassy. political powers in Aus- . "My claim was vindica- tralian life." ted," he said. And he believed it was / tIn March, 1969, ? Ml's possible that the Anieri-`\(/Mary Hoffmann, admitted can CIA and a group o that she copied docu- ltussian agents were op- meats for ASIO while crating in Australia, working at the Japanese The senator said he re- newed his interest In Mr IIolt's death when a cir- cular was sent to him last month by the Sycl- ?ney-based Christian home Defence Party of Aus- tralasia. It claimed that the deaths of A?Ir Holt and Dr Gilbert Bogle were part of a plot. The deaths of Dr Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chan- dler on New Year's Eve, 1963, are still a mystery. A book released in Canberra on Friday claimed that their deaths were linked with the dis- appearance of Mr Holt and the death of an Aus- tralian nuclear scientist. The book, "Without Sell. Cavanagh, 57, was elected to the Sen- ate, in 1962? He lives in the Adel- aide suburb of Rnscwater and has three children - Barry, 28, secretary of the Miscellaneous Work- ers' Union In Adelaide, Desmond, 21, a clerk, and Patricia, 11. o A long search by .police. army and air force nett and divers failed to find any trace of Mr Holt's body near Portsea after his disappearance. An official report by Victorian and Federal police said that "he drowned accidentallywhile .-swimming." Approved For'Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000400120001-7 STATINTL D ve or Rele 20,00/0~f4f" EIi DP 0-01 0 , By ROLLUT TRUPdBULL schoolmates the "hick-or-treat" The Australian Government; an occa- built 140 houses for. the Pine' ritual of Hallo% cen , sa^ctai to The ~cm c' T1,nes. 1 NORTHERN O ?oo f00 ALICE SPRINGS,. Australia, TERn. sion previously unknown here. Gap personnel, he said, causing Nov. 1. - Residents say that Alice i They have learned in turn that a boom in the local building QUEENS- children can demand a coin trades. rents here doubled when they c Sprin;~~ LAND Americans arrived in force I - t from a passing adult on Guy "Houses that once sold for about two years ago to man , f - ---- , Fawes Day, Nov. 5, which cons- $15,000 now bring $22,000 and the p-sec me . morates a plot to blow 1!p three bedroom homes that had defense lion known, as the, Space Bane I ~i1 l I A L IA J-, /. the British Parliament rented for $20 to $25 a v:eck' at Pine Gap, 12 nniles 5011th- I i. SOUTH ,, , American men patronizing now go for $50," he said. "One; west of this cattle town of 10,- 1 AUSTRALIA the bars and . shops. are distin- family moved into a caravatil 000 people. in the center, of! NVoarnera ~orrc is guishable by their short hair- [trailerl so they .could rent Australia. New cuts andtheir big cars with their house to Americans." of tin; -A (SOUTH. the steering wheels on the However, the architect add- arliac:au ,aura distant e Parliament in distant Canberra, traffic keeps to the left. e merle n inilux Is 111-Y L i_ r oA,dclaic "Americana part.icin g t0 run down. i1Cl'Itrally glnnin ate in! istence of the Pine Gap estab 4.a iC'Ri`, lity, joining clubs }ice Rotary, lishment and others around the , and taki " d A x Li th ng ons an pe , e country might invite nuclear part in school committees, by the SOVlet Un- ' ion or Communist China in these the H