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November 17, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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December 11, 1972
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?I 1313-Ci72. Approved For Release 2006/08/16 : Clgke912019:01 ALLENDE'S CHILE -E-51120, .`" aD PErirlY Mrtwoun Miss Lernoux is South American correspondent in Bogotd for Copley News Service. . - . Dogoid Within the comfortably middle-class headquarters of the Chilean Communist Party, one is easily lulled into the belief that, yes, a bloodless revolution is possible. Well- dressed companeros hurry to and fro, carrying black attache 'eases, and you think, this is just like Italy. No beards or khaki here: these are sophisticated lawyers ..and economists who 'speak English, French or Spanish with equal fluency. Maybe Salvador Allende has a point when be says that the Andes are not the Sierra Maestra. . Yet anyone can see the storm clouds gathering. Chile- .ans of all. classes are armed and organized into "self- defensive" vigilante cominittees, .and former friends who Used to enjoy politicalarguments will no longer sit -down I& the same dinner ?table. "We've saved this food for the bad days," said a Santiago ? housewife, opening a well-sfocked freezer. "There will come a time .when my maid asks for payment in food, not money." Even Presi- dent Allende has begun to admit the possibility of civil war. ? Allende has brought Chile a long way on the road to socialism in the two year's since he was elected Presi- dent, bu the disaffected Left insists the pace has been much too slow, that Allende has ? only been playing at revolution. "Changing economic systems is like changing a company's business management," explained a Mary- knoll priest from the United States. "There are bound to be some difficult adjustments and a lot of snafus in the beginning. But much of this talk about civil war is just that?talk." The Chilean press is certainly waging verbal warfare. If One believes .the Communist El Siglo, the local oli- garchy is planning to assassinate Allende, while such opposition papers as Segunda headline the slightest incident as further proof that the Left is about to put the conntry to sword and fire. Yet, during the recent .twenty-six-day strike which paralyzed transportation and much of the country's commerce, both the Chilean peo- ple and the armed forces showed considerable restraint. Had such a prolonged strike taken place anywhere else in South America, it is probable that the government would haVe fallen and that the list of casualties (four deaths) would have been much longer. Even at the., iv) Ti?T c-rbetThol height. of the strike, which' was supported by 'all five opposition parties, pro- and anti-government demonstra- tions .had more the air of a carnival than of a serious class confrontation. Unlike ? Colombia or Ecuador, for example, where the mobs mean business, Chileans demonstrate by dancing in the streets. A class struggle is taking place, of course, but it. is . a peculiarly Chilean one. Allende, the hemisphere's first elected 'Marxist President, has kept his . promise to re- spect congress, the judiciary and a free press. The op- position and the 'Right may complain about expropriation of industries and farmlands, but there were laws, some . dating back to 1932, to authorize such take-overs. ? In the View of his enemies, Allende's chief Sin has been his failure to live up to a supposed gentlemen's agree- ment not to change the rules of the game in Chile, The way they tell it, the Chilean congress, which is con- trolled by the opposition, never would have confirmed Allende in. 1970 if it had known what was going to happen. (Under the constitution, congress must confirm the winner of a Presidential race if he has not received' a majority of the votes. Allende won 36.3 per cent in the three-way race.) There must have been a lot of wishful thinking at the time because Allende's platform described exactly how he intended to socialize Chile. In attempting to redistribute income?, Allende naturally has awakened class hostilities, No group ever willingly gives up its property and privileges to the have-' nots. In Chile that goes for the illiterate peasant who owns 6 acres of land and for the. corner butcher, as well. as for members of Santiago's golf club. Chile's middle class, variously estimated between 15 and 40 per tent of the population, depending on the politics of your in- formant, already knows it will be the first casualty of the revolution. But despite the vigilante committee and talk of civil war, the class struggle in Chile has not yet progressed beyond a debate over *economics. Members of the militant Movement of the Revolutionary Left ? (MIR), which harbors disgruntled refugees from all of Chile's left-wing parties, give Allende's administration fair Marks for trying to improve the lot of the poor. Now the laborer has a little money to buy a few con- sumer goods when they are available, say the Miristas. However, MIR sympathizers are as scathing as the Right in Their comments on Allende's management of the econ- omy. And it is in the most awful Mess. Allende, who was elected by a six-party coalition Approved For Release 2000/08/16.: CIA-RDP80-01601R000400260001-2 WORLD STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/4 ? rill. -RDP80-01601R 772 Common people's common foe The word "Kennecott" is a touchstone of the common interests of U.S. and Chilean workers, for Kennecott is their common enemy. Kennecott exploits Chilean and U.S. copper miners and ? through its ownership of Peabody Coal ? U.S. coal miners as well. ? The name "Herbert Klein" is another touchstone of the common interests of U.S. workers and Chilean work- ers. Klein, head of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, is one of Nixon's chief economic hatchetmen. He is the same Herbert Klein who a year ago, following a jet-propelled tour of Latin America, called in Washington for the overthrow of the Allende government. He meant what he said. Two days after his call, the CIA-inspired "march of the pots" erupted in Santiago to provide a "pop- ular" cover for the attempt to destroy the Allende govern- ment. " The common interests of the U.S. workers and the workers and peasants in the developing countries go be- yond the specific rapacity and putschism of ITT or Kenne- cott. The common enemy is monopoly capitalism, imper- ialism. The united strength of the enemy should be con- fronted by the common action of the American workers and the peoples of the developing countries, all exploited and oppressed by U.S. imperialism. The place to begin is by supporting the right of the Chilean people to dispose of their own wealth, to organize their life as they see fit, to free themselves from imperialist exploitation, and to elect their own government. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01801R000400260001-2 Approved For Release 2000/C184fg ?V*RDP80-01601R00841301261X1.01-2 7 DEC of-1. 0 U.S* stateimonopol-Lot5 en-peed. President Salvador Allende Gossens made a notable contribution to the defense of Chile and, by extension, of all Latin America in his speech at the United Nations. His ad- dress was also a major blow in the world anti-imperialist struggle, inscribing in ineradicable lines the exploitive and repressive nature of U.S. and world imperialism. Exposed to .world view by Allende, International Tel- ephone and Telegraph and Kennecott Copper denied every- thing. U.S. Ambassador George Bush, the Wall Street Journal, and the pro-imperialist Spanish-language daily, El Diario of New York, rushed to the defense of imperial- ism. Bush hurriedly called a news conference to proclaim to the world: "We don't think of ourselves as imperialists." The Wall Street Journal complained yesterday that Allende had offered a "new definition of the word 'it-riper- ialism.' " It did not say whether. it liked the old definition ? by Lenin ? or some other definition any better. El Dia- rio aligned itself with the boss man, adding anti-Soviet and anti-Cuban slander to spice the dish which Bush had pre- pared. Understandably, none of them mentioned the dirty words, IT&T or Kennecott. They were well advised to stick to the high-minded road. Actually. it was not Allende on Monday, but Jack Anderson. Washington syndicated columnist. last March who bared the documents showing that IT&T and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency had plotted to stop the election of Allende in the fall of 1970. The plotters approached select members of Chile's armed forces to incite an uprising. They caused the assassination of Gen. Rene Schneider, army chief of staff, who stood in their way. The evidence which Allende presented is irrefutable. The Export-Import Bank, the World Bank, the Inter-Amer- ican Development Bari:, the U.S. Agency for International Development ? all U.S.-dominated ? as well as the pri- vate banks in the U.S. and Western Europe are engaged in a concerted effort to strangle Chile economically by cut- ting off financial credit. Kennecott has undertaken a world- wide effort to prevent Chile from selling copper, its chief export product. abroad. By October 1971. IT&T had worked out, and forwarded to the White House. the total program of economic ag- gression which is now being pressed. The aim was to cre- ate "economic chaos" which would convince the armed forces to "step in and restore order." as IT&T put it. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400260001-2 STATI NTL Approved For Release 2000/010,6y: 19 OCT 1372 DP80-01601R000 World front vs. monopolists The crisis developing in Chile is the direct result of the attempt of U.S. monopoly capital to destroy the Allende government. This was initiated two years ago by International Telephone and Telegraph Company and the CIA, which attempted to prevent Salvador Allende Gos- sens from taking office as elected president. The present phase was incited by Kennecott Copper Corporation. In the field of international finance, the U.S.-controlled World Bank has barred loans to Chile at Kennecott's behest. The ramifications of the struggle are worldwide. Peru,. Zambia and Zaire have joined Chile in calling an extraor- dinary conference of the Inter-governmental Council of Copper Exporting Countries in Santiago, Chile, next month. Eight Latin American nations, in a statement to the Uni- ted Nations Conference on Trade and Development, have united in support of Chile's right to "freely dispose of its natural resources." French and Netherlands longshoremen, in Le Havre and Rotterdam, have refused to unload a shipload of Chil- ean copper which Kennecott is attempting to seize through the French and Netherlands courts. The instructions of the Dutch Transport Workers Union to the longshoremen of Rotterdam was to "follow the example of the dock workers of Le Havre who said they would not touch the tainted copper." The longshoremen's actions represent international solidarity with the copper miners and working class of Chile, and with the anti-imperialist course of the Allende government. The developments in Chile represent, in the words of Senator Luis Corvalan, general sec.Tetry of the Commu- nist Party, an "escalation of sedition, a coup d'etat in the making." The inspirers of the projected coup are ITT, Ken- necott, reactionary circles in Chile, and the CIA. Uphold- ing the anti-imperialist, liberation course of the Allende government is the Chilean working class, led by the Com- munist and Socialist parties, and the anti-imperialist and democratic forces. The government of Chile, in its fight to retain the country's natural wealth for its people, in its fight to main- tain democracy against U.S. imperialism, deserves the sup- port of the American people whose enemy is also monopoly capital. We urge strong protests to our Senators and Repre- sentatives, insisting that they demand the U.S. Govern- ment abandon its support of the ITT-Kennecott-CIA inter- vention in Chile. The workers of Le Havre and Rotterdam have set a noble example of international working class solidarity Approved ForlITOMegyit/ppltepe? i4e0otaliNIMIN#0260001 -2 peci ted Steelworkers union ? to emulate them. Approved for Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400260001-2 STATINTL NEW HAVEN, CONN. kREGISTER OCT 18 am' E 104,849 $ -122,459 Forcing Socialism On Chile After two years of trying to convert (Chile to socialism by so-called "peace- fill reform.- the regime of President ; Allende has resorted to brutal Marxist tactics to force feed his economic for- mula to the people. The severe hard- ships being experienced can no longer. . be blamed upon ?'Yankee imperialists." The leftist government that took over huge corporations. as inevitably hap- pens when this type of economic revolu- tion occurs. tannot. generate the initia- tive to take the place of what has been wiped out. There is widespread dissatis- faction, resistance to further govern- ment control. And the only way it can ,then be managed is through political and social revolution that rules out free- dom and democracy. Feeling the pinch resulting - from government takeover of the backbone of ,Chile's economic life, workers. consum- ,,: ;. ers. small business owners and profes- sional groups are fighting against the ?advance of Allende-regime control. This is no IA-inspired uprising, but a gtoundswe test nrir cat---TOTri y come of deep-rooted frustration and anger. : Opposition to Allende's tactics broke ut dramatically from time to time in e past. and portended the massive Vement that the arbitrary leader now m t . cope with. Housewives have sta ed demonstrations ? against rising prick and last August nearly all of Chile's.136.000 stores closed for a day to decry policies that threafen the nation's small capitalists. Now, there has been an extended ? walkout of truckers and shopkeepers who are demanding a modification of centralized government that is stran- gling them economically and as citizens. Sympathy strikes have been staged by students, physicians, civil engineers and bank employes. Violence in the streets has accompanied demonstrations against such plans as a government truck fleet that threatens private . truckers. The nationwide sympathy strike was declared by such groups as the Business and Small Industry Confederation. taxi drivers, construction men and small independent farmers. The disruption brought about declaration of a state of emergency with filling stations running out of gasoline, bakeries closing for lack of flour. Liberties are being trampled upon by? the government, with Allende declaringi ?martial law. Radio stations were taken over by the government, which is broad- casting only propaganda. The president of the truck owners association has been arrested. And there have been offi- cial threats to requisition stores which were not re-opened. Allende is using repressive meaSures more suited to a state of war. this is standard procedure for imposing strict socialism upon a nation. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400260001-2 Approved For Release 2000/Crii3Y:tAORDP80-01601R0004 1 OCT 1372 ? I ,g? iefr, 1 / ? k?_?,\:;.1,.:i- >0 ? With whom Chile coratent15 Two years ago the International Telephone and Tele- graph Company prepared a program of military action to prevent Salvador Allende Gossens from taking office as president of Chile. Cooperating in this venture were agents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. and reactionary Chilean officers. However. Allende became president. That did not put an end to the efforts of the U.S. cor- porations and of the CIA and of the Nixon administration to overthrow the Allende government. Another campaign was initiated last year. It was a folksy revolt of house- wives. Middle-class women and wealthy women pretend- ing to be housewives were mobilized to thump pots and pans. and denounce Allende for the rising cost of living. The campaign was a fraud: it was a front for the big cor- porations, especially the U.S: companies. and local reac- tionaries whose policies and agitation are responsible for Chile's serious economic difficulties. The U.S. multi-national corporations whose proper- ties in Chile were nationalized have instigated a world- wide campaign against the Allende government with the backing of the Nixon administration. They are attempting to establish an economic boycott of Chile. to wrest from the people and the Government of Chile the constitutional ? right to dispose of the nation's natural resources. Kennecott Copper has takCn the lead in the latest at- tack. getting a French court to order the seizure of a ship- ment of Chilean copper to a French concern. This concern. a cartel of French fabricators, is the only customer for foreign copper in France: copper is Chile's chief export commodity. As part of the campaign the U.S.-dominated World Bank has refused to grant Chile any loans, alleging that Chile is involved in a dispute with another member country. That is false. There is no dispute between Chile and the U.S.. legally or officially. There is a dispute with a mono- polist corporation ? Kennecott ? which seeks to restore its imperialist exploitation of Chile. Beyond the seizure of exported Chilean copper. or the attempted worldwide boycott. or the denial of loans is U.S. imperialism's attempt to destroy the Allende government by counter-revolution. That is one facet of monopoly cap- italism's determination to crush the anti-imperialist move- ment throughout Latin America. The Republican Party has expressed that outlook clearly in its election platform. with Cuba as the immedi- ate target. Its search for support of counterrevolution in Cuba. in whose Preparation the CIA never rests. is typical of the. Nixon Administration's policy with respect to all of ? Latin America. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01601R000400260001-2 Approved For Release 2a001118116 t1AAN566-01601 kJ-we:Rift 1:7ort nerican f-r ? ...Editor's Note: The Cuban people are fed a particular image of the United States by some gifted political propagandists. After a month on Castro's island, correspondent Wallach pro- ?vides an inside look at the anti-American bar- rage in this, the seventh of 12 exclusive _alai-. Cies. ? By 301IN P. WALLACH -News American Washington Bureau A machine gunner pops out of the multi- tiered wedding cake at Luc' Baines Johnson's nuptials and mows down the White House ...guests. Nazi firing squads .punctuate every : clause of Martin. Luther: -King's "I have A -Dream" speech with. a %;olley of rifle shots. A bad dream?'" Someone's perverse hallu- tmapons. No,ihey are scenes from "LT3J," rent "don'inentary" ? directed by one of the world's best camermen and :most powerful political propagandists, Santiago Alvarez. His newsreels are screened in schools, on television and often preceding the main feature in almost every commercial theater in Havana. "LBJ" alleges that the murders of ? Presi- dent John F...I