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December 9, 2016
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November 3, 2000
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January 24, 1970
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t;Ti;CTIdt'?ATE., i.i f~Li X :tC R ~~ .tu STATINTL ' ~4pproved For Release 2001/03/04 :CIA=RDP8 ~a - is9 ~ 425 . ~ _ 30?. , 445 - ,_.. 1i a --.... _ _____ ,, ? ~~ -Y . -- ~? F-'J/CJ~ tL ~~~~3.1'~~:uL ~C.~'l~~J:CiL~ ./.L FJ.,~~i~c.~i?, ll' SCl'4:~Li,/e~3, Wis. L~J #~ ~ ~~- ~ \~.// c Rte' ~ ~-`~- a the CIA~z?ight even have sought to AlT R. I~~s^.tiXE ~ ~ anJ~~`~?~ioht-n`i:ig' coup. B3' ~?IILLT . ozg . ? ? ? UIr' Correspondent ~ $ut thi~~', at best, could Only ? ONCE AGAIN this pas6 week have preci~pif~ated a Civil vrar, and stirred a ? new wave of extreme the' United ,States Geer Hcuaclor anti :~ntericanism in the Xemis- have been at odds over seizure of phere. At worst, the effort would American tuna boats in Ecuador's have failed, leaving Chile still in ~' 200-mile-wide "territ.orial waters." the hands of a Marxist but with a But the fuss merely tended to poison tooth fir the Unit,ect States ?obscure a deeper and more signifi- ~ as Cuba's Fidel Castro was left, cant fact: that relations. bc~tseen in the wake of ineffectual attempts Uncle Sam and most of hatin ? to overthrow his regime. America are less strained today than they have been in a very long ~. II1 kOIR'T OIL fact, the United tune. ;States swallovred its chagrin anct Apart from Ecuador, it would be quietly worked out a modus viven- ?hard to 'find a really serious razz- di with the new Chilean leaders. ;rzino? quarrel in the ~Testez?n IIem- Wasizingt.on volunteered to }:eep nds strictly -off Chile's domestic h a isph~re :-= ahvays e:~cepting, of course, lire normal state of coif- business. making clear that Aineri- , izt Ghilo (though copper mines, p1 e- trolled tension betv:een tiVashina- can concern v as focused, as i;, viously taY.en over in part, may tozi and Ilavaria. ? . .-.--`_ had a legitimate right. to be, on now be completely z?ationalizecl un- der? i+erms the coirpanies find -T)tcre arc long-stanclinr griar?- Chilean foreign policy. >l~arsh, and certain other, srn:~.Iier aztces, recently intensificcl, over ar-` This clecisio.t l;orron?ed nntclt tificial barrios iv rite sale of I~atiu froze the exl,erieuce ~t?ith Castro. , enterprises ~ have been listed for gods on the iTnitcd t~?keover). . , American ~ ~ TVhen Lire Kennedy Adiztinistration ' ? - 5tates marfict. Ancl there are hart tv identify the really critical. ALLIs'R~~ IL45 given no sign of groups -inside ancl.ou*.sicie i,~.tin soure~s of tinit~d States anxiety being, in these respects;anyzvh2re , govern?meets =whose favorite Po- over Cnba,.it settled on tt?,?o: Cuba's near as extreme as Gastra. 'By t,.is pitiCal sport will always be wallop aligni>ent ~viih the Soviet Union, lig'nts, he is making a consid~arai~le ing "Yan_:ee iiuperialist:l:?' T3ttt is- anti its effort to exhort rcvohtti?r- contributio.i ',to a unigttq?,e peri- sues ti*~13ich could produce rn^jor ? in Latitt liz~crica., meet. irn co?xistence acro~;,;7;tleoleg- exlzlosions have. liven very largely ; Had Castro been willing to ical lines. ~ ` cased. None of this is easy. The rriodus break away from dependence on ?vivendi could break downrt any ? The United States and Mexico, ,yloscow, and stop, trying to tom- time. long at odds, are on excellent munize the Hemisphere, an accom When Allezzde's application of terms to