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November 3, 2000
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November 22, 1971
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--------Approved For Release, 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 RO 1IART?iOPD, COIN. TIMES 1 % 2 E & S 135,8i STATINTL STORKS -- A University of w i d e s p r c a d a t tention .Connecticut political scientist, throughout Latin America. w h o's e off-the-record cone- ' The paper, which was the rientary inadvertently trib. topic of at least one presiden- gered a foreign policy flap tial news conference, was in Latin America, will appear reported in the press as if witli a panel of top foreign it were an official U.S. posi- aiia.irs analysts in New York tion. Many who read it con- Fr,,day to discuss the impact sidered it a clear indication ,of his views. - of fading U.S. interest in that 'I Dr: John Plank, professor part of the world. of rolitical science and a The Buenos Aires news former S 't a to Department magazine "Po nor onm" car- aide, will meet with former Tied an interview with Dr. Assistant :Secretary of State Plank bearing the headline, Lincoln Gordon and three "Tile North Scorns t h e o t h e r f o r e i gn affairs South." Many other South and authorities to explore the i711- C'e n t r .a 1 American publira- plications of. his paper which tions carried -reports of'.Dr. was .titled, ' ' W e s tern Plank's views. Hemisphere - Security: Latin "Siempre," a Mexican news American and United States magazine, noted that Dr. Assessments." Plank has bee>,i well-respected In the report, Dr. Plank in. in Latin America and ex- dicated that the . U.S. ad- pressed the suspicion that the/ ministration apparently felt CIA had leaked the report- that Latin America no longer -And an official of an inter- is.. strategically, politically. American organizolion, in a ecohoinically or ideologically personal note to Dr. Plank, of, life-or-death importance to blamed an "irresponsible this country. . reporter" for publishing the These comments were original work in a "17ghly prepared as a private report distorted form." The official to the Council on Foreign also thought the leak was in- :Relations, but snmehow fr1l tentional and attributable to into the hands of a reporter. o'fcial U.S. sources as a way The resulting story received of shliOP g the tenuous nature of the special relationship between the U:S. and Latin America. As an a?tyr.:aath of the uproar, the enter for Inter- American - Iterations h a s scheduled the panel discussion for b p.m. Friday at its New York offices. Joialag -Dr. Plank and Gor- den will ire Mariano Gron- done, a n.)ted Argentine scholar and journaIist; William Rogers, ' a former coordinator of the Alliance for Pi'ogress, who will serve as moderator, and Enrique V. Iglesias, an officer of the InterAmelican DE~c'.ai~ment Bank. '. `` . Dr. .Plank. who directs the UConu Institute of Interna- tional a P. d Tntc;cultural Studies, 1S former director of the State Department's' O'fice of Research and AnAlysis for American Republics, Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Before coming to UConn, he was a senior fellow at the Brookings In s t i t u.t e_ in Washington. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000700070001-0 I? X 7,v `WjlL1:) Approved For Release 2001/J-RDP80-01601 STATINTL C CJ n :I tl L` b l Grua i 117 1F RE - r y ('V '. i,t 0,4^ r~ )D l,i, Secreiu:.ry, P~.>iliE~ioa.y U:.r The Fall offensive of the peace movement was initiated with the objective of organizing such, mas- sive and varied actions by the majority of American people that the ruling class and its Nixon Administration would be faced with only one"alternative-end the aggressive war in South East Asia this year and act on the aggravated and accumulated needs of the people as prior- ities. Those objecuives are ever more urgent and can be achieved. That objective and perspective v'as based on a number of inter- related developments. The U.S. and satellite military forces have been unable to win against the heroic liberation forces in Viet- nam, Cambodia and Laos, and made by the Provisional 11evo- Others hold to the concept of lutiorary Government provided "the worse the better" and en- the basis for ding the war. gage in revolutionary rhetoric. Defections, de. aorali:;ation and Then there are varying degrees anti-war actions t: in the U.S, of cynicism, individuallsnl, nihil- forCes in Vietnam and t e expo- ism, anarchism, as well as the sure of war crimes and other social-democratic Socialist and activities by the Vietnam vets Trotskyite o, position, and Pro- in this country acled!>d to the ar-, gressive Labor Party condemna- gun?ents for ending; the war. tion of any proposals made by Tlhe wage-freeze, taxes, inila- the Provisional Revolutionary tion aggravated racism ash i re- Government of South Vietnam. pression,? and crisis in h None of these are the domi- health, schools add to the pie- nant or the major forces in the ture. peace movement, but they can Another set of develepa.e,:ts create momentary diversion s, includes the conflicts and deep- disruption, confusion and false ening differences in the ruling issues among certain sections of class, the struggles for profit peace activists. Such elements and power between the monop- also sometimes become a bar- :,Iles of finance capital, the Pen- rier or obstacle between the or- tagon papers, the struggles in ganized section of the peace the courts and in the legislatures. movement and the broader move- And in areas such as Latin rhent. America, while U.S. imp,-1-in ism A growi g cca'iti0:1 holds en in some countries by : However, the important fact is brutal CD I. gangster and murder that, in spite of such elements, tactics, yet there have been the representatives of thirty ma-, growing defeats for U.S. imTe- jor national organizations and 17 rialisrn especially in relation to area coalitions have developed Cuba, and more recently in Chile a working, relationship through are Peru, and in other countries. the People's Coalition for Peace Ill tl.e U.S. peace rroverr t, and Justice, -which is the all-i,-: there is a healthy grovzt'1 of elusive, multi-issue and rrulti- t f h t 2 L_~ al iJ tf ?; ~J 1, f t1 ~, t. And the anti-inn ?erialist and so- cialist forces on t e world sells are P. great source of strength to the pp cc m ove neat. The above factors as well as other c evelopments made the oh- ;ecwive 01 caring the war this year a correct perspective and much credit must be given to the peace movement. As we come to the last two months of the year, it becomes mare imperative that additional steps be taken to achieve its objectives. This also means that certain weal . messes must be overcome and subjective factors examined. Some forces in the organized peace movement continue to have the concept of endless }Jar, even t ,ough that view coincides with Nixon's program 'of Vietnan i- does not claim to he the total of the movement but is always in the process of growth, politi- cally and in organized relations with other forces. It includes represent ;lion from the Con,.mu- nist Party on its leading corn- mittee where the great majority are not Communists and where no particular group is dominant. The National Peace: Action Co- aliticn as another Jo .'tor of the organized peace forms was es- t':blished at a conference of in- dividuals in Cleveland after the invasion of Cambodia. It was' or gaihized by . a Trotskyite-S.W.;. Split fro n the broader New i\io- biiization Corn.:~,ittee. it uses the toot;c of unilaterally, and with- out any consultation or: diset'.S sign, calling a conference to call. an action and ter, getting indi- viduals to endorse it. This form is being used by them now. to call a 'Na-tioral Conference in December,. presumably to unify the peace movement and :)!an the Spring action. Alain, the broaden forces of the peace ,., movenlare e::chlC.ed from any me,.-.. dfui participation in policy nhakin ;. - i' ortuntately, as for the Nova.-n- ber 6 PeaceAction-Day events, the Peace and justice coalition and many other forces participate so as to make these actions mas- sive and meaningful. The NPAC does rot provide the road or method for achieving greater unity. That struggle for unity re= quires involving the broader forces zany of them, completely new to the organized .peace movement-in the beginning st:,,r- es of planning any effective con- ference. This includes major sec- tions of the labor movement, the Black Liberation forces, the Chi- cano- and Puerto Rican. and others, the religious, academic and scientific coinrnunity, and many others. The app: each must be to the majority of the Anleri- car. people, and not to an inner- power struggle or counter-pro- STATINTL ac ic section o t C t-Imp eriailst consciousness, e peace mode dUCtive internal debate. Approved For Rel' e' db110&~` ?" ~i ~~lRDP80-01601R000700070001 -0 ? (fvxi~aaatlvc~ THE TA.ATAKKI ~v ` i MI; WTO Approved For Release 2001/03/0.0 iv- DIM oVE AMC Since' very action of the tinit.nd Mates C ~ntrnl Intelli- gence Agency is top secret, it is hard to ferret out the filets, but over the years fragments emerge which throw some light on its activities. Its budget is split among a 100 items' in the United States' multi-billion dollar defence appropriations. Only two or' three Senators and Congressmen, members of a watchdog 1committee. are privy to its size. _ _,;NIIfNlllyd"lYdl!N?11'11;1!'"!"III'II!19!I!NiIIN!I19NIIIII!U'14;!I;IhI.~'!NIIII!IN!~ NIINUI~IPiU91111I1'!I!lilllf! info' .:; i. The CIA itself reports to Despite its protestations nam who were charged with enforcement background, another super-secret body. at being only an external the murder of a Vietnamese as opposed to the more ,he, National Defence Coun- agency, CIA agents were ac- national, said to be a double free-wheeling Ivy League cil. which for the record sags tive in Miami, Florida, re- agent. - college graduates who virtually nothing. Even its cruising Cuban refugees to Another agency, little- used to make up the core membership is secret. fight. (known outside of the of their key people. The agency's advice to the But it can be said that P t U'nited States that plays a One problem is that men n n,4 White House a the CIA budget rivals that of many medium-sized nations, and it employs tens of thousands of agents through. out the world - probably more than Russia. The CIA is quick to point 'out that It operates only outside the limits of the continental United States. Its work internally heir'g 'done by the FBI. Each foreign post has a "Resi- dent" who controls the ac- tivities of his men in the 'held. Often the Resident operates out of the United States Embassy in. the nation concerned. much to .the disgust of regular din- lomats who call CIA men ".spooks," sometimes to their faces, sting these world-wide o mainstay of President Ky's eratins is a huge staff n military regime in South sophisticated compu r ;equipment ever work 'CIA headquarters at Lang- Vietnam, and there is no The Iey, Virginia -. a massive doubt that it had a big hand a results t shis aconcrete building tucked - In toppling the neutralist are useful to the CIA and ty the National Sarnrity o en er v ts have expaw- nm anouk in Cambodia. g way a few miles from Wash- sed annoyance over the ington, DC. Perhaps its most sicken- exercise. A coy direction sign ing intervention was in The growing criticism is :announces It as the Public Greece, where the colonels making it more difficult for -Works Department for the . oligarchy boasts of the sup- the CIA to recruit suitable .District of Columbia. port of the United States personnel. It is Said that CIA critics say this piece Government as it imprisons . they are more and more ~'~i01!Illllilll!III!I!IIIII11111!1II!illllllil!II'IIIIIN!illllllllllllll!illlllllIII!II!I;IIIN1!UiiII!!Illliif!IfUI!IIGIIIIIIIIIi!111111!IiII~IN:~I!7!li!'a0;li;,;,i;,,'' ;,?;', Almost without exception, military coupe around the world In recent yenra have brottglA charges of involvement by America's Contra l Intelligence Agency. Itecently Khig Ilussein Lea hinted at CIA interference In Jordon, What i:i this shadowy organisation and how does It werIi? R. W. Cocking investigate:, fen Gemini Now Service Defenders of the agency argue that every major power must be In the' Intel- ligence business as a matter of self-protection. On the charge of ama- teurism, one CIA man told. me: "Sure we make a lot of mistakes, After all, the United - States has been running the world for only a little more than 25 yearn. Before us, the British were doing It for nearly 300, which gave them plenty of time to learn how to run an intelligence network." _ of cloak-and-dagger non- and tortures its democratic turning to men with a law sense which deceives nobody opponents: is typical of the theatrical The evidence indicates amateurism of- the entire that the CIA uses all classic CIA operation, tools of a spy organisation The CIA's most. spectacu- assassination, murder, lar failure was, of course, bribery and blackmail of ;the Bay of Pis invasion of cuba._pproved -' r e t ~ 4 04 :CIA-RDP80-016018000700070001-0 Green Beret troops in Viet- '-Control no en key role in supporting CIA resigning from the CIA on the degree of support activity, is the National oftt'n find that employment Prime Minister Fidel Castro Security Agency tNSAT, at Langley offers rea had in his own country not to he confused with obstacles to getting a new proved competely erroneous. NASA, the space agency. job. Many liberal Senators claim Headquartered .- in a A well-publicised case that the agency is so occurred in Washington re- paranoid about Communists ~CCUrIt cently when a . CIA em- t it th i a sin 3nrl Commun s I ployee resigned to return collective judgements are sprawling complex at Fort to university teaching. He often seriously distorted. y Certainly the record in- L AIeade, Maryland, some 30 was on the short list for a miles from Langley, the plum appointment, but dicates that the CIA is more NSA's security arrange- when it became known he i ht g - likely to be friendly to r wing politicos and military men than anybody else. They have been accused, often with convincing evi- dence. of interfering on the side of the generals in sev- eral Latin American and Carihhean countries, not- ably Guatemala, Colombia. :Argentina. and Brazil. ments are, if possible. even had been a researcher for tighter than those of the - CIA. It bristles with the CIA his name tree Marine guards and any- dropped from censidera- building without conspic- uously displaying his iden- tity will instantly have a gun barrel at his head. NSA's principal task is ~,+ Ili vu.. Mainstay military codes ,of ery. STATINTL DAILY WORM Approved For Release 2001/ff%ly RDP80-0160 STATINTL CIA py M. hazo bunco h- C Do irnaci Special to the Daily World LOS ANGELES, May 14 - The -Central Intel- ligence Agency has been operating secret sur- ,veillance flights from the Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley, it was learned here this week. Under cover of "Judd Airways," an ostensibly commercial airline company, CIA electronic sur- veillance of South American countries has been conducted by high and low level jet aircraft, ac- cording to a pilot formerly employed by the -air- ' This secref CIA office ' nestled among build- ings of the California Air National Guard Van . Nuys Tactical Air Wing has sent out planes ,to ` ?;,countries. Aoarove.d For Release. 2001103/04 CIA-RDP80-01.601: R000700070'00i- track guerrilla movements in Bolivia and Peru..:1 "Che" Guevara's group, leading to-the revolu- The Valley Peace Center has been planning to picket the airport tomorrow (Friday) to sup- ' port an Armed Forces Day demonstration by - Following disclosure of the CIA operation, the Peace Center has announced that the demonstra tinn will include a ro est waling t this i p me a ns in the' internal affairs ,of the Latin American 1 MAILZ WORLD Approved For Release 20011031(14 : INOP80-01601 R0, Soviet attack on CIA mercenaries MOSCOW - Busland Tuchnin, Soviet political commentator writ- ing in the newspaper, "Izvestia," states "the latest exposures of CIA! / ~( ther Latin American countries d P , o eru an activities in Chile, Bolivia, show one of the aspects of the U.S. policy of 'partnership' with Latin America. "If there is anything 'new' in the Latin American policy of the ? U.S.," Tuchnin rites, "it is only that the American monopolies have to act in that area of the, world much more carefully and cautiously than they did during the 'days of 'gunboat diplomacy.' Anti-imperial-I ist feelings have now reached such a level that armed intervention can, lead. to a real revolutionary explosion. Hence, Washington's tactics of undermining from within, using the CIA and Latin American rightist forces." Tuchnin names as CIA-backed groups the "Mario,Blanca"' STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000700070001-0 STATINTL ?Z, Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0 EAST BERLIN, EULEP(SPIEGEL,, 2.6 April 70 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-01601 R000700070001-0 C Approved For Release 20011/1:UX-41IDP80-016 3 0 MAR 1970 G~'JLQ4C~G~ 4Mf a A R-n CT@Lr.-uF~ 9-A KS VU00C ?~v9QAQ~a'u"1Ag .7. by Who is the human vegetable they're hiding in that villa in Paraguay? What terrible sepret are they keeping from the world? Who will watch the . watchers? $5.95 at bookstores. LITTLE, 013011JUMI STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/03/04 CIA-RDP80-01601 R000700070001-0