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January 31, 1957
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Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-0-1826R000100060.403-6 SF[`Rr:-r 31 January 1957 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Personnel SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans 1. In.compliance with your memorandum dated 11 July 1955 on the above subject, there is submitted herewith the Report of Progress and Program Plans of the Personnel Procurement Division for the first half of Fiscal Year 1957. 2. Statistics covering interviews, recommended cases, security initiations, and EODts for the first half of Fiscal Year 1957 are appended. In addition, a brief statistical report of the Detailee Recruitment program conducted in the spring of 1956, is .attached. Progress 1. Clerical Recruitment ?5X9A2 a. The activities of the Clerical Recruitment Branch were divided equally during the, July-December period between clerical and communica- tions recruitment. b. Initially, CRB was assigned responsibility for the recruitment of "monitors," a low-skilled communications worker, and for such com- munication technicians., radio, cryptographic or electronic a.s it might de- velop. By August the monitor needs of various special projects had been satisfied. However, CRB recruitment of the communications, technicians continued to the end of the period. A. total of_interviews for communi_25X9A2 cators was conducted;=cases were recommended;. were referred to25X9A2 PAD for consideration, by the Office of Communications. Combining Commo and Clerical has been ideal since the USES office is used in both instances for interviews. c. The staffing of CRB changed slightly during,the period. Two recruiters were assigned to other Branches of the Division for more ef- fective utilization, reducing the staff of field recruiters to eight. This reduction led to a re-evaluation of field. recruitment territories. Present deployment of-the eight is limited to those states. from which. we are most sure of productivity at the minimum cost. These states are located on the seaboard from Maine through North Carolina and. west to West Virginia and, pon REV DATE BY erb C Approved For Release 20610 R-ft- _.- I TYPE '91 : 4A-=6FiOAQ9036 JUST 2 _. NEXT REV AUTH. HR 1162 SECRET Approved Forelease 2001/04/05 :- CIA-RDP804+1826R000100060003-6 SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans eastern Ohio. It has been our experience that, with some few exceptions, recruitment for clerical beyond this area is too time consuming and expen- sive to be presently justified. d. The chief source of clerical and commo personnel during the period was advertising. Response to advertisements for clerical types was generally low to moderate; response to communications advertise- ments was moderate to high. The difference in these responses is attributed to the attractiveness of the communications advertisements which generally featured direct overseas employment opportunities. 2, Departmental Recruitment a. In order to more efficiently utilize the personnel assigned to the Division, an additional recruiter was assigned to North Building from CRB. This was done to permit DRB to more aggressively approach the colleges and high schools in the Metropolitan Area and to meet the increas- ing load of interviews. This realignment of staff has proved most effective. b. During the past six months the four recruiters and the Chief 25X9A2 attached to DRB accounted for- security initiations and=EOD's. 25X9A2 This represented 44 per cent of the EOD production of the Division. This Branch also accounted for 37 per cent of the JOT security initiations during this same period. The work load of the Branch has increased greatly over last year with the assignment of the responsibility for both professional and clerical external recruitment in the Metropolitan Area being added to their duties of interviewing approximately =persons annually at 100 North 25X9A2 Building. In the accomplishment of the above figures, advertising programs were used as needed to fill certain specific types of personnel needs for both 25X9A2 the District and Virginia locations Included in this were such programs as 25X9A2 the effort to staff RI/DDP withwhalf-time clerks and clerk-typists. For this project =prospects were interviewed, -completed cases sent to 25X9A2 25X9A2 RI for selection, of which have been put in process. c. Continued efforts were made to cultivate the local universities for JOT recruitment purposes; this responsibility was added to the Branch during the calendar year. Interviews have been conducted at some of the universities and the dates for further interviews have been set with the re- mainder during early 1957. It is now under consideration to establish a Approved For Release 2005;: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060003-6 ? SECRET Approved For I lease 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP804'826R000100060003-6 SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans university consultant at Many referrals of local 25X1A5a1 prospects coming from Headquarters and overseas Agency employees and associates as well as write-in cases were contacted by DRB personnel and interview appointments made in the Branch office. d. For quite some time it has been felt that the space facilities of DRB are inadequate, both from the standpoint of proper security standards and public relations effects. A request has been submitted to increase the space at the present location or move the Branch to another building where more space is available. This request proposed that consideration be given to establishing a residence for DRB in the District well in advance of the Agency's move to Langley, Virginia. A floor plan was submitted to Chief, Space, Maintenance, and Facilities Branch diagramming the requirements under the limit of 900 square feet. Our present space is considerably less than 100 square feet per employee. 3. Professional Recruitment a. The professional recruiters have had two major points of emphasis during the first half of Fiscal Year 1957. During the first three months clear priority was given to recruiting radio operators and technicians, cryptographers, and electronics engineers for the Office of Communications. During the ensuing three months, when college recruiting began, major ef- fort was given to the JOT Program. In addition, they have made a continuing search for certain specialists in demand by various offices. b. A major change in Agency recruitment of professionals appears to be coming. Now that the Agency is close to full strength, the professional recruiters are concentrating on certain hard-to-get categories and attempt- ing to raise still further the quality of their candidates. The JOT candidates and electronics engineers are difficult to locate and difficult to EOD because they are in such great demand by many firms. When the point is reached whereby recruitment is primarily directed toward filling normal attrition, more time can be spent on each case. c.' One of the outstanding developments of the past six months is the increased cooperation given PPD by various operating offices. The Office of Communications has sent five men to the field, sometimes with a PPD recruiter and sometimes alone to interview electronics engineers, since applicant engineers hesitate to make commitments without an in- terview with another engineer. WH and-have also arranged trips in STATSPEC - 3 - Approved For Release 20011 ~ IA-RDP80-01826R000100060003-6 'ST SECRET Approved For R ase 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-0 X6R000100060003-6 SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans coordination with this Division for people for their specific offices. These trips for specialists accomplish two purposes: they make an early meeting possible between the operating office and the candidate and they help our recruiter to gain an understanding of the office for which he will continue to be seeking people. d. The JOT brochure, mentioned in the last semi-annual report, has not developed. A draft describing the program was rejected and the writer in OTR was requested to prepare a pamphlet describing the general professional needs of the Agency. 4. Special Programs a. Volunteer Recruiters 1. With a view to meeting the requirement of 100 new JOT's without increasing the recruiting staff, we requested the DD/P, DD/I, and DD/S to nominate people who might volunteer to recruit at colleges or universities where they had studied. We then selected 30 on the basis of their connection with institutions not already intensively exploited by the nine full-time professional recruiters. 2. In the interest of economy it was decided that, besides re- cruiting at his own alma mater, a volunteer should ordinarily be asked to visit two or three other schools for the purpose of exploring possible new sources. 3. By 31 December 20 volunteers had been equipped and briefed. Eight had already completed their itineraries, visiting 40 colleges and universities which for the most part it had not been possible to reach at all in the last two years. They had interviewed 161, recommended 71 for JOT and 22 for other positions, including 19 scientific and technical jobs. The volunteers also provided data useful to the regular recruiters on special conditions prevailing in certain areas and on particular campuses. 4. It is proposed in the coming six months to send out the re- mainder of the 30 volunteers selected, and possibly three or four more. 5. Office of Communications Recruitment a. During the past six months the results of intensive recruiting Approved For Release 2001/04821y4-RDP80-01826R000100060003-6 SECRET Approved For Ruse 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-0W6R000100060003-6 SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans for the Office of Communications were realized in the increased number of EOD's. At the time of the writing of this report the Office of Communica- tions was within 19 of ceiling (almost entirely engineers) with approximately 25X9 in the pipeline. This amounts to a net increase of new employees 25X9 and a gross of Wmployees since last March. With the professional staff 25X9A2 now heavily engaged in JOT recruitment and the clerical staff at the schools, this pipeline figure will not be too large to meet the constant attrition, and we will have to return to quite heavy Comma recruiting starting in June. 1. We hope to have the clerical brochure which was prepared during the last six months approved for use in the 1957-1958 campaign. This is also true of the professional brochure. 2. We will continue the volunteer recruiter program through February and thereafter as long as it seems profitable. 3. In order to meet the competition from the other employers of this area who have been emphasizing their interest in participating in the Vocational Office Training Program with local Virginia high schools, we are promoting plans to recruit via the VOT during the spring recruitment season. We will limit ourselves to 30 VOT's for the pilot program; these will be assigned to the various, divisions in the Office of Personnel on a one-half day, five-day-a-week basis. It is hoped that this method will open the doors to these schools which otherwise will be closed to us. 4. Upon completion of the spring clerical drive we intend to return to the joint practice of recruiting commo technicians, radio operators, cryptographers, radio technicians by clerical recruiters. This proved highly satisfactory during 1956 and contributed greatly to meeting Commo needs. 5. Continued emphasis will be given to JOT recruitment throughout the coming months. 6. As soon as we are able to get over the hump on JOT's we will -5- Approved For Release 2001/04/S9C U;K-RDP80-01826ROO0100060003-6 SECRET, Approved For Rele 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-0184R000100060003-6 SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report of Progress and Program Plans have to put increased emphasis on physical science types at all grade levels. These physicists, engineers, and chemists are in extremely short supply and considerable time is required for each case. 25X1A9a Chiet, Personnel Procurement Division Attachment Statistical Summary of Production for PPD Approved For Release 20'*pt : CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060003-6 SECRET Approved For Reuse 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-01$?6R000100060003-6 DETAILEE RECRUITMENT (Clerical) Spring Drive, Fiscal Year 56 25X9A2 This is a statistical report on the clerical recruitment detailee pro- gram, which because of insufficient data by COB 30 June 1956, was not reported on in detail in the Annual Report of Progress and Plans, FY 56. DRB : Interviewed 563 CRB : Interviewed 987 In Process 180 In Process 213 TOTAL (COMBINED) 25X9A2 Interviewed 1550 In Process 393 25X9A2 Ratios: In the DRB recruitment, approximately 1 out of every-persons interviewed, EOD'd. In the CRB recruitment, 1 out of -persons inter- 25X9A2 viewed EOD'd. Overall was 1 out of =people seen E.OD'd. 25X9A2 Cancellation rate in the Washington area was 40. 3 per cent; other recruit- ment areas, 52.1 per cent among detailee cases. Average runs about 50 per cent. PPD PRODUCTION FIGURES FIRST HALF FY 57 Interviews Recommended Security Initiations EOD Prof (includes JOT) 2277 577 266 Commo 1668 492 343 25X9A2 Clerical 2700 984 881 Totals 6645 2053 1490 Approved For Release 2001/ ? CIAO-RDP80-01826R000100060003-6