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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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December 31, 1956
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 TAB Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 Approved For Relae 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-0162 RR000100060004-5 SECRET / 5 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Personnel Semi Annual Report of Progress and Program" Plana` for Peroi 'w~ F l ecember 1956 Forwarded herewith is Subject Report in accord- ance with your memorandum on the same subject dated 11 July 1955? Chief, Personae Assignment Division Attachments: 1. Major Accomplishments 2. Objectives s,EV DATE '99 l9a 0$3G Game OPi -. TYPE GRIG EL tSS _S PADS `s ,,- CLASS ost i __ NEXT REV 2~ --~- AUYM: it ZD-4 SECRET. Approved For-Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R0001OO06OQ44-5 25X1A9a Approved For-4elease 2000/ EtIA-RDP8041826R000100060004-5 I. Major Accomplishments and Si nificant Developments Durin 1 July 1956 through 31 December 1956 1. In the last six months, the Personnel Assignment Division has made a concerted effort to enhance the knowledge and therefore the capabilities of the placement officers to efficiently aid their Offices in the handling of manifold personnel problems. To accomplish this objective, a schedule of 21i. topics were drawn up and assigned to indivi- dual placement officers for presentation at PAD staff meetings. These subjects range all the way from topics of general concern, e.g. retirement, to technical matters falling peculiarly within the competence of PAD, e.g. placement follow-ups. The final product will be a handbook conducive to speedy and repeated reference by personnel technicians. (6 presenta- tions have been made to date). 2. In addition to our attempts to make individual placement officers more effective in support of Agency components, (via the above program, realignment of support functions, etc.), the Division has worked toward closer rapport with the Agency officials using our services. Thus, the Chief and Deputy Chief, PAD have undertaken a series of meetings as lun- cheons with Division and Staff Chiefs in the Agency. Close liaison by the Chief, PAD not only extends to Offices serviced by PAD but he has held periodic meetings with other support elements on problems of common concern. For example, the A &E Staff, OTR and PAD have similar interests in fitness reports and testing procedures; and, as a result, these programs are dis- cussed at least once a month. 3. Two significant activities occupying the attention of the immediate office of the C/PAD concern the Disposition Board and the Medical, Security and Personnel Panel. PAD contributions to these groups are effected through the service of the DC/PAD as Chairman of the Panel and - as Executive Secretary of the Disposition Board. Although statistics are a poor indicator of the thorny problems confronting these units and the workload involved, it may be noted that 134 cases were considered by the Panel and PAD assisted the Disposition Board in the resolution of 9 cases. 1j. By the same token, the expertise handling of cases involving un- satisfactory and marginal performance, misconduct, disciplinary actions, etc., is an objective of PAD and is carried out primarily in the immediate office of the C/PAD by the Special Assistant to the C/PAD. During the last six months, 54 cases involving unsatisfactory performance or mis- conduct were processed. 5. Major developments of the Qualifications Analysis Branch during the reporting period included a new coding system to be utilized for the PHS and Supplement; the partial distribution of the new Personal History Supplements; the preparation of locator cards on all applicants; the trans- mission of Form 193, Supplement to PHS, to all applicants on file for two or more years, and the coordination of Branch activities relative to the Biographic Profile and the Language Incentive Pay Program with the Selection Staff. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000YAi M, I CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 Approved For--elease 200 ,TpIA-RDP80.W826R000100060004-5 6. During the reporting period, various improvements were established by the Clerical Placement Branch to alleviate the shortage of clerical personnel. These procedures were designed to attract more candidates and to accelerate their processing. For example, arrangements were made to EOD more clerical applicants on a provisional clearance and during a cri- tical period certain requirements of headquarters processing were waived in order to make the individuals available for assignment sooner. During 25X9A2 the reporting period new employees entered on duty with the Interim 25X9A2 Assignment Branch were true clericals; M were messengers, couriers, 25X9A2 IBM operators, etc. and = were professionals). 25X9A2 7. With regard to the handling of employee problems, the Counseling Branch processed approximately 250 individual counseling cases, many of which necessitated more than one interview and much follow-up activity. Moreover, the Branch actively stressed the out-placement function. Assistance was given to about 55 individuals who resigned. In summing up other major en- deavors of the Branch, the following items are noteworthy; (a) 214 requests for LWOP of 60 days were processed; and (b) improved procedures for facili- tating the final clearance of employees were developed in conjunction with OS and the Payroll Office. 8. With respect to meeting staffing needs in the DDS and DDI areas, we stand now in a position where on-duty-strengths generally approximate ceilings, and personnel procurement problems relate largely to the obtain- ment of hard-to-get categories of personnel such as electronic engineers, couriers, messengers, individuals possessing unusual language fluencies, etc. Many of the current problems relate to the proper utilization of em- ployees under conditions of surplus, resulting from ceiling reductions. a. Significant organizational changes may be cited in the DD/I area, as a product of substantial reductions in ceiling. The various Offices are now engaged in the establishment of new T/OIs based not only on the reassignment of personnel but also upon realignments of activities. b. Within the DDS area, a new division was established, namely the Aircraft Maintenance Support Division. Its purpose is to serve as a focal point for the maintenance and control of all aircraft owned by or loaned to the Agency. During the reporting period, a major undertaking was involved in the reduction of Comoro vacancies from 206 to 40. 9. A procedure has been invoked in support of the vacancy report program followed in the DD/I. (This program basically entails the consi- deration of DD/I personnel for all vacancies in that area prior to utili- zing employees in other areas or resorting to external recruitment.) If the DD/I is unsuccessful in filling a vacancy within the area by one of his employees, PAD utilizes the vacancy report to locate a candidate within the Agency if possible. 10. In the previously submitted report, it was indicated that a prime development and future objective with PAD was the establishment of a pro- gram which would effect expeditious and effective reassignments of DD/I employees by concentrating the function in one placement officer. The Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 HERB Approved For,jlease 20008CIA-RDP801826R000100060004-5 success of the program during the last six months is demonstrated by the number of reassignments effected. Of the 211 cases processed during this period, 72 individuals were reassigned. This figure represents a signi- ficant increase in the number of reassignments effected, as contrasted to the preceding six months period, 11. The efforts of CS Branch, PAD have been directed primarily toward putting into effect the revised Clandestine Services Career Service program, including the necessary readjustments of Branch personnel to accomplish our participation in this program. Specific steps which have been taken within the past six months are as follows: a. Revision of the structure of the Clandestine Services Career Service and assignment of responsibilities for carrying out the Career Service program. b. Appointment of senior officials within the Clandestine Services as members of the CS Board and CS Panels. The official announce- ment included names of the personnel in this Branch who were assigned specific responsibilities. c. Publication of a memorandum indicating the assignment of placement officers in relationship to the panels they service. 12.' The placement officers supporting Section A of the Clandestine Services Career Service Panel participated in the competitive promotion procedure which has now been established for persons in grade GS-13. 13. There has been continued improvement in the handling of in-casual placement problems e.g. improvement in the timely submission of Forms 202 and information from the Divisions on future assignments. The Branch is now preparing some of the long-standing problem cases of reassignment for presentation to the appropriate sections of the Career Service Panel. II. Objectives for the Current Six Month Period from July through December Our principal objectives include the following: 1. Closer and continued liaison with Agency officials by the Chief, PAD and individual placement officers. 2. Implementation and extension of competitive selection procedures. 3. Improvement of the reassignment program. 4. Expeditious handling of cases of misassignment and surplus personnel. 5. Greater selectivity of applicants. 6. Emphasis upon individualized placement and counseling efforts, in which employee problems are carefully considered and handled on a tech- nically sound basis. Approved For Release 2000/09/1g. : CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 ICT Approved For Re#ease 2000/ M yIA-RDP80-04626R000100060004-5 25X1A 8. Increasing the effectiveness of the Out Placement service. 9. Coding of Personal History Supplements and continued improve- ment of the coding system. Approved For Release 20 144 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060004-5 VE 40H -