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September 11, 2000
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January 31, 1957
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Approved Fdelease 2 I: CIA-RDP91001826R000100060006-3 31 JAN 1957 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Benefits and Casualty Division SUBJECT: Semi-Annual Report Attached is this Branch's semi-annual report covering progress and achievements during the period 1 July 1956 - 31 December 1956 and program plans for the period 1 January 1957 - 30 June 1957. 25X1A9a ie , Casualty Attairs branch Approved For Release 200 ~~?E CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 Approved FoiiRelease 2000/0 4 : CIA-RDP8 18268000100060006-3 STATISTICAL DATA 1 July 1956 - 31 December 1956 Casualties Reported 1. Serious injuries or illnesses -------------------- 14 2. Deaths---------------------------------------- 11 Compensation and Medical Claims - Employee 1. Claims Activity Total Cases----------------------------------- 300 aims Pressed ----------------------- 85 ---------------------- 2 New Claims Not Pressed ------------------ 107 Pending Cases From Previous Summary ------ 106 2. Nature of Claims Processed Total Claims Processed ------------------------ 191 Medical Expenses -------------------------- 147 Compensation------------------------------ 12 Both ------- ------------------------ 32 3. Ultimate Method of Processing Total Claims Processed ----------------------- 191 BEG ------- ------------------- 131 5(a)(5)(C)--------------------------------- 59 BEC Type ------------------------------- 0 Split Case - ---------------------------- 1 4. Action Taken on Claims Total BEC Cases ----------------------------- 131 Approved -------------------------------- Rejected ---------------------------------- Withdrawn ------------------------------- pending --------------------------------- 28 1 3 99 25X1 C4a Approved For Release 20 1A - CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 TET Approved Forr`t elease 00 / 4: CIA-RDP8041826R000100060006-3 r'T M Total 5(a)(5)(C) Cases ------------------------- Approved --------------------------------- 42 Rejected --------------------------------- 0 Withdrawn --------------------- 2 Pending--------------------------- ------ 15 Total BEC Type Cases ----------------- ------ 0 Total Split Cases ---------------------- ------ 1 Approved --------------------------- ------ 1 Medical Claims - Dependents Total Cases --------------------------------- 7 Approved --------------------------------- 6 Rejected --------------------------1 Retirement Withdrawn -------------------------------- 0 Pending ----------------------------------- 0 1. Interviews ----------------------------------- 97 2. Service Credit ------------------------------- 79 3. Retirement ---------------------------------- 11 4. Refund -------------------------------------12 5. Death Benefits ------------------------------- 10 Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance 1. Agency Certification of Insurance Status -------- 160 2. Death Claims -------------------------------- 11 3. Requests for Insurance ----------------------- 21 Unpaid Compensation Approved For Release l11 oC4 : CIA-RDP80-018268000100060006-3 .U C SECRET Approved Forelease 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP8041826R000100060006-3 Major Accomplishments and Significant Developments 1 July 1956 - 31 December 1956 25X1A A review of the Statistical Data attached hereto when com- pared with similar data supplied for previous reports indicates that the activity of the Casualty Affairs Branch has remained relatively constant in all but one of its major programs. The exception is in the 5(a)(5)(C) claims activity, which will be dis- cussed below. Casualty Program 1. In the handling of the casualty cases occurring during this period, the Branch successfully utilized its newly refined casualty technique and procedures. Particularly sensitive pro- ject death cases were resolved without significant security difficulty. These and the other death cases which were handled added to the experience and maturity of the Branch. 2. Considerable progress was made in improving relation- ships between the Branch and other interested offices by the formation-of a rou of named officials in interested offices, I. e., Office of Security, Office of General Counsel, and the Medical Staff to whom immediate notification is given, and with whom the development of these cases is coor- dinated. Recent cases reflected the success of this close contact. 3. Fourteen cases of serious illnesses and injuries which occurred in this reporting period varied from mental disorders to automobile accidents. The eleven death cases included natural deaths, a suicide, and plane crashes. Several of these death cases required visits by Branch representatives to different parts of the country for contact with next-of-kin for the settlement of Agency affairs and discussion of benefits which were applicable. Compensation and Medical Claims 1. The attached statistical data includes a summary of compensation and medical claims of employees processed by the Branch during the period 1 July 1956 to 31 December 1956. This report is similar to that prepared for previous progress reports and is designed to reveal the extent of claims activity, the nature of claims processed, the ultimate method by which these claims were processed and the final determination made. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 SECRET Approved FoInKelease 200Q1~A! CIA-RDP8`&O1826R000100060006-3 2. As shown in the statistical summary, three hundred claims were handled by the Branch during this reporting period. For the purpose of this summary, the filing of Form CA-1, Employee's Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease, or an appropriate memorandum, constitutes a. claim. 3. One hundred ninety-one of the total claims processed were pressed by the claimants for the reimbursement of medi- cal expenses or payment of compensation for time lost from work or both. Of those, one hundred. thirty-one were processed with the Bureau of Employees' Compensation on a classified or unclassified basis, as. the situation warranted, and fifty-nine were processed internally under the provisions of Section 5(a)(5)(C) of Public Law 110. One case was handled as a split case, i. e., for both 5(a)(5)(C) and. BEC benefits. Excluding the one hundred six pending cases which were carried from the previous report, the following comparison may be made between. the present six-month report and previous fiscal year reports: 1 July 1956 to 31 December 1956 (excluding prior pending cases.) FY 1956 FY 1955 FY 1954 FY 1953 BEG 49 87 75 51 40 Internal: 5(a)(5)(C) 37 42 27 50 34 BEC Type 0 0 5 4 3 4. As can be noted above, the number of BEG cases has consistently increased since FY 1953. Projecting the present six-month figure to the end of FY 1957, this increase will again be reflected. The significant figure to,be noted is that almost as many new 5(a)(5)(C) cases were received during this six-month period as were received during the entire FY 1956. This is the result of the Branch's constant efforts to advise employees of the 5(a)(5)(C) program and, also, to trips to overseas installations by Office of Personnel representatives. In previous reports, a forecast was made that the number of 5(a)(5)(C) cases would double and possibly triple with the publication of Agency Regula- 25X1A tions . A projected figure for FY 1957 results in a doubling of this claim activity even though the Regulation has not yet been published, Consequently, the Branch is of 2 Approved For Release 2000/OU,IT-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 SH- Approved For&lease 208?1CfE1: CIA-RDP80826R000100060006-3 the opinion that publication of the regulation would result in a further increase in 5(a)(5)(C) claims. 5. The Branch continued to receive copies of all cable traffic involving the injury, illness, or death of Agency employees. This has proved effective in order to be certain that employees concerned are fully apprised of their statutory benefits. 6. The Branch devoted many man-hours to a conversion of claim statistics to an IBM system. The initial expense of effecting this conversion will be offset by the ease with which reports may now be prepared. For example, the present statistics were obtained by Machine Records Division in one hour. To manually prepare a similar report for the previous report, forty man-hours were required. In addition, a more useful comparative analysis of claims activity is possible. By the next reporting period, comparisons will be made for FY 1954, 1955, and 1956 of the incidence and. nature of illnesses, injuries, and death by geographic and component breakdowns. 7. On 21 September 1956, the Acting Director of Central Intelligence adopted the provisions of the newly enacted State Department overseas medical program for dependents. The Branch processed seven dependent claims, utilizing the pro- cedures in effect for employee claims. The impact of this newly adopted benefit on Branch activity will be discussed in Section II. Retirement With the passage of the new retirement bill, Public Law 854, there was an increased interest in matters pertaining to retire- ment. During the reporting period, ninety-seven interviews were conducted for the purpose of discussing the employees' retirement situation. There was a particularly marked increase in the number of Service Credits filed, the number totaling seventy-nine, an increase of forty-two over the previous six months. Eleven applications for retirement, twelve special refunds and ten applications for death benefits were processed. Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance During the reporting period the Branch prepared one hundred sixty Standard Forms 56, Agency Certification of Insurance Status. 3 Approved For Release 200019".91 :CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 Approved For R 1ease 2000IOS 1 . CIA-RDP80 -826R000100060006-3 This figure includes one hundred forty-one conversions, nine retirement and eleven death claims. In addition, twenty-one Requests for Insurance were processed for individuals who had previously waived the insurance. Unpaid Compensation The Branch processed twelve claims for unpaid compen- sation. during the reported period. Missing in Action Cases During the reporting period, continuing contact was main- tained with the next-of-kin of current MIA personnel as well as with certain members of Congress and with representatives of the Departments of State and Defense. Numerous meetings were also conducted within the Agency to assure that crash plans for action to be taken upon the release of these individuals were maintained on a current basis. 25X1A Social Security The Branch chief continued his participation in a task force chaired by the Plans Staff and including representatives of the followin offices: General Counsel, Comptroller, Security and DD/P. This group has completely reviewed the Agency's requirements from a security standpoint and. is developing a proposed procedure for the maintenance and transmission of Social Security records which will be accept- able to the Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance, the Internal Revenue Service and the Agency. Approved For Release 2000Mt. LA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 Approved For lease 2 9Y1"4 : CIA-RDP8041826R000100060006-3 Section II Program Plans for the Period 1 January - 30 June 1957 1. The Branch will continue its review of internal pro- cedures for the purpose of expediting the action that must be taken in all of the Branch programs. Attention Is being directed to the value of devising form letters and memoranda which might expedite the action required in claim and casualty cases. 2. Efforts were made in the past and will be continued to 25X1A obtain the publication of 3. The newly adopted Dependent Medical Care program will demand the greatest amount of Branch attention. Tem- porarily, the recording and processing procedures utilized for employee claims are being used for the several dependent claims which are being received. Additional procedures are certainly required as a result of the great number of claims which are expected to far exceed the number of employee claims. It is also anticipated that additional personnel may be required In order to assure expeditious processing of dependent medical claims. This will be particularly true of clerical support. 4. No significant program changes are contemplated for the FEGLI, Retirement, Unpaid Compensation, BEC, 5(a)(5)(C), and MIA programs. The responsibilities of the Branch con- cerning Social Security are still uncertain, so that no program plans can be made. 5. The Branch will perfect its new IBM system for re- porting statistics and plans several different kinds of reports never before submitted. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060006-3 SECRET