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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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February 7, 1957
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Appted, For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Officer Office of? Poso?ane SUBJECT: Semi_fsn ~ _ nua Re 7 FEB 1957 Attached is the Semi-Annual Report for the Records and Services Division in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Director of Personnel's Memorandum dated B. July 1955. Chief, r s and Services Division REV DATE fly t..4 Doc _-- TYPES-:- ORIG COMP UPI -~~ 8111C CLA5S -7 PACES REV CLASS S, --- JUS 7 !NEXT REV ?~O// AUTH HK 10'2 CONHDENTIA! Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved Fo%Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86r01826R000100060007-2 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved ForZelease 2 f 4: CIA-RDP80.G1826R000100060007-2 CONFIDENTIAL SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT RECORDS AND SERVICES DIVISION INDEX I. Progress and Accomplishments - July - December 1956 A. Central Processing Branch Section 1 Page 1 B. Employee Services Branch Section 1 Page 2 C. Statistical Reporting Branch Section 1 Page 3 D. Transactions and Records Branch Section 1 Page 5 II. Program Plans - January - June 1957 A. Central Processing Branch Section 2 Page 1 B. Employee Services Branch Section 2 Page 1 C. Statistical Reporting Branch Section 2 Page 2 D. Transactions and Records Branch Section 2 Page 3 f,ONFipCfVTIAL Approved For Release 2000/09/14CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved Foilease 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP81826R000100060007-2 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved Forelease 2003 CIA-RDP80.a1826R000100060007-2 SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT SECTION 1. Progress and Accomplishments = July - December 1956 A. Central Processing Branch 1. During the past months, the Central Processing Branch (CPB) developed an unclassified brochure to be used by travellers. This brochure outlines the travel services performed by the Branch and includes selected information on insurance matters of possible interest to travellers. Before a traveller processes through CPB, he receives a copy of this brochure so that he may familiarize himself with the information contained therein. These services and insurance matters he discusses with his dependents so that if there are questions regarding these items, he may have them answered by the Branch technicians when his processing begins. 2. As a result of income tax problems encountered by a number of returnees, a brief outline regarding personal tax obligations in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia was prepared. The employees of the Finance Section have learned the local and federal tax requirements, and are discussing them with personnel processing for overseas assignment so that these travellers will become acquainted with their legal obligations on tax matters. 3. A survey of the numerous forms currently used in CPB was begun in order to determine which forms should be revised or consoli- dated. Details on this survey are being worked out with the Records Control Officer, Office of Personnel. 4. The internal Central Processing Branch training program is continuing so that all members of the Branch will become familiar with the functions performed by their co-workers. 5. The mechanical method of recording official cover document records such as passports and identification cards has been completed and will be maintained on a current basis. These records are being transmitted regularly to all components for their use and guidance. 6. One of the most significant accomplishments made by CPB was the establishment of a new system for processing travellers. This system requires that the technicians in the Personnel, Travel, and Finance Sections operate on an area specialization basis rather than on a world-wide basis, which had formerly been applied. It is felt that this new method will provide better service to the travel- lers, and enable CPB to maintain better liaison with the area divisions. Approved For Release 2000/9, IA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For Release 20000/'* IA-RDP804A826R000100060007-2 CONFIDENTIAL 7. During the past few months, an accelerated system for processing returnees has been developed. In the past, returnees were processed through the Personnel and Travel Sections by a technician assigned to each section. Under this accelerated system, one technician handles the functions of both the Personnel and Travel Sections, thereby eliminating time spent by one technician in the returnee processing. B. Employee Services Branch 1. Preliminary work on the Consolidated Charities Campaign began in August 1956. This included the design of new forms, prep- aration of notices and instructions, and the design of promotional material for the drive. The Employee Services Branch (ESB) admin- istered the campaign which began 1 September 1956. During the course of the campaign, members of the Branch attended numerous meetings and luncheons held by the participating welfare groups. Books for the Consolidated Charities Campaign closed formally on 31 December 1956 with the following results: $180,274.33 pledged; $107,428.33 paid against a goal of $85,000.00, and only .08% of the balance left unpaid. All components with the exception of one exceeded their dollar goal. 2. The existing Recreation Program, activities are continuing and expanding with eight new activities added to the twelve older programs which had been in effect prior to 1 July 1956. Among the new activities are the Women's Softball Team, Women's Golf League, Men's Tennis League, Mixed Tenpin Bowling League, Rifle Club, Stamp Club, Swimming Club, and a Square Dance Group. Participation in all activities totalled members for the period July - December 25X9A2 1956. This is an increase of 660 members over the corresponding period for 1955. The distribution of the Recreation Association Newsletter has increased accordingly from copies 25X9A2 for the same period. 3. Emphasis has been placed on familiarizing. the new employee with the benefits and services available to him, through stressing these points in the Agency entrance-on-duty orientation and the follow-up orientation sessions. Such items as the Blood Bank, Insurance Plans, Recreational Programs, and the Credit Union are outlined, and the employee is encouraged to utilize these facilities. 4. A new somewhat limited orientation has been initiated for "Summer-only," and Deputy Director (Plans), Foreign Intelligence Staff, Records Integration Division (DDP/FI/RI) night force employees. Even though this orientation is similar to the regular Monday morning entrance-on-duty orientation, conducted in Curie Hall, it is often given at times and in locations other than those normally provided; for example: DDP/FI/RI groups receive their orientation in the evening at their Interim Assignment Section location. CONFIDENT nL Approved For Release 2000/Q(i.9IA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For Rease 200 Iffift CIA-RDP80-0.1$26R000100060007-2 5. Housing listings have been solicited regularly through the Personnel Information Newsletter and are being checked each month for availability. 6. As a result of a concentrated effort during a threatened transit strike in November, 100 new listings were added to the car pool facilities. Additional listings are sought continually through publicity in the Personnel Information Newsletter. 7. The Red Cross recently advised ESB that the Central Intelli- gence Agency is the top agency in the Washington area for participa- tion in the Blood Donor Program for 1956. During the past year, 1,893 Agency donors participated in this program with 1,192 employees making their contributions during the period July - December 1956. 8. The conversion of the true name and pseudonym listings to the Wheeldex file system was completed after several months of concentrated effort. Cables are disseminated with more speed and accuracy as a result, and every effort is being made to continue prompt and accurate routing. Cable files have been revised and all unnecessary logkeeping has been eliminated. 9. In November, responsibility for administering the Employee Welfare Fund was transferred to the Chief, and Assistant Chief of the Branch, coincident with their appointments as Executive Secretary and Alternate of the CIA Welfare Assistance Board. Utilization of this emergency facility has been frequent with sixteen cases being handled since the transfer of this function. C. Statistical Reporti Branch 1. As a result of requests for information contained in the official personnel records, Statistical Reporting Branch (SRB) planned flow charts for the Machine Records Division, Office of Comptroller, and established priorities in order to facilitate the arrangement of material to complete forty-nine special reports. These special reports, which provide service to all components of the Agency, are similar to the following: a. Name listings prepared of all individuals double slotted in the Deputy Director (Intelligence) group furnished to Personnel Assignment Division to aid them in determining the length of time incumbents remain in this status. b. Name listings of all DS designees prepared on Flex-o- line strips furnished to the DS Career Board to assist them in establishing a new recordkeeping system. Approved For Release 2000 :'CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For elease 20 CIA-RDP8041826R000100060007-2 c. Rosters prepared for Mobilization Staff to aid them in reconciling Agency reservist records with those of the Department of Defense. 2. The Statistical Reporting Branch assisted the Benefits and Casualty Division, and Central Processing Branch in adapting their manual records to punched card systems. This conversion included such items as Central Processing Branch cover documents, and Benefits and Casualty Division insurance claim records. 3. Two new reports for Military Personnel Division reflecting personnel qualifications of military personnel were arranged. 1+. Formats for a punched card reporting system were designed to assist the Deputy Director of Personnel for Planning and Devel- opment, Selection Staff, in establishing the Biographic Profile system for Agency personnel. 5. Statistical Reporting Branch coordinated with the Manage- ment Staff in a study of the Flexowriter system to be installed in the Transactions and Records Branch. Briefings on the development of forms and distribution of copies have been given to employees who will be required to operate this system. 6. Assistance was given to the Medical and. Security Offices in preparing listings and punched card files for use in the recon- ciliation of their records with the medical and security records retained in the Office of Personnel. 7. Progress has been made on reconstruction of the punched card history file. Personnel actions on all former employees from 18 September 19+7 through 31 December 1953 have been coded and punched on International Business Machine (IBM) cards to be placed in the historical file. Work is continuing on the remaining actions of former employees and current Agency employees so that the entire personnel listing of all employees will be complete. This listing will make possible personnel studies which were unable to be prod- uced in the past. 8. Formats for a punched card to be used in the recording of employee qualifications was designed for the Personnel Assignment Division, Qualifications Analysis Branch. 9. The special committee formulated to plan an Agency "Lan- guage Incentive Program" was provided with tabulations of employee language proficiencies, and studies on cost estimates to aid them in estimating the cost of such a program. -4 - Approved For Release 2000/080 411A-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For .Release 2000/ xftf IA-RDP80.41826R000100060007-2 10. The following large scale studies were prepared during the past six months; a. Complete Agency background material furnished to the Deputy Director (Support) for use in a presentation to the "Watchdog" committee. This material consisted of graphs, charts, and written information on Agency strength, average age studies, average grade studies, distribution of staff employees by geographic area, and the average number of years staff employees have been working for the Agency. b. A summary strength study furnished to Management Staff at the request of the Director of Personnel which covered the period November 1955 - October 1956. This study reflected a month-by-month review of ceiling, tables of or anization (T/O), 25X1A and on-duty strength by department, foreign field, and projects. D. Transactions and Records Branch 1. The Flexowriter system of automatically preparing Personnel Actions, Requests for Personnel Action, and IBM status cards from tapes has been coordinated with the Management Staff. Six Programatic Flexowriters with peripheral equipment have been ordered and their delivery date scheduled for early in 1957. With automatic and semi- automatic preparation of these items, current reporting will be accelerated, and the time spent by the operating components in pre- paring Requests for Personnel Action will be greatly reduced. This new program will also improve the accuracy of the completed forms. 2. Personnel files on all resignees were reviewed, renovated, and converted from the old "hard back" folders to the new Official Personnel Folders. Subsequently, all resignee folders dating from 1947 through 1952 were checked against the Service Record Card File to insure that all service on these cards was accurate and complete. The files were forwarded to the CIA Reocrds Center for storage after the Service Record Card was documented to reflect their transfer. 3. In compliance with a request made by the Chief, Records and Services Division, DDP/FI/RI is transferring the personnel records of all former Office of Strategic Services employees to the Transactions and Records Branch. These files will be combined with files presently maintained. 4. The project of installing dividers between the various type permanent documents in the Official Personnel Folders of all active staff employees was completed during this reporting period. Approved For Release 2000/0 It BE I ,-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For W ease 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-04026R000100060007-2 SECRET 5. Recently a new method of controlling Periodic Step Increases (PSI) was adopted. This new method requires that the Machine Records Division, Office of the Comptroller, prepare the PSI form, and the Certification of Satisfactory Performance form automatically by machine two months prior to the proposed effective date. This eliminates the manual preparation of PSI forms by the Position Inventory Clerk, and provides greater accuracy in their preparation. 6. Procedures were established for the processing and entering on duty of the DDP/FI/RI night force. This procedure consisted of making special arrangements for the following: acquiring space for provisionally cleared persons, presenting orientation lectures, securing badges, scheduling physical examinations and security interviews, providing for transportation, and handling all the myriad details necessary to bring these individuals into the Agency. 7. Procedures for the special handling of the Junior Officer Trainee processing were established with the Office of Training. New cases put into process will be handled expeditiously without delay. 8. A central point has been established within the Position Control Section to monitor and control the following types of assignments: a. Employees detailed to external training and to other government agencies, b. Employees appointed with a specific time limitation. c. All consultants, and when actually employed personnel (WEE). d. All part-time employees for the DDP/FI/RI night force program. e. All "Personal Rank Assignments." Approved For Release 20018 [T CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For F ase 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-04026R000100060007-2 S E C T. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For F ease 200Q .M: CIA-RDP80-04926R000100060007-2 SECTION 2. Program Plans - January - June 1957 A. Central Processing Branch 1. One objective of Central Processing Branch is to complete the forms survey commenced during the first half of the fiscal year, and to revise internal written procedures to reflect the approved changes resulting from the consolidation and revision of forms. 2. Written procedures pertaining to travel of staff agents and other catagories of travellers not normally processed by CPB are expected to be developed. 3. The Central Processing Branch will strive to complete the establishment of its new system of processing travellers through technicians who operate on an area specialization basis rather than a world-wide basis. 4. Progress is anticipated on the writing of up-to-date post reports on the major stations. Particular emphasis will be placed on the various types of cover used at these stations. 5. In order to become more familiar with the problems of the administrative officers in the various Agency components regarding Central Processing Branch functions, and to determine what assist- ance might be rendered, a concerted effort is to be made by the Chief, CPB and his designees to contact the administrative officers periodically. B. Employee Services Branch 1. The improvement and expansion of employee service activ- ities designed to meet employee needs and improve employee morale is the continuing objective of this Branch. All activities will continue to receive continuous review. 2. Since the housing service is in need of expansion, it is intended that there be as much time as possible devoted to increas- ing these listings. 3. A more thorough study of the bulletin board activity is planned in order to eliminate duplication and provide a more complete, orderly method of bulletin board communication for Agency employees. 4. Employee Services Branch also anticipates the beginning of a Savings Bond Drive in the coming months. Approved For Release 2000/09/1$ DP80-O1826R000100060007-2 Approved For FWease 2000/09/ ? CIA-RDP80-OU26R000100060007-2 SUM C. Statistical Reporting Branch 1. The Statistical Reporting Branch in collaboration with Transactions and Records Branch plans to complete the project of coding and punching the history of all former and present employees of the Agency, dating back to 18 September 1947, into IBM cards. 2. Surveys are to be made periodically concerning the various rosters furnished by SRB, to determine if changes in format or frequency should be made. for example; could the Date of Grade Rosters serve the same purpose if furnished on a quarterly basis instead of a monthly basis? 3. To provide the Branch with an accurate method of consol- idating and locating its historical personnel statistics, comple- tion of the "SRB Activities Catalog" is planned. This catalog will consist of a central listing of all statistical information contained within the files of the Statistical Reporting Branch. 4. Expansion of the graphic phase in the presentation of personnel statistics will be made with particular emphasis on greater use of pictorial graphs. 5. The present three card system for recording personnel status data on IBM machines will be reduced to a two card system. This change will make possible the direct coding of IBM status cards coincident with the typing of the Notification of Personnel Action. The direct coding system will go into effect when the Programatic Flexowriter program is installed. 6. Training in the principles of the random access computer (Ramat), or a similiar type machine, is planned for some of the Branch personnel. This machine promises to be a valuable aid in the maintenance and production of current personnel statistics. 7. To assist the Military Personnel Division in meeting requirements given them for qualified military personnel, the SRB plans to establish a punched card military detail personnel quali- fications register. 8. Assistance will be given to the Management Staff on a survey of the personnel statistical reporting techniques and proce- dures, and the preparation of a feasibility study for Electronic Data Processing. This survey will explore the possibility of further mechanization of these techniques and the possible use of the Electronic Data Processing Machines. Approved For Release 2000/09 -RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 Approved For R&ease 2000 D. Transactions and Records Branch IA-RDP80-0U26R000100060007-2 1. The new Flexowriter system of processing Personnel Actions is expected to be put into operation during the coming months. The following operations will be combined in this new procedure: pre- paration of the Notification of Personnel Action, coding of the Notification of Personnel Action, preparation of the status cards for the Machine Records Division, and the duplication of constant information on the Request for Personnel Action. This will ease the workload of the operating components in the preparation of these forms, and will reduce the margin of error in their pre- paration. 2. Analysis of the forms, methods, and procedures utilized by the Appointment Unit will continue in order to determine what items may be simplified, combined, or eliminated. The operations of this Unit will be streamlined to accommodate the anticipated increase of workload in the processing of new employees. 3. Completion of the project of forwarding inactive personnel folders to the CIA Records Center is planned. These folders, dated through 1954, are coded, and checked against the Service Record Cards in the Position Control Section to insure that the information recorded thereon is current and accurate. With these cards current within the Office of Personnel, there should be little need for recalling folders once they have been sent to permanent storage. 4. A review of approximately 20,000 applicant files for the year 1954 will be made. This review will determine which files are to be retained for future reference, and which are to be destroyed. Permanent records will be prepared by the Files Section on all files marked for destruction. This record will consist of name, address, date of destruction, and other pertinent miscellaneous information. 5. During the forthcoming months, a new charge-out system for the Official Personnel Folders will be activated . This system will 25X1A be inaugurated when the proposed and revisions 25X1A of CIA Regulation- are issued. All the necessary forms for the implementation of this program have been received. 6. The serial numbers assigned to all staff employees and military personnel on duty will be posted to the Service Record Cards of these individuals. 7. A machine roster of all former OSS employees will be reviewed and checked against the files to determine which records should be requested from Archives. These records will be required to complete the history file on these people. -3- Approved For Release 2000/09 1 -RDP80-01826R000100060007-2 J"T Approved For Reh6se 2000/ IA-RDP80-018MR000100060007-2 , TIAI . kUt r LUL 8. During the coming months, the project of verifying the Service Computation Dates of all staff employees is expected to be initiated. IBM cards contining the name, serial number, and date of birth for all employees have been prepared for this purpose. This project will require that personnel records be requested from the Federal Records Center in St. Louis, and other government agencies in order to verify former government service. The Machine Records Division and the appropriate payroll branch will be notified of all adjustments. 9. Monthly and quarterly audits will be conducted on all basic records including the Position Control Register, Leave Without Pay Rosters, Casual Listings, Development Complement Listings, and Applicant in Process Listings. 10. Receipt of the proposed revision of the Request for Personnel Action, and the Notification of Personnel Action is anticipated. These revisions will facilitate the typing and coding of Official Personnel Actions. 11. Because of the high rate of personnel turnover, continued emphasis will be placed on training during the coming months. Particular emphasis will be placed in on-the-job training. This will be necessary in order to fully orient our many new employees, especially those in key supervisory positions. Approved For Release 2000/09/1$E ~ DP80-01826R000100060007-2