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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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December 31, 1956
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01-826R000:10006000:8-1 SECRET PosITIc EVALUATION DM-3I0 LF S (1 July 1956 - 31 December 1956) E . ANNUAL REPORT SECTION 1. Progress and Accomplishments during the period 1 July 1956 through 31 December 1956 The continuing purpose of the Position Evaluation Program is to achieve and maintain a sound salary and occupational structure for the Agency. This includes keeping abreast of developments in salary and wage administration in private industry as well as the government, and exploring the possibilities of adapting newly developed systems and practices for Agency use. Major accomplishments during the past six months' period., in addition to the normal T/O reviews and position analysis surveys, include the development of a supergrade job evaluation plan; a proposed Agency Salary Administration policy; development of the details of the competi- tive promotion policy; publication of an Agency Occupational Handbook; and development of a comprehensive guide to govern Agency salary and wage rates used for all types of personnel actions.., A statistical summary of major activities is as follows: POSITION ANALYSIS SURVEYS COMPLETED Workload 23% r anizat .on Office of the DCI DD/S Area. DD/I Area DD/P Area Reason for Survey Reorganization & Documentation n Ir n ft tt sr TOTAL POSITION AND QUALIFICATIC0 STANDARDS .. COMPLETED AND/.OR.PUBLISIIED, . Workload 5% Position Standards Number Position Coverage Published during period 1 Interim Publication 6 Tni;eari m Qp l i fi nation Standards Published during period 34 Completed and being coordinated 8 TOTAL i a~nc _ .: My d re,1 -'(. per Approved. For Release 200 W,/ ? C .QA4[i~c ~ BRIG ~A$ MA ES 1IRk CtA S ~ JUST NEXT $ V AUTHi NA 104 Approved Forilelease 2 E14 : CIA-RDP80,4101826R000100060008-1 REVIEW OF 3NDIVIDUAL POSITION & PERSONNEL ACTI(iS Workload 5% Actions affecting assignment., reassignment, promotion, etc. 643 TABLE OF ORGANIZATION REVIEW & DISTRIBUTION Workload 23% Organization Purpose No. T/O Changes No. Positions Office of DCI Reorganization & Documentation 1 DD/S Area n n 136 DD/I Area 123 DD/P Area n '~ e TOTALS 613 GRADE TRENDS ON TABLES OF ORGANIZATION Upradings Downgradings Net Change 543 97 446 SSPECTAL LTUDIES AITD STAFF SW ICES Workload 34% 1. Development of a Factor Comparison Point Rating System for the evaluation of supergrade positions resulted in describing and rating all proposed supergrade positions. This now affords the Agency a formal systematic program for justifying required supergrade positions. 2. Performance of staff work involved in the development of the Competitive Promotion System which now provides an orderly and equitable means for evaluating, selecting and promoting Agency personnel consistent with operational requirements and emphasis; and provides for Personal Rank Assignments under controlled conditions. 3. The formulation of a revised Agency Salary Administration Policy which will be proposed to replace the stated policy of "adhering to the Classification Act." This policy would incorporate recent innova- tions initiated in the Agency. which are proving successful in solving operating problems and will place a responsibility on operating officials to actively participate in a comprehensive and realistic salary administra- tion program. 4? Publication of the Agency Occupational Handbook of Positions,, which defines and codifies all Agency positions, according to basic occupa- tional characteristics. 5. Preparation of a proposed Office of Personnel Memorandum (OPM) covering salary and wage determinations for all types of Agency Positions and Personnel Actions. 25X9A2 Approved For Release 2000 CIA-RDP80-018268000100060008-1 Approved Forelease 200011 I CIA-RDP80001826R000100060008-1 6. Initiation of survey which resulted in publishing Tables of Organization on a quarterly basis. This has already reduced regularly scheduled Machine Records Division overtime and eliminated handling and posting of eight T/O runs a year by all Agency components, and has thus resulted in substantial savings of time and money. 7. Initiated an adaptation of the position numbering system to permit automatic slotting of personnel occupying the same position on new T/O runs. This has eliminated the need for operating components to insti- tute actions on all personnel when a new T/0 is issued. It also will facilitate computation of the Career Service Staffing Authorization by greatly lessening the backlog of unassigned personnel. A substantial reduction in the number of personnel action requests to be prepared, re- viewed, approved, and converted to SF-501s, Personnel Action, and a con- sequent saving in monetary savings is assured. On-the-job training - 5%; Formal training in Office of Training - 5%. Overhead, including supervision and miscellaneous staff activities, is prorated among the preceding activities. SECTION 2. Program Plans for 1 January 1957 - 30 June 1957 POSITION ANALYSIS SURVEYS Surveys are currently in process in all major components of the Agency. This includes field trips to Europe and the Far East to complete an Office of Communications field survey. During the current six months, survey objectives are as follows: Organization No. of Positions DD/S Area DD/I Area DD/P Area TOTAL POSITION AND QUALIFICATION STANDARDS Program plans for the current six months are as follows: Position Standards Number Position Coverage Publication 6 Proposed 6 Inte-rim--Qualification Stan Publication 40 25X9A2 25X9 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP80-01826R000100060008-1 SECRET Approved FohRelease 2000/ 9 - CIA-RDP8%91826R000100060008-1 REVIEW OF INDIVIDUAL POSITION AND PERSONNEL ACTIONS Anticipated actions affecting assignment, reassignment, promotion, etc. 500 TABLE OF ORGANIZATION REVIEW AND DISTRIBUTION Anticipated T/O changes which will be reviewed at the current rate of requests. No. of T/O Changes No* of Positions 600 SPECIAL STUDIES AND STAFF MVICES 1. Development of an Agency Compensation System which will permit the recognition of outstanding work performance and monetary recognition of the development and growth of personnel in a job without distorting the Agency grade structure. This plan will provide for salary ranges more comparable to private industry, flexibility in recruiting salaries, and a system of merit wage increases based on performance. 2. Refinement and adoption on an Agency wide basis of the flexible T/O currently being used in the Office of Communications. This will permit maximum utilization of allotted personnel in accordance with operating requirements without the red tape and time now required to change the basic T/d. 3. Develop realistic and mutually agreed upon position evaluation obtaining full participation of the operating officials. This approach is currently being followed in the preparation of Scientific Intelligence Officer Standards in conjunction with OSI supervisory and staff elements. 4. The concept of establishing useful standard position descrip- tion to curtail drastically the total number of position descriptions required. 5. Place greater emphasis on the collection, review, and use of salary and wage data to be obtained by surveys of industry and government by the Position Evaluation Division. 25X9A2 FOIAb3b1 Approved For Release 2000/09/1 C ~DP80-01826R000100060008-1