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November 17, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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July 22, 1969
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Approved For Relborse 2000/08/1 26R00U00150015-2 22 July 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director Of Personnel SUBJECT Statement of Accomplishments For Fiscal Year 1969 - Control Division 1. This is the overall report of the Control Division. Separate reports for each of the three Branches of this Division and the Records Management function are contained in the attached TABS. TAB A - Qualifications Analysis Branch TAB B - Statistical Reporting Branch TAB C - Transactions and Records Branch TAB D - Records Management Function The basic statistical workload data which are included in the Branch and Records Management Reports will be repeated in this report only when of sufficient significance to be reported as a highlight. 2. The alignment of the Qualifications Analysis, Statis- tical Reporting, Records Management and the Transactions and Records Functions in this Division continued to result in economies and greated,efficiency in the use of personnel. The fact that the Plans and Analysis Division and the Control Division report to a mutual supervisor at the next higher echelon has helped to effect a closer working relationship between these two Divisions. 3. There was considerable activity in the Records Manage- ment area during this reporting period. Principle emphasis was on the close review of all records control schedules and the purging of duplicative and records materials not required for legal, adminis- trative or historical purposes. The purge began in August 1965 when 2,501 cubic feet were on hand at the Records Center. As of 30 June 1969 these holding were reduced to 1855 cubic feet. A statement of the "Office of Record" responsibility was developed as a part of this program in an effort to effect better records discipline. It is believed this is the first such record developed in the Support Director- ate. 4. BALPA reporting continued to be a major work load responsibility. The compilation of quarterly reports on overseas head count country strength, the percentage of returns, and the main- tenance of a current reporting capability consumed considerable time Approved For Release 20 151AIi2'iie00200150015-2 Approved For Relse 2000/08/16: hP 1826R0QQ O0150015-2 of the Statistical Reporting and Transactions and Records Branches. 5. In anticipation of, and preparation for, requirements from the SIPS program a Career Trainee Officer analyzed all statistical reports and obtained use reaction through interview. This resulted in the elimination of 14 manually prepared and 6 machine reports. This was offset by the addition of 13 manual and 2 machine reports. Most of the new reports were concerned with minority, discrimination, BALPA and ceiling strength. 6. Staff type assistance was provided in the establishment of PERCON (Contract Personnel Accounting Project). creased activity is anticipated in the preparation of work orders ink response to report requests to utilize the information on contract personnel that is now available from the computers. 7. The processing workload of the Transactions and Records Branch continues to fluctuate as new programs are started and old ones are completed. There was a 29% increase over the previous year in the charge out of Official Personnel Folders. This was due to increased activity in the Qualifications Analysis Branch since Form 444n, "Qualifications Update," is processed at a faster rate than Form 444j, "Qualifications Supplement to the Personal History Statement," and the fact that a group of 8 "D" personnel are coding "D" work experience. A 64% decrease in the number of overseas entries processed results from the fact that the majority of Forms 444j were being processed in the preceding year. A 15% increase in the number of Quality Step Increase processed is noteworthy. It's also noteworthy that the number of Personnel Actions prepared varied less than 1% from the preceding year. A 27& increase in the number of transcripts prepared indicates that more people who separated from the Agency went to other Federal Government agencies for employment this year than in the preceding year. 8. Substantially all Forms 444j, "Qualifications Supplement to the Personal History Statement," have been coded which means the Agency's Qualifications Inventory has been basically established. In addition the Clandestine Services reversed a previous decision and is now coding Clandestine Services work experience. The coding is approximately one third completed. Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RD 82 R000200150015-2 Approved For Rel se 2000/08IiW DP80-01826R000200150015-2 9. The high level of activity in all Branches of the Division and in the Records Management function is expected to continue and increase during fiscal 70. Some of these additions will be: -BALPA PHASE III record keeping -Modification of the system for the maintenance of the Agency's Qualifications Inventory to reduce delinquencies. -Effect greater utilization of the Agency's Qualifi- cation Inventory particularly the work experience of "D" personnel through recurring reports. -Take necessary steps toward the production of a machine produced Biographic Profile. -Take actions necessary to effect better records management discipline. -Work closely with SIPS in the development of an integrated DDS management information system. Approved For Release 2000/ Chief, Control Division cc ~a~ ~Q 0200150015-2 UYIM 511,