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January 1, 1970
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1 ~ ~ 1`. ' Approved For ,,please 200 -RDP80="d'1826RQf~0200'F-F ~ 16-1 OFFICE OF PERSONNEL REPORT OF FY 1969 ACCOMPLISHN.~NTS AND FY 1970 PLANS AND OBJECTI Fiscal Year 1969 Accomplishments a. This report describes the major activity during FY 69. While we have e "indicators" such as accessions, separ burdens have been placed on our stat of ceiling cutbacks and the BALPA insurance and benefits areas show extension of government-type fri increasing tempo of retirement ,~ hlights of Office of Personnel ~~ erienced some decrease in workload y_ ions, and processing caseload, heavier tical and reporting services by reason ,_ gram. Employee service programs in the leveling off of activity except for the ~_ e benefits to Contract personnel and the b. We have devoted cons'derable time and attention to the overall person- nel management problems of e Agency. A series of background studies and. recommendations dealing w' h various aspects of personnel management and control were developed and prese ed to top management. The Office of Personnel has been reorganized along ctional lines to improve the utilization of our people and the efficie cy of operations. The opinions, ideas and comments of all members of the Office of Personnel were sought in the form of "A Look at Our- selves" exercise which has resulted in many constructive suggestions from all levels. 2. Fiscal Year 1970 Plans and Objectives We propose to deal with the marry serious problems in personnel management stemming from ceiling reductions and overseas cutback by furnishing staffing assistance to top management. We will also continue the presentation of major studies dealing with the identification of manpower problems and the development of proposals to meet them, the most urgent being the accession and retention of young professional people in an environment of maturing staff and reduced personnel strength. Close attention will be given to efficiency of operations to meet the objectives of doing more with less. Approved For Release 2000/ ,...,..,---i~ti~t~~ t ~'C1B{lid8(1 1iU"t 81It0~7atICy ~PB~'z`,'~, Ra~00200150016-1 s Approved Forlease 200 6 :CIA-RDP80~1826R000200150016-1 RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT 1. Fiscal Year 1969 Accomplishments a. As a result of preseason planning, recruiter effort, close support from the Office of Security, and the cooperation of academic officials, the Agency had another successful academic recruiting season and ended FY 69 at authorized ceiling. There were only seven reportable campus incidents compared with 77 in FY 68, and recruiters for the most part were able to avoid demon- strations and publicity. Scheduled visits were carried out on 228 campuses and arrangements made, where deemed appropriate, to cover 60 other schools from off-campus locations. b. Innovations during FY 69 include: (1) reduction of the field portion of the Professional Applicant Testing Battery from eight to four hours. All test administrators have been advised that this is solely the Agency's test battery; (2) inception of an Experimental Clerical Training Program to determine the feasibility of training individuals who initially possess only marginal clerical skills to qualify as clerk typists; (3) Recruitment Division entered into contract with the College Placement Association to participate in their computerized Graduate Resume Accumulation and Distribution (GRAD) Program. c. The Cooperative Education Program with 87 individuals enrolled and Summer Intern Program with 34 continue to develop. d. In our placement activity the reduction in input from external re- cruitment is shown by a reduction in invitee travel expenditures to 235,000 in F'Y 6q compared to the $324,000 spent far that purpose in FY 68. Determined efforts were made to encourage initiation of security processing on adequate numbers of candidates for professional and technical positions early in the year. The Skills Bank continued to be an effective method for handling appli- cant selection. A roster of senior secretaries was established and serviced so that the reassignment of these individuals could be accomplished across organizational lines. e. Although they do not tell the whole story--for example, the off-campus interviews throw a heavier burden on the recruiters--statis-tics can serve as a point of reference. Fy 69 ~ 68 Placements (EOD's) 25X9A2 Separations Security Initiations 3,91 ,l 8 6 Recruitment Cases Submitted 5,212 ,02 Applicant Files Established 12,722 13,182 Letters Dispatched 31,720 32,037 ~pt~~F~'e~~ 2~~ 6M1 and O~P Recruited Contract. )E80-018268000200150016-1 Approved For Tease 20001?fff1~T CIA-RDP80S9+1826R000200150016-1 f. Military personnel authorizations for "assigned personnel" were reduced from at the beginning of b'Y 70 due to the phase- 25X9A2 out of certain OSA and CS operations. The strengths of our Agency-sponsored military reserve units showed a slight decrease during the period from - 25X9A2 tom due to mandatory retirements with 155 of the group stationed outside 25X9A2 of the United States and requiring complete administrative and training support. A new two-week training course on military psychological operations was con- ducted twice during the year. The Agency's policy on requesting occupational deferments wa,s revised on 17 July 1968 and requests limited to those which the Director considered would endanger the successful accomplishment of a mission vital to national security. The Director approved 15 such cases with the understanding that additional deferments would not be requested. One-year deferments were granted by local boards in 14 of these cases. Screening and clearance procedures were revised to permit the selection of potential reserv- ists for inclusion in the Agency's civilian reserve program and the program incorporated into the EDP System. 2. Fiscal Year 1970 Plans and Objectives a. An increased effort will be made to recruit young clerical employees within a 50-mile radius of the Headquarters area with a view to reducing cler- ical attrition and lessening the number of adjustment problems growing out of `:out of town" recruiting. Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying qualified professional, technical and communications personnel who have com- pleted or are completing military service. We will also be refining our techniques for identifying and recruiting quality students from troubled campuses by means of greater emphasis on college newspaper advertising and increased contact with cooperative faculty members. b. Responsibility for clerical input and for the IAS will be placed in a single division which will also prepare and monitor the Advance Staffing Plan previously handled by the planning staff. Pre-exit and follow-up interviews will also be placed in the same organizational component to determine the suit- ability of initial assignments of professional and technical employees and to identify possibilities of remedial action. Procedures to bring about timely selection decisions on available :applicants by the using components throughout the year will be strengthened. Approved For Release 2000/08 1 3CIA-RDP80-018268000200150016-1 rII~~ Approved For Tease 2000 :CIA-RDP80~+1826R000200150016-1 SPECIAL PROGRAMS 1. Fiscal Year 1969 Accomplishments a. While not experiencing appreciable increases in the production "indi- cators" except for those areas dealing with Contract personnel benefits and retirement affairs, the high level of activity in the health and life insurance programs and other employee services and benefits has continued. The high- lights of each major program are given below. In addition we participated in the planning for President Nixon's visit, the 21st Annual Awards Ceremony, and the National Civil Service League Career Service Awards Banquet. We increased the number of blood donors, refined procedures in Central Processing Branch, placed the Employee Store on a complete self-supported basis, obtained approval to present Federal Length of Service pins to retirees and resignees. The gamut of activity spanned a range from assisting in the establishment of an investment program for GEHA cash assets to developing a proposal for the con- struction of tennis courts in the Headquarters area. 25X9A2 25X9A2 b. Insurance Programs (1) The effect of the Civil Service Commission's 1967 change in regu- lations for enrollment in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program has now fairly well stabilized. A large majority of Contract employees changed to the Association Benefit Plan as their contracts were rewritten so that as of 30 June 1969 the enrollment in the Contract Hospitalization Plan was down t~ from a previous high of Even with this gain, 25X9A2 the Association Benefit Plan was approximately employees less than one 25X9A2 year previous. Indications are that the Association Plan losses stem from a large number of new employees in the lower grades choosing the Government- wide Service Benefit Plan (Blue Cross-Blue Shield). In the life insurance area the UBLIC had enrollees, down slightly from last year, and the WAEPA plan had enrollees, up slightly from 1968. 25X9A2 (2) The Flight Insurance, the 24-hour Flight and Accident Plan con- tinued at about the previous pace through the year. The phaseout of the Emergency Travel Plan has been completed. This phaseout was required because legislation in late 1967 provided free benefits which closely paralleled those of the Emergency Travel Plan. A method for issuing hos- pitalization identification cards in support of cover was developed with the Central Cover Staff. Assistance was furnished to the GEHA. Board Invest- ment Committee which resulted in the authorization to invest an additional five per cent of the reserves in common stock to improve money management of GEHA assets and to hedge against inflation. c. Central Processing An increase was noted in the workload in travel activities involving reservations, tickets, baggage, household effects, and passports, with decreases in number of integrees, invitees and returnees services. A complete detailed operating procedure was developed during the reporting ~+ Approved For Release 2000/0 31 -RDP80-018268000200150016-1 Approved Forease 2000 ~ -RDP80=0~1826R000200150016-1 period. Responsibility for reimbursement of travel expenses to clerical EOD's was received the last week of the fiscal year and the workload was further augmented by the relocation of CIA. retirees. d. Personal Affairs The tendency toward a leveling off of the workload can be noted in the areas of casualty assistance (142), FEBLI insurance claims (31), employee compensation claims (539), and associated activity. Statistical reporting can not be the entire measure of activity in this area where some death casualty and medical cases require extensive after-hours work and possibly months of continued effort. e. Honor and Merit Awards Fiscal Year 1969 was marked by a sharply increased workload. Award recommendations received and processed increased from 142 to 254. There were 72 ceremonies, an increase of 15,-and additional paperwork involved in preparing and distributing the Certificates of Exceptional Service and Service in Vietnam awards and certificates. The responsibility far admin- istering the Foreign Award and Gift records was also assumed during the fiscal year. f. Suggestion and Invention Awards Program Suggestions adopted numbered 127, representing a sizeable gain of 36 over fiscal year 1968. Case awards more than doubled the previous year`s volume, namely 27,880 versus 12,670. The adoption rate for the Support Services at 37~J excelled the rate of any Service or Directorate. g. Contract Personnel Administration The administration of Contract personnel reflects the leveling off of work activity with respect to indicators such as contracts prepared, amendments prepared and field contracts reviewed. The successful develop- ment and application of an ADP Program to select groups of Agency Contract personnel was an outstanding accomplishment. The rules for the adminis- tration of the rehired annuitants were clarified and monitored. Activity in the area of service computations has increased sharply due in part to the development of special retirement programs for Contract personnel. The participation in the operation of the Administrative Allowances Committee has required increasing amounts of time and effort. h. Retirement Affairs The developmental and research work performed prior to the fiscal year came to fruition in the sense that we were able to offer "line" services in the areas of individual counseling, group seminars and briefings, employee informational handouts and other literature, and to expand job lead sources and job search counseling. A statistical summary of significant activities follows: Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-018268000200150016-1 TAT Approved For Tease 2000 CIA-RDP80 b"1826R000200150016-1 Pre-retirement counseling sessions 1,404 Employment counseling sessions for retirees 485 Employment counseling sessions for resignees 484 Retirements processed - CIARDS~ ^ Retirements processed - Civil Service Initial resumes prepared 293 Job leads given to retirees 4i7 Job leads given to resignees 416 Job sources developed 85 Written replies to external employment investigators 384 Visits of external employment investigators to RAD~EEAB 312 -~ Includes 11 deaths in service. 25X9A2 2. Fiscal Year 1970 Plans and Objectives Our goal continues to be the furnishing of prompt quality service to Agency personnel. We will refine the procedures for support of employees and depen- dents. We will prepare a booklet covering all phases of the various insurance programs. We will endeavor to obtain final coordination and issuance of the revised Handbook of Employees Compensation and Overseas Medical Benefits. The United States Civil Service Commission has announced that an open season will be held November 10 through 28, 1969 for purposes of changes in health insurance enrollment under the Federal Employees Benefits Health Program. This insurance opportunity will be staffed out by preparing Headquarters and Field Notices and furnishing information and advice on changes. Eligibility criteria for all of our plans will be reviewed for the purpose of extending benefits to Contract employees where possible. There is a major job to be done in updating regulatory issuances dealing with claims for employment compensation, medical compensation and similar activities. The proposed revision to HR 20-37, Honor and Merit Awards, should be coordinated and distributed by September 1969. We will endeavor to publicize and accelerate approval of the Suggestion and Inven- tion Awards submitted by our employees. We plan an expansion of the retiree follow-up program and enlargement of our job placement sources. There is also a need for more extensive pre-job search counseling to prepare retirees for successful exploration of job leads. Approved For Release 2000/08/1 :CIA-RDP80-018268000200150016-1 Approved For please 2000~IA-RDP80 ~"1826R000200150016-1 1. Fiscal Year 1969 Accomplishments a. The post mortem of the Fiscal Year 1969 Advance Staffing Plan showed a high rate of accuracy in the predicted requirements as against the actual accessions. There were staff requirements predicted for the year and 25X9A2 actual accessions totaled GS personnel. The F'Y 70 ASP has been turned 25X9A2 over to Placement Division for implementation, an action which is expected to improve the validation and control aspects of the ASP. Effort can nova be turned to other personnel planning areas, particularly on the problem of move- ment and flow of people within the system as seen in the perspective of the decade ahead. b. In the Regulations area, the backlog of old regulations, some of them in various stages of development for up to seven years, has been worked off. All Notices which contain material of permanent interest have been incorporated into appropriate Regulations and Handbooks and a major start made in updating Office of Personnel Memoranda. The recommendations of the Administrative Authorities Task Force were approved in principle and are being incorporated into the Regulations. c. Special studies were conducted dealing with a wide range of personnel management problems, such as career expectation, succession, and attrition. d. In the records management area principal emphasis was on the close review of all records control schedules and the purging of duplicative and records material not required for legal, administrative or historical purposes. The purge began in August 1968 when 2,501 cu. ft. were on hand at the Records Center. As of 30 June 1969 these holdings were reduced to 1,855 cu, ft. A statement of the "Office of Record" responsibility was developed as a part of this program in an effort to effect better records discipline. e. BALPA reporting continued to be a major workload responsibility involving reports on overseas head count by country, the percentage of returnees, and the maintenance of a current reporting capability. In anticipation of, and preparation for, requirements from the SIPS Program, all statistical reports were studied and user comments secured. Through the Contract Personnel Accounting Project, we are now able to include Contract personnel in the Agency personnel reporting capability. All forms ~I-44j, "Qualifications Supplement to the Per- sonal History Statement" have been coded, which-means that the Agency's Quali- fications Inventory has been basically established. The Clandestine Service (CS) reversed a previous decision and are now coding CS work experience. The result of these necessary activities has been an increase in demands on our statistical and reporting facilities. f. Activity in the area of position management and compensation remained at the same general level as last year. Major accomplishments have included studies of comparability, pay and compensation practices throughout the govern- ment and industry, the maintenance of average grade and upper level position structures, the evaluation of supergrade and SPS positions, the maintenance of numerous advanced rate pay schedules and the administration of wage rates for several categories of wage employees. Approved For Release 2000/08/1 :CIA-RDP80-018268000200150016-1 ~~ T Approved For F~glease 2000 A-RDP80 ~826R000200150016-1 Breakdown of the workload approximates the following: Position surveys and individual actions 30/0 Review and distribution of staffing complements 10~ Planning papers 2~ Average grade maintenance 2% Pay changes 2of Position standards, grading plans and techniques l~o External wage and salary data l~ Special studies and staff services 38% Formal training and leave 14~ The Agency Handbook of Occupational Titles and Codes was completely revised. Position reduction required by the BALPA ceiling reductions was accomplished for all components. 2. Fiscal Year 1970 Plans and Objectives Improvement will be sought in the decision-making processes to permit faster reaction on adding administrative authorities and government-wide stat- utory benefits as Congress authorizes them. The plans effort will concentrate on the problem of movement and flow of people within the system f"uxnishing staff assistance and background studies for presentation to top management. These efforts will also be focused on problems and recommendations required by over- seas and ceiling cutbacks. Our records and reporting activities will continue to be responsive to the needs of management and will be kept under continuous review in collaboration with the SIPS Program for conversion to new EDP equip- ment and capabilities. 8 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 :CIA-RDP80-018268000200150016-1 ~~