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November 17, 2016
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August 4, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 25X1A FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Air Force Branch, MMPD General Functions Responsible for the administration of personnel functions as pertains to Air Force personnel detailed to the Agency, in accordance with policies and procedures prescribed by the USAF. Such functions as classification, assignment and proper utilization of Air Force personnel; operation of a finance section; reenlistment program; personal affairs section; statistical reporting and strength accountability section; officer and airman sections for preparation and maintenance of personnel records; accomplishes the processing of appointment; promotions; reduction; release from active duty; discharges; retirements; casualty reporting; quality control program and miscellaneous actions. The Administrative section of this branch maintains a complete reference library of Air Force directives and issues all the necessary special and aeronautical orders needed by this organization. Specific Responsibilities a. Prepares and maintains AF Forms 10 (Officer Personnel Records Folder), AF Forms 11 (Officers Military Record), AF Forms 2L6 (Record of Emergency Data), AF Forms 617 (Military leave Record), Standard Forms 601 (Iwmunization Record), AF Forms 1323 (Officer Morning Report Data Record), AF Forms 1095 (Officer Accession Information Form). Also completes new AF Forms 1095 upon personnel status changes of officers. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 b. Monitors Officer Effectiveness Reports program - Maintains suspence on reports, sends reports out for completion and return, reviews reports and forwards them to Hq USAF* c? Prepares Monthly General-Colonel Status Report to Hq USAF for all assigned Generals and Colonels* d. Prepares monthly recapitulation report of assigned officers and airmen, indicating by asterisk those who have served over 3 years and also those who are serving a second agency tour, e. Prepares monthly report of suspensions from and returns to flying status. f. Conducts annual individual records checks on all officers* g. Obtains anneal flying hours on all rated officers for entry on Al Form U. h. Reports all eligible reserve officers to Hq USAF for Project 20-10 retirement consideration. i. Monitors flying status program by screening rosters from Hq USAF for names of assigned officers placed on various flying status codes, i* e. Code 1. Unconditional, must meet all requirements; Code 2: Suspended, usually for physical disqualification without receiving flight pay; Code 3s Usually over 15 years rated service, then grounded and still receive flight pay; Code lot Meets only familiarization flying requirements* j. Reports all officers who are eligible for temporary promotion consideration* k. Reports all officers eligible for permanent promotion consideration. Approved For Release 2000/08/16_;_ CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 25X1A a. Discharge and reenlistment, including actions required under the Selective Reenlistment Program for First Tern Airmen and the Selective Reenlistment Program for Airmen with more than 20 years service. Prepares Reports of Separation, DD Form 2114, Enlistment Record , DD Form 4 and related discharge and reenlistment forms as requiredo be Airman Performance Report Program M Insure timely submission of AF Forms 75. Review all AF Forms 75 for compliance with AFM 39-62. co Maintain AF Forms 4, Airman Unit Personnel Records Folder, AF Forms 7, Airman Military Record; AF Forms 617, Military leave Record; Standard Forms 601, Immunization Record; AF Forms 538, Personal Clothing and Equipment Record; AF Forms 246, Record of Emergency Data and NCO Command Selection Records Group* d. Process applications for discharge, retirement and cancellation of extension of enlistmentse e. Promotion .. Responsible for all airman promotion actions including submission of eligibility reports, appointment of promotion boards, and promotion reports. f. Administer flying status program of airmen. III. General Responsibility As Pertains to Administering Both Officer and Airman Personnel a. Classification action to include on-the-job training, testing, awards, changes or deletion of AFSCs. be Processess individual application for service schools, special assignments, operation boot-strap (Civilian Schooling), extension or curtailment of overseas tours. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 c. Casualty reporting and assistance. d. Prepares, maintains and furnishes strength and statistical reports as required by the Agency or the Air Force. e. Processes all incoming and outgoing personnel to include organization and Agency clearance and transmittal of personnel records* f. Councils and furnishes information on marriage, dependent benefits, medical care, life insurance, voting program, Veteran Administration benefits, Federal Housing Administration, Retired Servicernanrs Family Protection Plan, Air Force Aid Society and Social Security Benefits* g. Administers awards and decorations program for Air Force personnel detailed to the Agency* he Monitors the periodic physical examination program and schedules examinations when appropriate* i. Finance section prepares and submits documents pertaining to pay of all Air Force personnel such as allotment forms, travel vouchers, military pay orders, dependWertificates and furnishes information concerning military pay when requested. 3? Assignment and reassignment - including monitoring tour lengths, overseas tour extensions, curtailment of tours, reporting Air Force personnel for reassignment and issuance of reassignment instructions. k. Prepares AF Forma 183 and 183a, Daily Morning Reports and related strength accountability reports such as classification and audit rosters, sample surveys and other reports as required. 1. Screens and schedules records for disposition to the Agency archives for retirement. A separate agency files is maintained on each agency detailee. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6 m. Issues special or aeronautcal orders as the occassion demands, makes distribution and retains permanent files for reference. n. Prepares necessary paper work for Air Force personnel detailed to the agency when reassigned to an agency overseas location < Passport application, concurrent travel requests and requests travel reservations for overseas travel. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300040021-6