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December 9, 2016
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March 27, 2001
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Approved For Release 2001/11111111111W9P80-01826R000300,140044-0 MEMORANDUM PORI Depot, Director for Support SUBJECT Current interest Items 1. Securitv Clepoliticeticp et As a resat Of reviesHof Eata the Bureau of Arderal Credit Wane, a determination eme made to 1963 report. (le previous years, the report ems submitted es an document.) The Regional Office of the BUreau has refused to accept this re+ Port, first on the grounds that they did not agree that a classification is. required and second on the grounds that they had no appropriate facilities for receiving, prommaslag4 and storing elassified meterial. Bureau ?Modals and the Director at Seourity for NEW (the parent Department over the Bureau) will meet with repreeentetives of the orrice of Security and the Renefits and Services Division on Zamedely, 31 Mora, to discuss this problem and its solo tions. Tentatively, our proposal will be to establieh arrangements similar to those me have with the ANC and CSC 's Retirement Division. Such ermines- emote vill be to supply safe+hesping equipment to the Bureau of Pederal Credit Unions and to arrange security Checks for thaw individuals who must have access to classified reports from the Agency. We will report the results of this meeting to you. 2. VACierittAagin to part the impact of the &moisten not to 00P107 clericals on a summer.only basis, plena are being developed to accelerate the DOD of clericals destined for assignment elselhere in the Agency for initial temperer, mosignment to RI Division. Under this proposal, swab on playees woad be officially Charged to IAS Chile detailed to RI bat RI would reimburse the 1AS cost center for the salary and related charges involved. A formal paper is being written on this proposal and will be forwarded for qpproval. 3. Use of PreminailavOlaNge The Personnel Baermitmemt Division hos using freaked envelopes for sending and receiving wort correspondenoe to and from field recruitment Office of sommemy nor the Office of Logisties bee These envelopes can be used only then the Agana!, oso sender or recipient. Wen so, we believe some savings envelope now wed for sendingepplication forms umoak, oasts the fee for a fradbileenmOane of this sive is 150. In addition to possible modest sowings in poste., charges, we expect tvo other benefits to result: e. Applicants who do not intmod to complete OPPllostioo forms are mare libely to return the blank forms to us if they do oot bows to PAY 450 Postage to do so. Tbis will notify us that be doe* not intend to *pay end thus:044a* the number of pending ase 2001/070.1tP0-01-826R000300140044-0, Approved For Release 2001/07 P80-01826R000300140044-0 MOM Current Interest Item cares in the file. Also as smatter of princiPle, it las been held over the years that sets of our appliestion terms Should not be scattered all over the country in en uncontrolled distribm tion. Return of unused forme vill relieve this problem. b. Applicants expect governmemt agencies to provide franked envelopes for the return of application forme. Although the amount of gooey involved is inaftnifieszit, there will be, ve bellow*, an intangible barefit in the applicant's reaction 4. Personnel Beeords 1Pores The Depoty Chief, ami Iterview Staff has been nd to choir a task force to "Wirth* basic purposes served by Personnel reoorda and the scope and signifiesnoe of the dmts recorded. it is anticipated that the Tisk Force's conclusions will warble bases for improving our recording procedures and our reporting wets's. The Tisk Farce vill be comprised of fell-time representatives from the Office of Personnel Mimledxemamost dirertlyamemermed and *Aviary repro eantatives from other OP Divisions. The group vill meet monthly with an advisory group comprised of OP Division end Staff ChieTh to report progress and dleauss problems and solutions. At a later stags, representatives of each Directorate will also be asked to meet with the Teek Norco in en advisory empecitT. 5. alaimal high Agency average grade ineamparisoo sating primarily from a higher grade structure Series, he considers it desirable to review clerical types to determine Which can properly be reduced without serious effect on employees or morale. The Agenny's average grade is increasiag with gradually rising levels of professional categories and the elimination of clerical positions to cantors to ceiling limitetions. This increase is likely to grow with the reduced demand for clerical personnel under present ceilieg restric tions and the neosesity for more effective utilisation of clerical personnel. Initially, the Chief, OWD, believes it would be desirable to under- take a review of registry and mail and file positions in the Agency; for the present, exclusive of RI Division. The retire could later be extended to include other clerical position categories, such es typists and stenogrephers. This viii be consistent with practice in other agencies. Sines the Civil Serviee Commission lowered the recruitment levels for tilde* end steno- SreiPheve to 0S-2 and 08.3 an l Jemmy, upon authorising travel psi, there is now greater emphasis elsembere in the Government on more realistic levels for suca Jobs. SVD viii audit positions throughout the Ag, detanwOUntartreetive ond elleProwlete graft* imettaleme; and develop a report listing all, positions 411.111114 Approved For Release 2001/0 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300140044-0 Approved For Release 2001/07/1 ('I ARDP80-01826R00030014 y SOBACT: Cturent Interest lobiob would be efteted, with on employees; 'Object, of course, before action. the )'1rat Service 25X1A9a 6. ra :yr attemded a special presentation given by the Civil Service Commiselon on Women in the Federal Service for Personnel Officers and their staffs. This presentetion was an expended version of one given to the later-Agentgr Miriikary Grow in October 1.963 and eovered the findthg. of statistical studies Node by the Commission on the relative turnover and relative advencement of women in the Federal Service. (Theme studies haws been publiehed by the Commission and we have a reference copy.) 7. Fitness ort ora ThroughOLVWCWWIL aeiers of the Personnel Ativisagy Wig, Agency Officer* have been advised of the decision to defer adoption of special Form 453 Report of Supervisory Abilt4rend, Executive Potential. They have also been advised that special attention will be given over the next siz mouths to the effectiveness with Which the molar Form k5 is used for this purpose as a basis for setablishing the need, or lack of it, for a special form. Our target date for reporting on this study is 5 October 1961. 8. Division visited the State De their employee association comducts and fends proposal for the establishment and the financial and an expended Agency program will be Whetted shortly. 9. lynx old PIETA As of 27 Nerch, the coverage, applications for tions had been received. 25X1A hes reschedill 10. Lenten At the were as follows: Protestant Service Catholic Service TOWs for the Lenten Protestant Services Catholic Services 9 U follow Approved For Release 2001/07/1111.1M-01826R000300140b44-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : 1ADfl0001826R0003 SUBJTC'T Current U. Fune 11 the close of business 27 March 5 issued for the Rat4ona1 Health Agencies and Joint Crusade returned Kaymou have been urged to turn in all remaining envelopes by31 Mereb.) Results es of 27 March: mittional nasal participation at reamed v can Average Contribution Mount contributed crusAds To% 25X1A $18:207.50 *10,866.59 filhat_t_Aistal : Participortice 25X1A Averege Contribution illailliii Amount contributed $31,03.4k $15,924.49 Distribution: 0 & 1 - Addressee 1 - 25X1A9a Oilers subj 1 - D/Pers ehrono 25X1A9a orpars (30 March 1964) Monett D. *hole Director of Personnel r 2 - 0111111 Approved For Release 2001/07/1 . - . DP80-01826R000300140044-0