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November 17, 2016
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July 6, 2000
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October 16, 1952
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Approved Fo iase00/08/16: CIA- To : Of the IA.B Slzoject: a discussion of morale of the employees in the l.L13, and a memo, written by in regard 25X1A9a to same. Frolic : Having had the opportunity to see partsof a memo ri~ten by of Procurement, to I should like to comment on said memo, and on the discussion which it concerns. Five other girls and I were very disgruntled and confused when we arrived in the !AD, having been given no warning that we were to be placed here. Eventually, we realized that other employees were just as shocked, and had also expected to be put right into their permanent jobs. We discussed the problem, in the effort to figure out the system, but came to no conclusions. Finally, we took our problem to Mrs. who made arrangements for us to see We had 25X1A9a a very fine chat with him and cleared up a few of our Questions, but I feel that in his memo, did not clearly represent to you what conclusions we came to. The following is my impression of this problem, which I think isa grave one for the agency. First of all, I feel that the origin of the problem of morale in the TAB, lies in the hands of the recruiters. I was led to believe by my recruiter: I) that I would go directly to my assignment and was told nothing about an interim period before assignment to permanent duties, 2) that the classifications of "Clerk-typist,' and "Clerk" were nothing more than rrazzes, and that I would not be doing c?crical work, 3) tint thirty words a minute was the basic requirement in typing (even though we would n'ot be using it on our jobs), and 1?) that college Approved For Release 2000/ Ocfe bce ev:z Approved For Releas^-00/ft- 6-: CIA-RDP80-01826R000300 5002 -AV Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300150022-3 1 I 11 To W6"M= Approved For ase0M$11 I = O-01 dl-6)PA8030WO022-3 -2- graduates would only be placed in the "professional" categories, and would not be put in clerical positions. Of course, when I arrived, I found that these things were not true, and also that there di.dn't seem to be anyone who could tell me wh.t was going on. I realize that there are limits to that can be told futui.e employees of the agency, but within the limits of security precautions, I iw, uuld like to make some suggestions : 1) that recruiters abstain from glamorizing the jobs, and be truthful about what a beginner's job with the 0L. entails; for in the long run, the agency will get and will hold those employees who have had some idea of what they are getting into. 2) that there be an initial general welcome for entering employees the first day they arrive at 2130 E. Street, explaining where they are going (physical, testing, finger-printing,etc.) and why. This can include some general information about government employment, including perhaps an explanation of civil service pay scales, and how an individual meets requirements of a GS-3, or 4, or whatever the case may be. This can be done for each entering group, taking a few minutes, and would make them feel more apart of the agency. 3) that there be a thorough orientation upon arrival at the T:t3, with explanations of .ahy it is necessary for employees to be here, and why it might be .or a lengthy period of* time. Ii.) that elapses be more stimulating, including perhaps more lectures and discussions in foreign relations. This would undoubtedly Approved For Release 2000/08/16a CI~QFDB ;0164000150022-3 Approved For easeVO00/08/16: CIA-RDP80-01826%0030WO022-3 involve getting More teachers, but in the long, run, the agency would. benefit by such a practice. T feel that misrepresented our feelings on this subject, and I would like to state clearly that I feel that the problem of morale lies mainly in the preconception we acquired from our recruiters, and secondly in the lack of explanation, or an orientation at the ti_iie of entrance into the 10. 1 October 1152 Approved For Release 2000/08f1 CIA-RDP80-01826R000300150022-3