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November 17, 2016
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July 6, 2000
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May 21, 1952
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, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP,80-0)1826R000300150024-1 /1/ ; , -2 / 21 May 1952 Sezuray Information Personnel Director Acting Assistant Director/Personnel .see Clerical Employment Operations 1. Considerable study has been centered around problems experienced in connection with the selection and placement of CIA clerical personnel, and particularly the role of the Personnel Pool in these processes. The findings and recommendations included in the various reports which have been developed as a result of this study reveal a sound basis for issuing at this time a set of principles to a. govern the objectives, organization, administration and functioning of the Personnel Pool, and to. b. outline certain procedural requirements for assigning clerical personnel to. Agency positions. 2. Effective immediately, those activities of the Office of Personnel concerned :with the recruitment, selection, placement and assignment of clerical personnel will be conducted consistent with the following policies: a. The Personnel Pool will be operated by the Office of Personnel with the objective of maintaining a constant reserve of support- clerical personnel for assignment as regular turnover replacements and to supply expanding staffing requirements. The Personnel Pool will serve as the medium through which the Agency holds such support- clerical personnel through the period of their security clearance, and, subsequently, until requirements for their specific assignments develop. b. Composition of the Personnel Pool (except permanent overhead staff) will be limited to support-clerical and skilled or trade personnel. c. As long as slots are available within the Personnel Pool T/0, clerical personnel selected for employment in the Agency will be slotted against Pool positions rather than positions on T/Ofs of operating offices. Clerical personnel recruited by members of operating offices will, of course, be slotted directly to those offices (unless this is not desired by such offices). Placement and assignment to fill vacancies in operating offices will be accomplished through selection of qualified available persons who have been initially slotted to the Personnel Fool* d. The Office of Personnel will enter on duty for the Personnel Pool (for support-clerical positions) only persons who meet the standards of proficiency for the grade for which they are recruitec NIB _ c 0 V BATE 7-2:T?4-1/3/ BY 02-972'C ?RIG CMPDPI TYPE 1 farMrten CMG CLASS 6- PAGES FS EV CLS _ it JUST__"7144513ROVEitiVI:tigittcletide' 21000I68/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300150024-1 /1141 MS-2- Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R0416300150024-1 RD'il .2-01e0 iatJ &IN is'AdAte,if sr&1161.1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000300150024-1 b - Approved NroRelease 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP84,01826R000300150024-1 f,,-P?,,upitv 1 -in ?lon , or those whose capabilities are definitely determined by the Office of Personnel to be at levels which assure that acceptable standards of proficioncy.will to reached through the training which will be conducted during their tenure in tho Pool. e. All support-clerical personnel assigned to the Personn,A Pool must participate in a full-tine training course of at least two weeks' duration) conducted by the Office of Training. Satisfactory completion of the course will be a prerequisite to placement within tho Agency. Whore an employee fails to attain adequate capability levels) the Office of Training will determine the feasibility of providing additional training. If a determination is made that additional training would not be profitable) the Office of Personnel will ascertain the availability of another position not reouiring the skills which the enolayee is unablo to develop; if such re- assignmont po.bility does not exist) the individual uill be separated for failure to qualify. Personnel will be excused from attendance at all or part of the training course only in those cases whore the Office of Training decides that an individual' attained proficiency justifies such action. f. Since certain portions of the full-training course content- are of a classified character) each employee nust have at least two or three days of training after full security clearance is issued) such training to be given prior to the employee's release froathe Per- sonnel Pool g. Support-cierical personnel who are entered on duty only after full security clearance must- complete the same training as that (Paragraphs 1 b. and f.) required of persons who are -assigned to the Pool while awaiting security clearance. This training require- ment must be satisfied before the Office of Personnel :will give clearance for personnel in support...clerical categories to report to the operating offices for their regular duty assignment. h. Provisionally cleared support-clerical personnel in the Pool will be detailed to perfora work projects at such times as they are not required to participate in training programs in accordance with the foregoing statement of training standards. The Office of Personnel will accept work projects from operating offices only if such projects do- not entail deadline completion dates. In addition) the Office of Persamel will accept such work projects only in an amount consistent with the Pool's capacity to bring suCh work to completion in a reason- able period. Qi(Tsf\r' MATTHEW LA1RD ? ?&way Inforrrlion Approved For Release 2000/08/1 b : GIA-RDP80-01826R000300150024-1