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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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December 8, 1953
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Approved For Release 20(~i'Q)( QWX6%-624000400020004-6 er 1953 PROM ED POLICY CN IEvzLOP ENT ; ults of evaluations accomplished prior to the individual?e entrance . -ato -e Career Service0 Subsequent to his full membership in the Uo:. er Servicek, his Career Development Plan will be reviewed annually Syr of his supervisor who develops it in consideration of the aa--nx,ding to a plan designed to guide the long-range development of his abilities and interests in relation to Agency requirements, The i ait &l Career Development Plan of a Career 3 ployee is the responei' lit{y as he demonstrates the capacity to assume them. 2, These actions are accomplished. for each Career Employes le:aont his experience and prepare him for now duties and increased .p spnasa.bil,i.tyr, andp (a) to duties of progressively greater responsi- o cc+ursee of instruction and to specialized training to sup- V v rious duties within his specialty or group of specialties, 1,, It is the objective of the Aj;ency to develop fully then ca aabilitie?J of each mevber of the CIA Career Service in accordance ~;I-Wi the ragviremente of the Agencyo in addition to the development which takes place through supervised work a rience actions are token to broaden a Career En loyee va experience by assigning h his Career Service Board and will be recorded In his official ers v-nei Folder,, The Career Employee will have full knowledge of she plan and will participate in its forrm iationo ?ao REV DATE 22e'e~' 725 3a _---L-- FRIS COMP =-- opt TYPE /~--- CRiC OO AS5S !ACES BEM O{.ASS JUST a 40 Ro Iease 00 W~' 826R000400020004-6 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 20010?l@$q VI DP0T-PPP6R000400020004-6 Se{,rari y..., atonRatic 8 Deoerrber 19S3 PROPOSED POLICY ON E AWAT'ION The Agency conducts a thorough evaluation of each indivi p; Ior to his acceptance as a r=ber of the CIA Career Service and vmtizmsutsly evaluates each Career Employee as a basis for planning his use and development in accordance with Agency requirementse In addition to appraiiale of performance and development, the evaluation of an individual prior to his entry into the Career Service includes assessment and teat .ng for the purpose of ter'i his capabilities and aptitudes for various kinds of duty$ his emotional response to varied situations and his suitability for n long-range career in the Agency0 Such assessment and testing is conducted according to Agency standards and techniques as approved by the OIL Career Service hoard, The Agercyes continuing evaluation of a Career Employee includes periodic appraisals of his progress and potential for further development as well as necessary appraisals of his performance in his current assignmentm Security Information Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIA-RDP8 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Re ease 2001/04/03' A-RDP80-01826R000400020004-6 erb3r 1953 PROPOSED POLICY ON RIGHZS, BENEFITS' AND OBLIGATIONS to The rights and benefits accruing to members of the CIA Career Service includes ao The opportunity to establish a career in a field of vital importance to the National Securityo This affords to each Career Employee the personal satisfaction of contributing to that efforto bo The opportunity to associate with a highly selected group of persons who are making intelligence their lffe?s worko The opportunity' when determined necessary in the needs of the service, to, perform duties in foreign lands v Specific benefits accruing to members of the CIA Career Service rare as follows t m. Only Career Employees normally will be afforded the opportunity of assignment or detail for training to other government or private institutions with tuition and related expenses provided by CIAO ba Leave in accordance with normal Government practices, In addition$ employees abroad may be brought home to their places of residenoe for leave at Government expense at the completion of their current tour of duty, (CIA plans to request the Congress for the right for its employees to accrue specifically home leave while abroado ) co Retirement in accordance with normal Government practiceso (Cii plans to request the Congress for a modification of existing legislation to permit more liberal retirement standards and schedules0) Approved For Release 20 0 M6I 4 0-01826R000400020004-6 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For ReleZpe 2001/04/0 _;,: -RDP80-01 28000400020004-6 Security Information do Death and disability benefits in accordance with normal Government practices4 In addition, for those people stationed abroada, medical care and hospitalization in provided on a more liberal basis than in other civilian Government agencies generallyo This more liberal policy is similar to that of the State Departments 0o Eligibility to secure hospitalization under either of two plans, Group Hospitalization, Inc;,, or Mutual Benefit of Cmahao fo Eligibility to secure term insurance through War Agencies Employees' Protective Associationo go While serving abroad,, a member of the Career Service is entitled to receive appropriate post differential,,, cost of living allowance, and quarters allowance in accordance with normal Governs nt practices Q 34 A member of the Career Service can expect a career in the Agency including equitable consideration for advancement in responsibility and grade in accordance with his demonstrated capabilities,, A Career l plajmc is afforded the opportunity of participating, in the formulation of his Career Development Plan which aims at making him more useful to the Agency and at the same time offers him the opportunity of advancing in responsibility and grade. Career Employees are afforded preferential consideration over other categories of employees in connection with assignments to key jobs, rotation., training,, and, of course, in the vital matter of reduction-In-force procedures, should the latter ever become necessary. o2M Approved For Release 2001/0 -CdRk.RDP80-01826R000400020004-6 Security Information Approved For Releap 2001/04/05 CI A-RDP80-01800400020004-6 ?SO )rity Information 1t0 A member of the Career Service may expect equitable procedures to be applied in the event it is necessary to consider him for separation from the Career Service, He has the right to appeal such a determination through appropriate channels and have his appeal finally heard by the Birectorn 5a Certain of the principal obligations assumed by CIF Career Employees includes aa. A Career Employee accepts the obligation to serve axhero and at any tame and for any kind of duty as determined by the needs of CIAO This policy will be applied with fill consideration to each inditl. that?s capabilities? interests, and personal circumstances,, b0 It is the obligation of each Career Employee to apply himself to his daily tasks with his full capabilities, By the very nature of the mission of the .Agency, Career Employees must assume a degree of anonymity which is not nom found elsewhere in Government. There will be additional security restrictions on personal lives of Career Employees which will vary in many individual cases according to circumstance, Approved For Release 2001/04/ :."P80-01826R000400020004-6 Security Inforartjon Approved For Releasi2001/04/05: CIA-RDP80-0182QR 00400020004-6 3 E C-R E-T SeoVx'i y Tnf'or ation 8 December 1953 PROPC D POLICY C K ROTATION Rotation of personnel within or between major components of the Ace ncy is governed by recommendations of Career Service Boards an the basis of career planning for individuals, A Career Service Board is responsible for reviewing and periodici31y revising the Career Development Plan for each Career Employee coming within its cognizance, The Plan forecasts the assignments for the individual over a period of ?ears, These nssignnents are calculated, (a) to place the individual in those }ass .tiunents most beneficial for the Agency; and (b) to improve progressively the professional ability of the individual so as ulti- ttely to increase his or her value to the Agency0 S