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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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December 1, 1953
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-F?fPA 26R000400 2 _ 06-4 1 December 1953 TO: Chairman, CIA. Career Service Board SUBJECT: Policy with Respect to Individual Specialization and Generalization 1. The existing divergence of viewpoint in respect to administra- tion designation Jeopardizes the whole conception and dictates the need for resolution and demonstration in use before proceeding further. Administration and training present the easiest and most logical appli- cation of designation, and demonstration in use may or may not provide criteria for other components. Therefore, the proposition here below is to lay a base upon which resolution of the easiest designation aligirients can rest as well as to thereby subsequently service the possible extension to "operatingtt components. 1.. The short and long term interests of the Agency (in varying degrees) are paramount and overriding in respect to individual preference. 2. Due consideration shall be given to individual preference when not incompatible with Agency interests. 3. The functions of the Agency as a whole is to operate in the fields of - - Intelligence (NE, CD, RR, CI, SI, 00) Plans (FI, PP, PM)* The rest of the Agency is supportive thereto i.e., the auxiliary or ttSpecial Staff" function. Administration (Personnel, Proc and Supply, General Services, Medical, Legal, Security) Training Communications TSS is an intra-DD/p operation support unit much as CM and Cover. Approved For Release 2000/09/12: CIA-~ 0,1826R00040(G0' ('6\ f I D E N T I L CONFIDENTIAL -Approved For Release 2000/09/12 a. These supporting functions are technical in nature - as much or more so in most cases as any operating. function. 25X1A 25X1A DISCUSSION. 1. The Agency is late in recognizing the factor of expertese or needed continually developed technical proficiency in many of these supporting or special staff functions. It's taken for granted in the doctor, the lawyer, and the communicator. 2. The Agency is late in recognizing that psychologically as well as in terms of real interest, the operator is characteristically and commonly, here and elsewhere, not proficient in these supporting fields. 3. The Agency stops short of fully implementing the conception of accomplishment as a product of two equal efforts, the operation per se in the first place and support per se. Failure to delinepte this leads, of course, to a lost opportunity to disabuse the operators mind of wide- spread concern as to ('administration for administration sake" a. While occupying equally important functions, support action is always "with but after" the operating responsibility; therefore, the inferred usefullness of the conception of operating staff and special or supporting staff to carry this connotation. A enc disseminations (examples: CIA... Notice and quoted below) distort the interest of the individual versus the responsibilities of the Director. a. CIA Notic "2.b. Changing Career Designations "Career Designations shall be subject to continuing review, and there shall be a uniform Agency-wide procedure for changing Career Designations of individuals whose train- ing, personal desire, or experience make such a change appro- priate. A request for change in Career Designation may be initiated by any career employee and shall be forwarded by his Career Service Board, with comment, through the Assistant Director (Personnel) to the appropriate Career Service Board for its consideration." b. It is suggested that this paragraph should read somewhat as follows: (New material underlined) (1) Career Designations shall be subject to continuing review for the purpose of providing progressive development of general Agency competence and the progressive development of the - 2 - I IDENTIL Approved For Release 2000/09/12: CIA-RD R0004000 7' CON FIDE NTI I Approved For Release 2000/09/12: CIA-R 6R000400020006-4 w individual to the end that trained and nutured competence strains toward the top. There shall be a uniform Agency- wide procedure for changing Career Designations of individuals in over-all Agency interest where the individuals trainigs, and experience serve a riorit or genera zed need and also where anexpression of personal desire is compatible under the above-stated broader premise. (2) A request for change in Career Designation may be initiated by any career employee and shall be forwarded by his Career Service Board with positive or negative endorse- ment through the Assistant Director ersonnel to the appro- priate Career Service Board for its consideration. The function of the Assistant Director (Personnel) in this case is to act in a ecct,ffor the g y- Career Service Board to guard over-all Agency interest as expressed heretofore. ii. Regulation 114. The CIA Career Service Board "The CIA Career Service Board supervises the Career Service Program and is responsible for providing advice to the Director on making the Agency a better place in which to work. t1 "5. Component Career Service Boards "a. General "..... These Career Service Boards are respon- sible for advice to their respective chiefs on making the components better places in which to work." (1) To "make the Agency (or its components) a better place to work" is the least of the responsibilities of these Boards. This sentence should not stand alone as it does and should be rewritten to show the Agency interest in the first place possibly as shown below: (See reasoning in the proposed rewrite in be above) (New material underlined) The CIA Career Service Board supervises the Career Service Program and is responsible for providing advice to the Director on the progressive development of Agency personnel for future needs for increasingly better per ormance and to make the Agency a better place in which to wor cr? Approved For Release 2000/09/12: CIA-RD 26R00040 3 ~` CONFIDENTIAL 826R000400020006-4 5. In respect to the operating function the Agency is, of course, the sum total of all such offices. Support is a common cuzcern to each. Responsibility for the development of competent support must rest with the basic technical service office; that is the only place it can come from and that is the only way wherein the Director ss demand for increas- ingly better performance can be effectuated. It necessarily follows that the people who perform support belong professionally to the home- plate technical service headquarters and when transferred to operations to perform in a particular support service are transferred to another administrative jurisdiction. The Designation remains the same and the individual carries it with him. It is suggested that to operate otherwise is an attempt to manage a hydra headed complex which cannot be grasped and further is closing our eyes to outside common experience, both military and industrial. RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Correct the misalignments in previous disseminations as suggested in the Discussion above. 2. Reclassify the work of the Agency to show two functions - operating and support as outlined in Premise 3. 3. Select, at this time, the functions of administration (six parts), training and communications., and professionalize the support function by recognizing that basic policy control of support rests with the techni- cal service concerned and is sent from home plate, so to speak, to the operating functionaries. Day-to-day administrative control rests with the operating office of assignment. The Designation is to remain that of the support service while the employee performs that service. Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : Cl Special Assistant, DD/P IDEI\j'TIAL