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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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November 25, 1953
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Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : ~J P80-01826R000400020007-3 CONFIDENTIAL' 25 November 1953 NZ4ORANDUM F(R: Chairman, CIA Career Service Board SUBJECT: Phasing and Timing of Actions Preliminary to Announcement by the DCI of the Effective Date of the CIA CAREER SERVICE L'ote: This paper is addressed primarily to the problem of setting up the new CIA CAREER SERVICE, not to the problem of implementing the present Career Service Program, nor to other problems of Personn Management, Development or Administration 1. The CIA Career Service Board has agreed, among other things, to recommend to the Director the following: a. That there be created, by executive action of the Director not by legislation - a CIA CAREER SERVICE, b. That the CAREER SERVICE be-administered internally by CIA, wholly within the framework of present authorities granted to the Director by statute and according to other applicable statutes, c. That the following concrete definition of the CAREER SERVICE be adopted. (see attached) d. That there be established the policy that "a Career Employee accepts the obligation to serve anywhere and at ,any time and for any kind.of duty as determined by the needs of CIA,a and that, in the carrit of this policy, full consideration be given to each indi- vidua's capabilities, interests and personal circumstances, e. That prior to the end of one year after EOD each appointed employee be thoroughly screened, centrally, to determine the desir- ability of his continued employment. f. That at the end of three years after EOD each staff employee not on probation be asked to state his intentions with respect to a career in CIA and be given an opportunity to apply for membership in the CAREER SERVICE. g. That each staff employee be fully informed of the basic policies and procedures inherent in the operation of the CAREER SERVICE, including rights and benefits, as well as obligations; selection-in, selection-out and appeal policies; promotion, rotation DQC WEV GATE 2 2 ;ems oY 029 725 DRUG COMP - not 32 43 Wirt ORIG CLASS -5' PAGES V CLASS JUST n x l el,~ a b9/12 -RDP80-Q ~fD, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release_2.000/09/12 : C 80-01826R000400020007-3 and assignment policies; evaluation and assessment policies; training and development policies; policies with respect to individual special- ization and generalization; and, structure and mechanics of the CAREER SERVICE system. h. That there be created a CIA Selection Board composed of very senior Career Employees supported by a Secretariat and a number of Examiners, also in senior grades, who will thoroughly review the record and personally interview each candidate for the CAREER SERVICE, is That staff employees who entered on duty three or more years prior to the effective date of the establishment of the CAREER SERVICE, and who are not at that time on probation, be automatically approved for membership in the CAREER SERVICE upon execution of the required documents referred to in paragraph if above and that staff employees who entered on duty less than three years prior to the effective date of the establishment of the CAREER SERVICE be required to follow the procedure referred to in paragraphs if and h above, 2. a. Of the above agreed recommendations, the following are approx- imately ready for transmission to the Director for his approval: paragraphs la, b, o, d, h, and i. b. Paragraph is is not ready and requires agreement on the form that the evaluation will take (i.e., the PER vs, the IEa). c, Paragraph if is not reacbr and requires: (1) Formulation of the terms of "application" or "question- naire" triggering the selection process. (2) Agreement on the form that the evaluation will take (i.e., the PER vs. the IER, as above). d. Paragraph lg is not ready at all. The work of the Information Task Force may serve as a base but, by and large, none of the policies listed in paragraph ig have as yet been thoroughly considered or finally approved by the CIA Career Service Board. 3. Should the Director approve paragraph la through i when presented to him,, the following become matters of priority. (In my opinion, present- ation of the details, not yet formulated, in paragraphs le, f and g, see paragraph 2 a ove, need not be made to the Director in order for him to consider giving preliminary approval of the basic plan. As a matter of fact, approval by the Director of these basic elements of the plan is essential now in order that the remaining aspects of the program may be intelligently worked out. or) Approved For Release 2000/09/12 :'Cf ,RDP8;0-0182 F 000MO 02`6611-3 I ! ~: - Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : C P80-01826R000400t020007S a. Agreement on the form and procedures to be followed in the evaluation process (paragraphs le and f), be Agreement on the form of the application (paragraph if). co Appointment of 13 senior officials, each with three years service, or more, to serve as the Selection Board members or alternates. d. Nomination of approximately 130 Examiners, each with three years service or more, and selection of one half that number by the Selection Board; indoctrination and briefing of the Examiners. e. Selection and activation of the full-time Secretariat to serve the Selection Board, f. Listing of all employees by component and grade and years of service to serve as initial call-up lists and as workload estimates. g. Working out the details of paragraph lg above (this is a very large problem). it. In addition to the steps outlined above, the following matters which are not concerned with establishing the CAREER SERVICE require attention: a. Report of the Board to the Director transmitting Legislative Program. b, Acceptance and disposal of the Junior Officer Task Force Report, C. Acceptance and disposal of the Woments Task Force Report, d. Consideration of the Insurance Task Force Report (will not be 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/12 AoR?P80-01826R000400020007-3 w