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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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April 20, 1953
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Relea 001/04/05: C 20 April 1953 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT : Career Service Board 1. At your morning meeting on 7 April, the question was raised by two of the Deputy Directors as to whether I should be named Chairman of the Career Service Board. On your instructions I have made a study of this matter, which has involved discussions with several senior officials of the agency; inquiry into certain aspects of Career Service with several working level employees; and a personal study of the "Career Service Handbook" which contains most of the written material that has been accumulated on this subject. The following findings are presented for your information. a. Nearly all of the senior officials connected with the Career Service program, with the possible exception of those under the DD/A, believe that the program has stagnated and is in danger of becoming a joke around the agency. b. There seems to be a tremendous accumulation of printed material on the subject of Career Service, but little indication of much action. c. There is considerable interest, enthusiasm and hope on the part of a very large number of agency employees in the development of a Career Service program. d. Quite a few people reocgnize that CIA employees have no permanent status--we are not protected by Civil Service regula- tions and have no service of our own. e. The general handling of personnel throughout the agency, particularly by units under the Personnel office, is extremely bad. On the basis of what I have discovered thus far, I would say that it is one of the more serious problems within CIA and something on which we should take immediate action. As an example, following are the steps generally required for a promotion: (1) The number of individual steps required in processing - 47 (2) The number of individual steps required in a division - 25 (3) The number of individual steps required in PDC - 20 ()) Pieces of paper required (including copies) - 29 (5) Number of different organizational components involved - 18 (6) Approval signatures required - 13 (7) Number of different forms used - 8 too KEY DATE 22 19811 .r 02?725 URIC COMP OPI TYPE GRIG CLAB~*ov sF IM-se,~ JUST g2A.- NEXT REV a1011 AUTHi HR 104 5 : 80-018 C(MiM iA "7 9" rMEftnAL 9K F TV U 1RtURMkbU o3' CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Releas 001/04/05 01826R G00400020009-1 2. f. It is my belief that nearly everyone in CIA would like to see the Career Service prograiw succeed, but my feeling is that unless something drastic is done about it very soon we. would be well advised to drop the entire matter and stop talking about it. 3. I understand that at the last meeting of the Career Service Board in March, there was discussion of the possibility of my taking over the chairmanship. It was pointed out at the time that the pro- gram as now drafted precluded this and consequently revisions are being made at the present time to be presented to the board at its meeting on 23 April which would permit the appointment of a chairman by the DC I. L. My recommendations are: a. 4fter the Career Service Board recommends a change on 23 April,. that you appoint me chairman for an indefinite term. b. That simultaneously you direct the Inspector General to make a thorough investigation of the handling of personnel throughout the agency. c. That subsequent to the above steps certain changes in the top level of the Personnel office be made. 25X1A '!Inspector General an B. Kirkpa tsrick b t I . - / 9.x`3 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001 /04/0if ~~~T~DP80-01 MRMft?`P?AL