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December 9, 2016
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March 30, 1998
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Approved ForReleast401/04/10 : CIN'r'40?80-01826R00050/140005-5 SeouriA7 Iw:orratlea CIA CAREER SERVICE MARI) TIE CIA CAR= SI127ICE 130.11.21D bo RESPONSIBE,ITIES JOID FRICTIONS (6) Approve the allocation of Career Development Poson3 io facilitt4te the training and development of career eypie,voes,a CAREER D1 NT 20SITIONS ao GENLMAL Individuals who would be absent froq noir regular assigto periods in excess of six, months for the purpose o2 formal training or abhor Agency planned development oxtUqty iy with the approvul 02 the CIA Career Service Board,- be assizaed to one of a limited number of Career Dovoloylont, ,A,Li0 '- which have been entablished .for this pu:Tose.,, bo REQUESTS FOR ALLOYNT OF (=Ea INELOMIT POSITIONS (1) Requests for allotment of Career Development positio17, 17.11 prepared in quadruplicate lyy the Component il'ad IPIO :110 planning responsibility for the individral concerned, srril requests All be addreslod to tho Chairman, CIA Orrne:,..erv Board and forwarded to the Executive Secretary* CIA Caroc:w Service Boardo They must include: Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500100005-5 SECRET Approved For Releas (a) 01/04/10 : CIA-Kw8Qun826R00050S40005-5 oecuri4 Iniormation aim PERSOUNEL A statennnt of the individualq.s career plan as approved by his Conponent Career Service BOardo (b) A description of the nature and probable duration of the specific development action propoeed9 (c) The specific assignment which ir planned for the individual upon comae-ion of the proposed development actions including zesurance that a suitable position will be avail- able at the, times, (d) A jentificaion of the neceseity of accomplishing the proposed dveolopment action through the use of a Career Development position rather than through some other admin istrative device, and (e) Signature lines on the last page of the request providing for the coneurrences of the Diraotor of Training and the Assistant DIrector (Personnel) and the approval or dis- approVal of the CIA Career Service Doardo (2) The Executive Seteetarys CIA Career Service Board will insure reqaeste are emelete and will 000rdinate than with the Director of Training and the Assistant Director (Personnel) before they are submitted for consideration by the CIA Career Service Board.? The CIA Career Seevice Board will oonaidor requests for aotet. of Career Developeent politions to accommodate -individuals grade GS-16 and o:oove only with the understanding that no new sEcagr Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500100005-5 Approved For ReleasS401/04/10 : CISAIM80-01826R000506d0005-5 Seourity Inforvation i'ERS Okra Super-grade position will be requested or encumbered to cover the iadividualos absence from his normal dutiese Requests for ealotment of Career Development positions which are approved by the CIA Career Service Board will be returned to the Office of Training for preparation and transnittal of an appropriate Standard Form 52, Request for Personnel Action,, This document will be accompanied by the original copy of the approved request for inclusion in the individuals Official Personnel Folder SECRET Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500100005-5