Staff Study -- Promotion of Career Employees

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December 9, 2016
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March 30, 1998
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October 7, 1953
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p 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Relea4A01/07/12 : CIA-ROP801826R00050660006-4 becumty Ixaormation October 1953 IVIORANDUI1 FOR: Acting Deputy Director (Adminietraeton) SUBJECT : Staff Stud, ?ramotion of Cnreer Epioyees ?ROL:UM To establish eniform Agency-wide review procedures and time-in-grade controls governing the promotioz of career emp/oyeeso 2. ASSIEPTION Divergent standards and practf,.cez for the promotion of career employees in various parts of the Agency are, inconsistert with the development of an Agency-wide career service,' 3. FACTSa ? a. Agency -Notice dated 19 Septembae 1951 provides that promotion requests, as well as certain otter requests for personnel action, are subject to review by the head of the component having responsibility. for an individualls career planning, as evidenced by his Career Designation,: It also states that ITheoe requeets should ordineelly be presented by the component, hen., or hie designee, to the component Career Service Board for its review and reemeneletiono" b. Divergent practices have developed in connection with the review of promotion recormendations ireeleious parts of the Agency (see Tab co Different tine-in-grade standards have been adopted to control the rate of advaaement of career employees in various parts of the Agency (sec Tab B). 4c DIscussimg ac: The divergent requirements noted in peeagraph 3b above developed in the absence of regulatory requireeente zaverning the review of promotion recoemendations by careei comoonents. The nubli- cation of Notice1111111114exeld bring about greater uni4fermity in this regard, b. The fact that most of the Agency *s eareer components have adopted some'sca2e of time-in-grade reqeirements indicates a general acceptence of the need for Ellea eentrelso The afferent scales which hare been adopted seem to bs the result of inde- : pendent approaches to the problem rather than a reflection of real differences fel essential time-inegeade requiramente. Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RONW1826R000500100006-4 Approved FortRelea 01/07/12 CIA- AritiO Sec 826R0005 InfornatiOn Althouch tine-in-grade requirements have been standardi7od within DD/Ps, this has not been accomplished within DIVI,t, within DD/As or among the five major corrpononts of the Lzency4. The est,%blishnent of an A.L;oncy-wido scale would standardize practices without sorious modification of t,,ho various scales currently in use. Once ./.,:;eney-wido tine-in-:rade requirements have boon estab- lished the ratc-- (1' adNanceriont of carper personnel could be nniforialz, by ro.!.s.1.1.1L: or lowerinc them to moot changes Lency recur: leilit5,0 In order to provide an oiTective control,, the tilT-Inr.rado scale should reflect trinimum requirments whic %load be waived only on strong Justin, NItion of individual ,rseso C01.1CLUrl,)ii: The estblishment o:,? Agency minixaura time-in-grade requirements would ~73-.ntributo to uniformitY of promotion practices throughou't the Agen3. and would .)orrat Agency-wide control of the rate of advancamont )1' career ein)loyeoso F1,X0.1!'71,17x,',f1T: It 3..s recatzynded that the attached proposed Regulation Le approv?,d0 . Attachments: 10 Tab 4 - Extent of Participation by Career Service Boards in ti o review of :Promotion RecoMmendations Ti. in-de Criteria Currently noing the Iloview of Promotion Recerriondations in Var..i.ots Components of the Aconcy Proposed Beoflittion 2ramotion (Timo-in,- rade) 18/ GEORGE z. ri3LOM Personnel Director Approved For Release 2001/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500100006-4