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December 9, 2016
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March 30, 1998
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October 7, 1953
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*it ' rs 10.4, it ro Approved For Relete02001/QAMMA101121041.WA4,110W100010-9 TE*177.7. ? ...arr.- ChairmaN, CIA Career Service Board Chairmon, CIA Honor Awards Board amooCT: Staff Study "CIA Honor Awards" 1. Problem: To create a series of internally controlled CIA honor awararto supplemeat the rational Security Medal and Medal of Freedom for presentation to employees of the Agency whose performance warranta 'special recognition. -2. k...smtiat: a. In ftrtberince of the U.S. intelligence effort some individUala perform acts of valor or exemplary achievement which cannot be approp- riately recognized under present CIA procedures. h. The owcaUnity for contributing outotaneing performance is present at all levels and in all areas. O Facts: 0 Military and civilian agencies recognize,,by personal decoration, acts of valor and exemplary achievement. 'b. The effectiveness of such decorations or awards depends to a large degree upon the standards under which they are awarded, as well as Upon the recognition, and appreciation accorded them. c. The Agency? in contrast to others, has inadequate provision for internally controlled honor awards for presentation to deserving emPlOYees. a. It is. envisaged that the National Security Medal ru remain the senior U.S. decoration for outstanding contribution in the field of U*S. intelligence. Two new CIA decorations would take precedence immedint -afterathe National Security Medal so that, including the . . tiocwrirr No eliA001 IN CLASS 0 0005001 Approved For Release 2.0/Ivisostariro... as 70j214 oillig:51EFT1 T3 3 20t1JraltiFd1W-iklaNIOToliAhlk fig aw an. BATE 19 lilac REVIEWER! 021125 proved For Flelea Oti I 14 1 oTiortzion 05ego000 0-9 14eaIof range of four decorations would be aWarded tc C The military equivalents of these decorations are roughly-as foUowe (I) (Distinguished Service Croes National. Security Medal (Navy Croats (Distinguished Service Medal (2) (Silver S (Legion or merit CIA Medal for Exceptional (Distinguished Flying Cross Serried, (Soldiers Medal (Navy and !Urine Cozve Medal (3) (Bronze Star, Meda/: ? CIA Nodal for (Air Medal torious Seririce - (Commendation Ribbon , ? '(4) Xedel of Freedom when awarded to sane as (3) above 43 The two CIA medals, each with appro'iate appurteenc8e would be awarded Wien the :following criteria are met: (l) CIA Medal for Exceptional SerVifse 1 (a) The recipient must have distinguish? elf aeroluntare act of Iheroism, or by a jseries of c related acts, involving the acceptance of existing ther leth -prsi:eeworthy for and 132C011'0181,' ten:1.sec, In general, he degree ot* heroism will equal. the Burnt:lax* employed;by the. Serviees when awarding Ahe Silver Sters, Distieguisheer Flying Cross, Soldiers medal or FaV and Marine Carps Medal; ors, (b) The recipient mast have att.Ld shed. by performan( a of outstanding services n 10 of a ditktinctively exceptional, nature in a duty of reseonsibilii yp the results c)f which c4at5?tute a, magenceJor on cteAttion' to the leissions of the yfjitelli kgencY. Approved "ror Release 2001/04/10 : C MOO .11.M. 1 I ? 0-9 ? (2) The CIA Medal for Meritorious Sok (a) The recipient 'must have distingUished himself , by-the acceptance of existing dangera wfth praiseworthy ?fortitude and exemplary eournee. In general, the criteria employed by the Services when awarding the Bronze Stnr Medal and Commendation Ribbon for'hevolt action will be -tollbWed- or ' s, (b) The recipient must hive dietineuished himself - by performance of meritorious,serviees?-or achievement, in addition to the duties normalle expected or him, re- wiring initiative and extra effort which hive contributed to the aO0oMplishment of the missions of the Central intelli- gence Agency. Conolusioaex a. The present Honor - Weida Program would be enriched by the establishment of the decorations referred to in pprag.raph it above. b. Such awards should be made under circumstances approprilte to the statttre of -the award and to be wide a 2retter of suitable notices,. dations ra, That, utilizing the authority of Public Law 600, the decoraVoes Proposed in paragraph 4 above be authorized be- the Director of Central Intelligence. - b. That the Honor Awards 'Board be responsible for the establish-, ment of standards end the review of recommendations for elch of the decorations. Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : Cl 6R000500100010-9 CONFIDENTIAL: