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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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December 8, 1953
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Approved For Relb, a 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-01 OSOR00050017001 1 -1 sar,~~~~~~2 Secui^ir xnfo`rmation December 1953 1, A single Agency ide policy will govern all promotions. This policy grid the major aspects of its implementation is as follows : ronotions are based solely on mo rit, - on demonstrated ability to per- form a higher job over a reasonable period of time. AU prom:'3tioru are o.oiltpetitive0 Promotion boards for the five major components will .et *ice amual,.]yo At these times t lose persons eligible and nominated 'ary their supervisors would be con,3idered by the Hoards on a comparative basis for the promotions available? PromotioI:s would not be considered between Board meetings except by direction of the Director, Final promotion authority will reside with the Director for promotions to grade 16 through 18, with the three Deputy Directors, the Assistant Director for Communications and the Director of Training for promotions to grade , and with the Assistant Directors and Senior Staff Chiefs for promotions to grades 2 through 1I 20 Cuotas for promotions will be allotted annually to the approp- riate approving authorities by the Personnel Director as approved by the Director Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500170011-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/12 :,: C a- PP80-01826R000500170011-1 953 PROPMED POLICY ON RIGHTS, BINEFI750 A"ID OBLIGATIC S 1, The rights and benefits accruing to members of the CIA Career Service include t a,, The opportunity to establish a career in a field of vital importance to the National Security. This affords to each Career Employes the personal satisfaction of contributing to that efforto bo The opportunity to associate with a highly selected group of persons who are making intelligence their 1ife4e worko co The opportunity$, when determined necessary in the needs of the services, to perform duties in foreign land s* 2 o Specific benefits *coming to members of the CIA Career Service are as follows t ao Caly Career Employees normally will be afforded the opportunity of assignment or detail for training to other government or private institutions with tuition and related expenses provided by CIAQ b, Leave In accordance with normal Government practtcetrQ In addition, employees abroad may be brought home to their places of residence for leave at Government expense at the completion of their current tour of duty, (CIA plans to request the Congress for the right for its employees to accrue specifically home leave while abroad,) a, Retirement in accordance with normal Government practices. (CIA Pima to request the Congress for a modification of existing legislation to permit more liberal retirement st-ndards and scheduieso ) S-E-C>R-E=T Security Information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 CIA-RDP80-01826R000500170011-1 Approved For Rel4 se 2000/09/1 2~,,CtA4 P80-0186 R000500170011-1 Security Information dp Death and disability benefits in accordance with normal Government practices. In additions for those people stationed abroad8 medical care and hospitalization is provided on a more liberal basis than in other civilian Government agencies genera13 0 This more liberal policy is similar to that of the State Department* ea Eligibility to secure hospitalization under either of two plans, Group Hospitalization, Inco, or Mutual Benefit of Qnahao fe Eligibility to secure term insurance through War Agencies Employees' Protective Association* gQ While serving abroad, a member of the Career Service is entitled to receive appropriate post differential, cost of living allowance, and quarters allowance in accordance with normal Government practiceso 39' A member of the Career Service can expect a career in the Agency including equitable consideration for advancement in responsibility and grade in accordance with his demonstrated capabilities. A Career Maployee is afforded the opportunity of participating, in the formulation of his Career Development Plan which aims at making him more useful to the Agency and at the same time offers him the opportunity of advancing in responsibility and grades Career Employees are afforded preferential consideration over other categories of employees in connection with assignments to key jobs, rotation, training,* and, of course, in the vital matter of reduction-in-force procedures,, should the latter ever become necessary* b 2.. Approved For Release 2000/09 r5R4MP80-01826R000500170011-1 Security Informatics Approved For Re%ose 2000/09/12..: CIA-RDP80-01 6R000500170011-1 Sc3cu ri.ty ,~nforY~x ti.o # 4. A membor of the Career Service may expect equitable procedures to be applied in the event it is neoeasary to consider him for separation from the Career Services He has the right to appeal such a determination through appropriate channels and have his appeal finally heard by the Directors 5, Certain of the principal obligations assumed by CIA Career Employees includes ao A Career Employee accepts the obligation to serge anywhere and at any time and for any kind of duty as determined by the needs of C1Ao This policy will be applied with full consideration to each indivim tai's capabilities, interests, and personal circumatanceso b,, It is the obligation of each Career Employee to apply h3.sseeif to his daily tasks with his full aapabilitieso co By the very nature of the mission of the Agency., Career Employees must assume a degree of anonymity which is not normally found elsewhere in Government* There will be additional security restrictions an personal lives of Career Employees which will vary in many individual cases according to circumstance, Approved For Release 2000/09/1 2QJ DP80-01826R000500170011-1 Security Information