Training Report for the CIA Career Service Board

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December 9, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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December 23, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/04/05: 460-01826R000500180015-6 CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A9a MMMUMM ?M1 the CIA Career er^e the *Mee of Training VMtM7 "part ina der&tian, He have rimed it bath that it vmid be that it eed be MM s If the 's cold be ooro- 2, IS dUr t .s or- YOU Indic t that y or at leaft It , form, It has boon the Vwre is some eat s' Chaiq a in the formt u cesnit ted by ch a in the organization or ' meti a of the Age ne y. Accordirg1y? such pe onnel sta vatic . tables are e1 as typed o a a ecial typewriter and the master Is phatestated. This provides such cleaner, >oro legible copy and auto permito as awq copies as we s eesa r to be rea4tiy The facilities made, of m` of * where vuch rst*tistical personnel teas are prepared , of course, wndlable you if desire to use this neViod of production,* tar nttvre that a printed form IV no tins 3:rw ax: Ai o st Brueh of Staff ae .eh prepares ath statistical T d it be possible for the first quarterly ree girt to be available Janes to eaver the souths October, November and 1. r? If ,, it td be plae d of the aVmda of an appropriate tir.. of the Board in Board coald consider its i netr zctiot a to his somevang it is believe 4 by M- FM TM CIA R VI B3 25X1A9a Distributions Orig do 1 - Addressee 25X1A9a Exec* Sea /CIA Career Service J6ROdk IAL Ap0