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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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December 10, 1953
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25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Appr9vedForRe[ease2001/04/05:CIA-RDP80-01826R000500190002-9 re4344+RE++.T.t7kt..... paNu7k OF T3E CIA CAREER SERVICE BOARD 17th Meeting Thursday, 10 December 1953, at 400 PoR. DCI Conference Reom, Administration Building Present: Messrs, Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Inspector General, Chairman Matthew Baird, Director of Training, Member Acting Personnel Director, the AD/Personnel, Member lef of Operations, Alternate for /III Alternete for the Deputy ber oecial Assistant to AD/CC, Alternate for AD CO, Member luntincton S'eeldon, AD/CI, rlembef Lawrence K. White Acting DD/A, Member Special Assistant, DD/I, Alternate for DWI, Member Office of the Ineoector General George G. Carey, AE/00 Otto E. Guthe, AP/UR ecutive Fecretary 25X1A9a Secretariat Gariat Reporter 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 1. Minutes of the 15th meeting of the CIA. Career Service Board held 19 November 1953, were approved without change, 2. Minutes of the 16th meeting of the CIA Career Service Board, held 23 November 1953? were approved without cane. 25X1A Mr.1 Special AssistantAIII who will be the alternate 25X1A Lor Mr. during the latterls absence, was introduced to ehe Board. L The third item on the agenda, "Responsibility for the Assignment and Career Development of General Administrative Personnel," dated 1 December 1953, was discussed by representing the DD/P, and Col, White, Acting DD/A0 who explained how the system of assignment of Career Designations, Approved For Release 2001/44:Aw1wagpoo5oo190002-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500190002-9 ?ise S-E MINUTES OF THE SA_CAREER SERVICE BOARD leth Meeting, Mondey, 21 December 1953, at 1030 A.M, Room 120, AdMinistration Building Preeent: Meners 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ? Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Inspector General, Chairman Robert Ampery? Jr., DD/I, Member Matthew Baird, Director of Training, Member .1,11Er Chief of Operations, Alternate for 1/ Lawrence R, Houston, Acting DD/A? Member SA/PP, Alternate for the Deputy Chief, Medbor George E, Meloon, Personnel Director, Alternate for the AD/Personnel, Member Huntington Sheldon, AD/CI, MeMber 9111.1111111r 10 Otto E. Guth, AD/RR CAR 0/TR Exeautive Secretary 1. It was announced that the minutes of the 17th meeting would be ready for approval by the Board at the next meeting. 2. Prior to connideration of eelection of candidates for the Advanced Management Program, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard verity, Which WRS the principle item on the agenda, the Chairman re- ouested Mr. Houston, who had ,been the nominee of CIA at a previous session of tho Program at Harvard, to describe its purpose and the benefits that eight accrue to CIA as a result of attendance by fUture candidates. In brief, Mr. Houaton pointed out that this course was designed for executives and potential executivec, It was not a bueinees course. It was not de- sigaed to increase the specific skills of those Who attended in the fields of personnel, finance, supply or other ffadministrative" dieciplines, The course was designed primarily for those persons who had achieved success and prominence in their organizations through practical experience and mbo would benefit by having the opportunity to discuss the more intangible aspect? of management and executive action. For example, the Heads of the Offices in the DD/P and npii areas might benefit more than those in the DP/A ? area uho could be presumed to have had training in administrative technignee. Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500190002-9 11.1111111111011111. Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP80-01826R000500190002-9 Simor'?CJONHBENTIAL ua-A," for administrative personnel had been aceomelished within the 25X1A9a WI? area, Mr0 explained that the syntem had worked especially well from the viewoo:Int of the DD/P and that everyone there was well satisfied with the mode of operation. Col, Melte reiterated the ad- ventages of administrative personnel having a common working background and training and expressed his belief that the proposed system would improve the existing eituation. Mr, pointed out that the DD/P 25X1A9a used maly enecialized personnel overseas in the communications, personnel, medical, finance and logistics fields, but that when these persons re- learned to Headquartery it was imnossible to absorb them into the OD/P depertmantal staff, Such personnel had to return to the office having primary reeponsibility for these specialized missions. There was general discuesion an to wso would fall into the cateory of "administrative per- eonnei," and Col. white pointed out that there had been no problem in Identifying the people to the satisfectioa of all concerned. There was also discussiva as to what choice the individual concerned had in the assignmeat of career designations. Col, White stated that a person who evidenced a desire for a career designation lehich did not correopond "ee the tyoe of achinistrative work that he was doing was, in fact, stating leeg-range paeference for something other than adninistratiae work. Nr,IIIIIIIII[cting Personeel Director, showed how the system oneretee, un g as an examnle a recent vaceecy in a personnel-type position leca:;ed The Pereonnel Office had surolied DB/P at his request etth four quelie.od persons with the Career Des4netion, "CD-P," ter the oosition and in/T1 made the final choice, At the same time the Personnel ?Mee was arranging and had accomplished placement of the returning aviloyoe who aiso carried the Career Dehignation, 25X1A9a 25X1A6a The Board further discussed the memoranda from Col. White and heard the views of Mr, Carey and Mk. Guthe who hed accompanied Mr. Sheldon, Several changes in wording were agreed upon. The discussion was terminated with the Chairmen suegesting that he and Mr. Amory discuss the matter, After a copy of the transcript of the meeting had been made available to Mr, Amory, who was not present. 5. The Board reviewed a check-list of the current status of the Career Service Program and objectives which have yet to be reached, This was discussed briefly by the Chairman who seggested that the proposed policy statements be held for consideration at a. later meetjng 6. The Board decided to suspend meetings until after the first of the year with a steering group meeting in the interim if necessary. 7. The meeting adjourned at 5:05 P.M. -2- Fxecutive secretary 25X1A9a Approved For Releas eitill04404011Ca14616E444144:0500190002-9