Present Status of Insurance Task Force Activity

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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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Approved For Release 26R000500190015-5 MEMORANDUM: Present Status of Insurance Task Force Activity 1. The Task Force is engaged in preparations for approach to the cleared consultants of the These preparations include sur- 25X1A5a1 vey and analysis of all coverages available to Staff Employees in the death, disability, health and retirement areas. Further, statistics have been gathered in the death area and are now being compiled in the hospitalization- health area. The need for these statistics has been coordinated with the 25X1A and for our use they are being correlated with the experience of other Government agencies and of the total U. S. population. 2. As soon as these studies are completed, the consultants will be called in, indoctrinated with the cooperation of MrM of the Security Office, and presented with the results of these studies for determination of methods for resolution of our problems. 3. It is contemplated, further, that the consultants will be used on an intermittent basis, such an arrangement allowing us opportunity to reflect upon conclusions as reached and to guide further endeavors of the consultants. lt. The survey and analysis material referred to above should be com- pleted and available for review within a short time. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 200d/1 R . 0J26R000500190015-5