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December 9, 2016
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September 16, 2000
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October 8, 1956
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UU/P UGC MAC KtVIEVVtU. OF110U1k`1n~ G Approved For g#'lease 2001/ RUAQP80-01$1000170019-7 Report s Report Policy nrnel Policy 1, Reference is made to the subject revision and. chen;es which were siib i.tted to this office for coorda nation on l October l9 6. . of the new policy regarding "mediocre performance" included 2. According to your transmittal me:1orandum, these changes are nec- aRt Chiei Regulations Control inf the- proposed revision of "General Separation Actions #" id note, however, be constr' d as indicating either concurrence or sncs on our part at this tam, 25X1A Revision We question whether the addition to paragraph 2 is necessarYs ould seem to us that the present statement "The Director may appoint an Employment Review Board to advise him concern- ing any particular case.t' is broad enough to cover any case which may eriee We not agree wl th use of the word "mediocre" to describe 25X1A` 25X1A 1 what we believe is intended to moan substandard or inadequate performance, We understand that the IG has also questioned use of the word ""mediocre"" nd that other ter!ninology is being consideredt 25X1A in this connection your attention is c l.e to our maemoranchum of 31. October 1956 in which we indicated that we were suspending submission of our con- currence or cor e?nts regerrdiha ; the tril we were notified 25X1A either that as revised the regulations were sa a8 actory. to the D or we were provided with appropriately modified redrafts, We are similarly s eridi ct n t i i s , therefore, since e d n" "'"15elie rod be appropriate to submit our concurrence or commrnents 'before we have been notified of the action to be takers in, connection with the pite the above, there are listed below for your consideration of our observations with regard to the subject changes. These -bse ra Approved For Release 2001/0+e/06' OOC REV DATE'11'-91 BY Ira