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November 9, 2016
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September 22, 1998
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August 21, 1970
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Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :CIA-RDP80B01439R000500120005-1 TAB Approved For Release 1 99/09/08 :CIA-RDP80B01439~000500120005-1 t. \ .1 ~ Af ~ .~ .Approved For Relr~ase 1999/09/08 :CIA-RDP80B01~c39R000500y 20~Q5~'f''~/~ ~ ~~ ~ 21 August 1970 biE~410F~.ANDUbZ FOR:Executive Director-Comptroller THROUGH i Director for Intelligence G'~~~ F~ei~~~~1 SUBJECT : _ Linguist Retirements 1. This. is a report on prospective linguist losses through maFr~by1 retirement over the next three" ~o five years and - plans for coping with the situation. Such report was requested in the Executive Director-Comptroller's 9 July 1970 mema~i~~~~, roving a further extension of Czech/ z ~ k linguist reserve appointment, which ~FOIAb3b1 ~gra~~t~~~~lacknowleciges . radios, exploiting foreign rev~spapers a.nd journals, trans- lating classified materials, and performing TDY and PCS assignments for other CIA components. 2. _ stands by reason of mandatory retirement to lose 36 staff linguists through FY 1975: six in FY ?1, eight in FY 72, six in FY 73, and eight in each year FY 7~ and 75 (TAB A--Basic Fact Sheet).. This 156 in professional gx?ades up to from a 1 July 1970 total GS-13 monitoring foreign of 3. Another 25 staff ~Iinguists are now eligible for optional retirement or will become eligible during the next five years. Eleven of. those scheduled for mandatory retire- ment are eligible to opt out earlier (TAB B). Optional retirements have so far been negligible among staff, linguists but we m~t~A~~s~~me some losses by this route. 4. _ lost 61 staff linguists during the past three years, 3S for reasons ot.ier than retirement or separation (TAB C). There were 14 inter-office transfers, 21 resignations, and three deaths. SYe already know of two transfers and two resignations in FY 1971. Our greatest losses involve the young professionals who having seen what a career as a staff ' linguist holds for them choose to go on to other things. Eighty percent of those transferred or resigned were belotiv ;jour.neyman grade of GS-11. Such losses will undoubtedly continue. ~ . Approved For Relea~'e~ 1999/09/08 :CIA-RDP80B0143flR000500120.005-1 5. Fotential losses through optional retirement, transfers, and resignations compound the replacement problem created by the 36 mandatory retirements scheduled over the next five years. 1~Iany of these 36 are among tl{e0'~;killed, experienced, and .productive staff linguists in - They represent a heavy loss in native, scarce, technical, and multi-language skills (TAB A). The postwar emigre who has provided the Agency with much of its native-level language skill is a vanishing breed. Applicants with any of those skills are rare. Training involves dedication, time, and money. To pay off the individual must stay with us in a linguist job. Yet the road to promotion takes the linguist away from his specialty. 6. Plans to cope with this situation include aggressive recruitment, specialized training, use of cleared contractors, and, as a last resort, deferment of mandatory retirement. These plans are alx?eady underway, 7. Recruitment - The Office of Personnel. is seeking highly-qua i~ied applicants in the language skills we presently lack or stand to lose through mand~itory retirement over the next is months: Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, .Bulgarian, Serbo-C~?~,f~-,k~~ei1, Albanian, Vietnamese, and Persian, Ne are screening - indepEndent contractors for other possibilities, Those uncovered who survive the clearance procedures will be brought on duty as .requirements at the time indicate and staff ce']]~~ ~- and headroom permit. F~IA~~s1 8, Training. - _ drew up a Five-Year Language Training Plan?in December 1969 covering both antici ated losses and important language gaps. Those effo~l~1irinb outside support were included in thi~5~s - Five-Year Plan. pl'(7vicinn ,vow. .., ., .7 ,. .c..~ --_ _ State and Defense Department fa~ Zes.1~T