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February 19, 1975
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Approved For Re`I,pase 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP80B01495FQ01100080047-4 L STUDIES ASSOCIATION ,INTERNATIONA 16th Annual Convention February 19-22, 1975 Washington, D.C. Wednesday,' February 19 1:00 P.M. Debate on "Dependencia" Theory, 1 (16) National Security Politics in Asia (17) I Formal Models in the Study of International Interactions (18) Environmental Happenings, 1974-1975 (19) The International Impact of Non-State Nations (20) Translating Research into Teaching: International Political Economy (21) The Uses and Limits of Stochastic Models in Comparative and international Politics (22) Role of States and Regional Organizations as Agents of the 8:30 a.m. Political Partitioning, Migration and Refugees: A Multidisci. plinary Exploration (1) Needs Assessment and Evaluation Research in International Studies' Education (2) Human Rights and the Rights of Groups (3) - Responses to the Oil Crisis (4) 'World Social Indicators: Actual and Potential (5) tern (7) Foreign Poli cy influence Techniques of Non-Governmental Actors: Influencing National Governments (8) 10:30 a.m. Non-Governmental Organizations and the International Sys- International Law and the Regulation of Armed Conflict (6) Cultural Diffusion Through Military Instruments in Latin America (9) Growth, Distribution, and the Global Environment (10) Recent Applications of Stochastic Models in Comparative and, International Politics (11) The Public and Foreign Policy: A Problem of Two-Way Com- munication (12) -- Problems in World Economy (13) Migration: Theoretical Considerations and Case Studies from Western Europe, Subsaharan Africa and European Russia (14) The Powers in Asia: Problems of Perception (15) Role of States and Regional Organizations as Agents of tha U.N. System, continued (23) ~. Debate on "Dependencia" Theory, II (24) Armies in Viciory and Defeat (25) Organizing for Environmental Action: Private, Professional, and Governmental Approaches (26) Translating Research into Teaching: International Organiza- tions (27) Ethics, Religious Futurism and the Evolution of World Com- munity (28) Latin American Foreign Policy and Behavior (29) Politics of Small Nations and Policies of the U.S., U.S.S.R., and China (30) Foreign Policy and Interest Groups in Developing Countries (31) The European Community: Policy Formation and Policy Impact (32) Great Power Rivalry in the Indian Ocean (33) Evaluating Alternative Methodologies for the Study of Inter- national Politics (34) Translating Research into Teaching: Regulating the Uses of the Sea (35) Approved For Release 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP80IB01495RO01100080047-4 Approved For Release 2005/08/24: 4ftRO01 - The Theoretical and Ideological Foundations of Minority Group; Research (36) ,o - Tourism and International Relations (37) - Congress and the Formulation of Foreign Policy (38) - The Foreign Policies of Private Foundations (39) Events Data Analysis and Political Crises (40) The Value of International Studies Training in Non Academic Employment (41) Strategics and Tactics for Peace Education (54) .t Special Agency Perspective on Problems in the U.N. ccnetwl Assembly (55) - U.S. War Colleges (57) Policy. Uses of the. Findings from Quantitative Internationa Politics (58) Special Agency Perspective on Problems in the U.N. Genejal Assembly, continued (55) - Poster Session Evolution of Cohort Groups in the United Nations (56) s o Thursday, February 20 8:30 - Poster Session --,The Ethics of Deterrence (42) - Validity Problems and Events Data: Cross-National Perspec- tives (43) The Impact of Systemic Factors on National Political Integra.. tion (44) Organizing the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Af- fairs: The Work in Progress of the Murphy Commission (45) Research on International Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges: On-Going and Needed (46) - International Consequences of Changes in ? Weather and Cli- mate (47) The Impact of War on America (48) - International Studies Outside the Academy: The "Mentors" of Public Information onInternational Affairs (49) - Poster Session - Patterns of Influence in International Rela- tions Research: An Update and Review (50) - Poster Session - The Non-State Actor Project: An Interim Report (51) 10:00 a.m. - Poster Session - Symbolic Importance of Elections (52) 8:30 a.m. - Costs and Benefits of Scholarly Assistance to the Govern- ment (53) Poster Session -- A Factor Analytic: Solution to the Issue- Areas Problem (59) - The Next Phase in Detente. (60) Comparative Foreign Policy: Frameworks and Analysis i61 11:30 a.m, - Poster Session - Public Policy and Community Integration (62) 10:3G a.m. Leadership and Decision-Making Under Conditions of Conflict of Interest and Multiple Loyalties (63) - The Politics of International Terrorism (64) -a Translating Research Into Teaching: The. Ideas of Karl V. -Deutsch (65) The Analysis of Revolution in Post-Industrial Societies (66) 12:00 noon Poster Session - Prospectus for . Unified Map System (67) 1:00 P.M. Events Data Analysis: Recent Developments (68) -- Research Implications of the World Society Paradigm (69) - The Gorshkov Papers and After (70) - Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods and Materials (71) -- Oil and International Politics (72) Approved For Release 2005/08/44: CIA-RDP80B01495RO01100080047-4 Approved For Rele,e 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP80B01495R00J00080047-4 Current Research Issues on the United Nations System (73) The Cross-National Study of Political Women in Western Cul- tures (74) - Translating Research into Teaching: Data Analysis Techniques in International Studies (75) 2:30 p.m. - Recent Thinking on War and Peace (76) - Behavioral Research on. the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes (77) - Foreign Policy Analysis: Africa (78) - Caribbean Problems: A Candid Confrontation (79) - Recent Student M6vements in South and Southeast Asia: Their Relevance to the West (80) - The Bicentennial: International Dimensions-A Discussion of Envisaged Government Problems (81) - Foreign Policy Influence Techniques of Non-Governmental Actors: Influencing International Organizations (82) Television Content and World Views (83) International Law Education (84) Friday, February 21 8:30 a.m. - U.S.-G.D.R- Relations: The Past and Future Prospects (85) - The Strategy of Comparative Inquiry (86) - International Social Science Flows: Cultural Emancipation or Cultural Imperialism? (87) - Concepts and Terminology Used in the Comparative Interdis- ciplinary Studies Section (88) - The Great Inflation (89) - Recent Research on War and Peace (90) - Regional Approaches to International Law (91) - Problems and Prospects for Scholarly Publications in the Area of International Studies (92) - The Applicability of Public Policy Concepts to International Studies (93) f4pprQved For Jelea ag 2005/08/24: Cl The Foreign Poise o American ustness y4 10:30 a.m. - The Commodities Crisis (95) - U.S.-African Relations: Aid and Trade Dialogue Between th U.S. and Africa South of the Sahara (96) - Gauging the Stick and the Carrot: The Size of Internation Grant Flows and Their Leverage (97) - Current Perceptions of American Diplomacy (98) - Where Will the Next War Be? (99) - The Impact of Foreign Policy on Domestic Politics in Fran (100) - International Law and the Social Sciences (101) - The Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the S (102) L.O.N.U., Le Systeme Economique international et In Pc tique Internationale (103) 1:00 p.m.. L.O.N.U., Le Systeme Economique International et ]a Pc tique Internationale, continued (103) Comparative Analyses of United States Foreign Policy: Tra tionalist, Realist, and Revisionist Perspectives on the Cc War (104) International. Political Transformations and Economic Cri (105) Quantitative Studies of War (106) Translating Research into Teaching: Micro-Level and Mac Level Perspectives on Conflict (107) - Multinational Corporations and International Law (108) Teaching Modules and Communist Politics (109) - Environmental Deterioration as a Conduit of Implicit Grs and Tributes (110) - Strategic Intelligence and Foreign Policy Making (111) 2:30 p.m. - Strategic Consequences of the Global Economic. Crisis (1 - Values in Decision Making (113) - Detente and European Security (114) - Translating Research into Teaching: Correlates of War (: Approved For Release 20 Transnational Developments in. Western Europe (1161 Psychological Contributions to international Studies (11l) v. An Exchange of Ideas Among Undergraduate International Dimensions Project Representatives (119) The Applicability of Events Data for the Study of Interna- tional Organization (520) 4:00 p.m. The Applicability of Events. Data for the Study of Interna- tional Organization, continued (120) . The New Malthusianism (121) Comparative Analyses of Regional Integration (122) 1 Soviet Penetration of; the Chinese Economy (123) The Inter-Relationship Between Language Teaching and Undergraduate International Affairs Education (124) New Perspectives on the Theory of Imperialism (125) Risk-Taking and Decision-Making: Perspectives from Different Disciplines (126) Translating Research into Teaching: Perspectives on the Glo- bal Society (127) Saturday, February 22 8:30 a.m. Patterns, Purposes and Effects of Conventional Arms Trans- fers to Less Developed States (128) American Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice of Henry Kissinger (129) International Organization (130) Imperialism in Practice (131) Current Ph.D. Programs in International Studies (132) International Relations Theory and Events Analysis: Past Ventures and Future Prospects (133) U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Greece: From Truman Doctrine to Nixon Doctrine (134) Empirical Studies of Alignment Processes (135) Innovation in the U.N. System (136) 08/24: CIA-RDP80Bv1495R001100080047-4- 10:00 aan. ( 1} . Innovation in the U.N. System, continued (136) Civilian Education for Military Officers (137) The Use of the News Media in the Classroom (138) The, Political Economy of Foreign Investment (139) Translating Research into Teaching: The Use? of Events Data in Teaching About Conflict (140) Conceptual Issues and Substantive Research in Interaction Analysis (142) Ethnocentrism, Eurocentrism and Racism: Prospective& and Imperatives for Modification of the International Order (143) How Social Scientists Perceive. Their Academic and Givic Roles with Special Attention to } xperts Dealing with Foreign Affairs (144) . Theoretical Analysis of Alignment Processes (145) Developing Countries in Transition: Views, Attitudes and Pro? grams (146) Non-Elites in the International Community (147) Approved For Release 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP80B01495RO01100080047-4