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December 16, 2016
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April 4, 2005
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March 19, 1980
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Approved Fo lease 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80130155003200046016-0 DCI 19 Mar 80 AMHERST CLUB - 19 MARCH NEWSPAPER EDITORS - 10 APRIL Working lunch today - Bill Webster Classmates - next-door frats How 2 clean-living Amherstmen end up 30 + years later - #1 - G-Man #1 - Spy Certainly neither anticipated Doubt Amherst much expectation it was preparing many its grads end up these fields But grateful Amherst did not.focus on prep for profession - rounded, adaptable liberal education Grateful for it - not so much for what taught - for all areas knowledge taught me I didn't know about - and made me want to know about Perhaps Amherst helped us in being ready to. shift gears and careers - We both enjoyed our lst careers Both having exciting time in 2nd Intell - exciting profession today Rate change demand flexibility, open-mindedness, innovativeness I Much involved tech change in techniques collecting info Satellites Computers Lasers . Signal processing etc. Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0 Approved Forlease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80B0155(#03200040016-0 2 II Also change in other 1/2 intell - analyzing what collected New techniques - manipulating data - quantitative analysis of pol, social events New subject areas Used to be mil - and pol Today vast expansion Terror Narcotics Food - grain Indust production Health Econ forecasting Oil - energy . Not just Sov Union and E. Eur. Zimbabwe Kampuchea Afghan Yemen El Salvador But surrounding pace change in collection and analysis - vast change environment in which work - domestic environment primarily Like to address that - touches each you - discussion in country - Unleashed? - Congress controls - Risks const. freedoms Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80B01554R003200040016-0 Approved Fosp lease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80BO15*03200040016-0 3 Past -- intell activities our country isolated, secret Since 1975 - front-page news, subject to oversight by Congress, W.H. IOB and others Result of this coming out from isolation, there are 4 different dimensions impact internal operations/org. impact relations rest Exec. Branch with Congress with press and public 1. Influence new environment had on internal operations Past - CIA had # subdivisions of effort - meticulous compartmentation of. data Was a plus for secrecy - (essential of profession) question - how much? Subcompartmentation and isolation from each other had some minuses - ? all relevant facts - ? checks and balances - differing judgments Mistakes - not malicious - callousness over-responsiveness combined with twoo narrow a perspective bec of this separation of effort Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0 Approved Foq* lease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80BO151003200040016-0 4A Big plus to be tied into policy deliberations Can be more effective in providing objective, non-policy data But while we must be aware of policy to focus our efforts, must ensure that knowledge does not influence our conclusions in any way -- sometimes'accused being politicized - giving answer desired - hope not true Also hazards in proliferation of info to gain Exec Branch review. - a. Means more #'s - b. Means dealing with policy-making agencies Motive to leak exists - Worse today than ever Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0 Approved Fo0lease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80B015* 03200040016-0 - Can lead to intellectual arrogance; i.e., you don't know all the facts .... we know what's best. Again, not malicious, just human nature. .Today - moving toward more corporate type of structure - Corporate structure in best sense becoming more consultative/collegial/better organized for long run--trying not.become more bureaucratic/less flexible; takes careful balancing. - Major decision vetted much more before key officers Especially OGC, OLC - even PA But also broader judgmental base All this at some risk to secrecy. To minimize risk, work on principle - minimizing numbers e.g., decide on spy of op w/o knowing ID agent Trying to find happy medium between dangers of isolated decision making and proliferation of info about sensitive activities Important new dimension 2. Executive Branch influences on intel environment Less independent today - less family business than one part conglomerate NSC is Board Directors Provides degree direction on both what collect/analyze and what do in covert action that is greater than ever before. Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80B01554R003200040016-0 Approved Fo0lease 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80B015D03200040016-0 - Inhibitions on self (characteristic pre '60s) are gone in post-Watergate "no holds barred" environment. - When big $ and turf involved, some people see own interests threatened by what might be best for country. Act instinctively. 3. New environment's imact on Legislative Branch relations Past - virtually nothing Small group in know. - Attitude: don't want to know any more than necessary. Kept out of process. Today - virtually all Plus - in touch w/USA - share responsibility - differing insights - not part of same policy fights Minus - #'s + new dimension to leaks - leak motivations - political - not same as Exec. Branch. Process worked well - 3 years - Want continue Controversy today - Why? - Attempt codify current practice Lawyers responsible! Some see as opportunity to push current practice closer to ideal as they perceive it - and perceptions differ Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0 Approved 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80BO15 003200040016-0 6 2 issues: 1. How soon do we notify? 2. How much detail? How soon - interesting constitutional point What founding fathers intend by separation of powers -? Leading newspaper editorial - If Congress not notified before Pres. acted, we'd be depriving him and nation of "Congressional consultation." Consultation nice voluntary ring to it But if law says it's mandatory to notify - not really consultation - it's partnership - or more - it's reducing Exec to an adjunct of Congress Anyone has veto if knows in advance - Leak it. Too many vetos, no action ever. Seems to me F.F.'s intended Congress to use its law-making authorities and power of purse strings to do its will With health, road building, other programs - If Congress doesn't like what Pres plans cut off his $ - or direct him to do otherwise in law - but once $ appropriated, they don't review every hospital or road that's to be constructed, in advance. Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0 Approved Fo0lease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80B015*03200040016-0 If Congress judges Executive actions in advance - how ever know whether Executive effective or not? - Robs Exec of opportunity to take any initiative within Congressional guidance and becomes puppet of Congress. On detail - matter of perceptions Only our country. brings Parliament in to this degree - in itself a problem because Foreigners don't understand Secrecy is sine qua non of intell agencies - public relations is sine qua non of Congresses Need some restraint Has been well exercised by committees Lawyers again! But committees not complained lacked info for oversight Differences - yes - but resolved. 4. 4th Estate Used to get very little publicity Now a lot 1st - We've opened up * Public has questioned us Must have support Show return But results - Not process/sources * All secrets is no secrets Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80B01554R003200040016-0 Approved Fo~lease 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80B01503200040016-0 2nd - We've been opened up, like it or not * Investigations started - made newsworthy * Leak is prevalent and investigative reporting is in Burrowing and piecing it together, it comes out Often in degree of detail of no interest to public - great damage to us - because helpful to KGB, et al e.g., description of how to ID CIA officers abroad - what American cares? What anti-American cares - All. Midst hostage crisis. Most serious challenge Asking for some help Hughes-Ryan FOIA Identities Note: none constitute any relaxation of setting loose of CIA - All simply pointed toward modicum of secrecy so we can do our business Yes conflict - secrecy and open society Yes conflict - dirty tricks and fair play Americans Country has to decide if need intelligence - clearly do Must not carp at reasonable levels of secrecy and freedom to play dirty tricks against our Approved For Release 200p6W43tai3IJ D1#&GBO1554R003200040016-0 Approved Fo 0 lease 2005/04/13: CIA-RDP80BO15 003200040016-0 9 Nation's conscience is clear to those of us entrusted with this delicate responsibility Do not want to undermine values we're defending Do not. trust us alone - remember - Exec Branch checks and oversight - Legislative oversight Poised today at balance point - 3 years experience - can't demand tip balance even more toward disclosure, risk of leak, etc. and still call ourselves a SIS Not asking to be unshackled Asking again to continue on in way we've performed past three years - know no.accusation illegality, impropriety, abuse no any inference oversight process not been thorough and successful. Public support mandatory Your interest appreciated. Approved For Release 2005/04/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200040016-0