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December 16, 2016
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April 22, 2005
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August 2, 1978
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August 1978 Approved For R Use 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80B01554R200230034-9 2 CALIFORNIA TALK 1. 10-15 years ago - this event not possible - predecessor not accept invitation to talk - you not invite him - mutual acceptance - intelligence activities secret - intelligence not big topic Know you may be concerned - can intell be effective & more public? 2. Why changed? No choice - Must have support of public - On faith until -- Started as far back as 1967 - disclosures of CIA involvement with National Student Association Disenchantment with Vietnam, including CIA's role - Last straw - Sy Hersh article - 1974 - alleged CIA domestic activities Then followed - great unravelling - allegations of improper CIA involvement in Chile, Cuba, etc. - Books by former intel officers - Resulted in ? Pike Committee ? Church Committee 0 Rockefeller Commission 3. Realize 0 Must operate more in open than before 0 But if America wants its decision makers to have the kind of information which - in a mostly closed world - only an intelligence capability can provide - must not hobble IC;. and must also be some secrets which can be protected Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 Approved For Ruse 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80B01554RI?200230034-9 2 4. Openness Policy - Discussing intelligence - like today with you - What we do - Why - Intelligence agencies performing vital function - want you to know something about that contribution - Sharing results with you - 2x week - Oil study - Terrorism study - Civil Defense Study (copies in back of hall) - Forthright with press to extent possible - How can do and continue to function? ? Not easy, but important - discuss product not means Philosophy: reduce corpus of secrets; protect what's left better; everyone benefits 5. Can't open everything - surrogates for public - - Mechanisms ? Pres/VP/NSC IOB Attorney General ? Select Committees of Congress - Advantages ? Know all sensitive/important IC activities ? Guidance to IC ? Share responsibility ? Reflect public sentiments Ensure IC not operating in vacuum Ensure no pressures. , for. illegal/improper activity 6. But openness/oversight not all that's going on - greater effectiveness - E.O. 12036 - Policy Review Comfni ttee (NSC) Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 Approved For Re se 2005/05/24: CI-RDP80B01554R200230034-9 PRC DCI chairs ? State, Def, Treas, CJCS, Asst. for Nat Sec Affs Strengthened DCI's authority as principal national intelligence officer - intended in Nat Sec Act 1947 - 1st time DCI exclusive auth to develop Nat Foreign Intel Prog budget 1979 budget used this new process - direct tasking all IC collection assets ? preclude duplication/gaps ? leaves mgmt to parent departments, e.g., NSA-DoD - Can orchestrate best mix for each need e.g., want to know what's happening in Africa - maybe need 0 photos 0 listen to radio/TV bdcsts ? observer on ground Need to coordinate - use only to seek info most capable of getting - not waste on info available - DCI gains no auth to coordinate analysis ? still competitive ? State, DoD, CIA 7. Future - where go from here? Problems foreseen? - Building good relationships with oversight bodies - still feeling way - balance sought. - E.O. big help. Now working on Charters with Congress 0 Need good guidelines but 0 Need freedom to function effectively - Want to limit IC - Don't want to hobble IC Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 Approved For RVse 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554 200230034-9 Pie 4 Big question: Secrecy vs openness How much.of each? Where draw line? Need your knowledge; understanding; help; confidence Believe IC #1 in world today. Necessary if US to stay #1 Important days ahead for IC as critical relationships reach appropriate balance and as public participates more through better understanding of IC. Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 2 August 1978 Approved For Re1se 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R?a 200230034-9 SAN DIEGO TALK Great to be back 4 sea tours Dau - Moth - Cousins - Godson Home Know how int are nat sec off - of which intell cap is 1 Apprec invite 10 yrs ago Bec int sure concerned whether can do job Let say - can Not in spite of Because of What is there openness - help? Support of people Essential Had on faith Serious questionings Being more open re build confid What giving away - Speeches Publications Product - when can be declass Extent successful - better informed public Country be stronger Benefit Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 , Approved For Ruse 2005/05/24: CIADP801301554R 200230034-9 Note: Not talking process collecting - Must keep secret Some exceptions relate privacy - Not what public wants/needs kno Still another plus - Reducing secrets - helps keep them Critical problem Every reporter a Woodstein Got to return sense bal Wood/Bern great But if every publ servant suspect - every renegade whistle blower hero - chaos How do cope w/secrets and w/areas of collection public can't know Surrogate oversight SSCI/HPSCI Leaks Micromanagement Strengths Checks are reassurance - Were errors Easier manage when held accountable People have to know what doing Be able explain to skeptics Easy be blended by dedicated enthusiasm Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80BO1554R003200230034-9 3 0 Lest you think openness and oversight are all we are doing to maintain and improve our intell cap -- let talk about: 1 Approved For Release 2005/05/24: CIA-RDP80B01554R003200230034-9