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December 15, 2016
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October 8, 2002
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July 30, 1962
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For Release 2002/10/2-GiA R P80B0167`!!'R000100100018-3 View (CLASSIFICATION) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EXECUTIVE MEMORANDUM OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE MEMORANDUM No. DATE 30 3n1'y' 1962 MEMORANDUM FOR: ' DEPUTY DIRECTOR (PLANS) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (INTELLIGENCE) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (RESEARCH) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (SUPPORT) COMPTROLLER INSPECTOR GENERAL GENERAL COUNSEL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR NATIONAL ESTIMATES LBK/jrc Distribution: 1 - to each addressee 1 - Mr. For info.) 1 - DDCI (for info.) 1 - Executive Director - ER Ad- This smh sll memorandum additio al circulation within dressees may ay give their components as required. All copies should be destroyed not filed, upon completion of circulation. A master file will be kept in the Executive Director's Office and will be available upon request. Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RD (CL rICATION 7kift A94.9, tOwllgrad4HE d S VICKI Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80B01678tC000100100018G- 3 30 my 19162 in view of the possible resumption of Soviet nuclear tests at -y time, the DCI has asked the members of the United motes Intelligence the moat completes i t l n a ass ?pert all appropriate facilities so as to o information Possible Whenever such tests occur. The DCI b also cautioned, the Board members to take all feasible steps to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of intelligence information regarding any Soviet nuclear tests, in order to provide essseestial protection Of the intelligence sources and methods used in obtaining this information. Cerutrols on the dissemination of information regarding foreign unclear explosions are established by a Director of Central. Intelligence Directive No. i16. This directive specifically provides that so public release of information relating to the occurrence of foreign nuclear weapons tests will be made, wept as directed by the President or the National Security council. In view of the great importance of safeguarding intelligence sources arms methods used in detecting such foreign n clear tests, however, the has suggested with the concurrence of the United States Intelligence Board that a Prosidoutial directive be issued reafiirmifg that no public release of information relating to the occurrence of foreign nuclear weapons tests will be made except as specifically su orised by the President. Tbo distribution of such a directive should Include. in addition nts and agencies represented on the National Security t me dsgsr 1;0 Tom d Statues Intelligence Board, the United *ate* Ia rma- U it h n e t e 01Mt Cam, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration4 the Public Health Service and the Weather Bureau, all of whm receive information ga$Ing these toots. f the ware me sensitivity of this Matter, and its important i eew o (Iae v iss #cations. members of the Executive Committee should be aware of the action the has taken. ) Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : C