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December 15, 2016
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October 8, 2002
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June 27, 1962
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roved For eF ase 2002/10/22: CIA-R B01676 00100100027-3 J?Tf (CLASSIFICATION) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EXECUTIVE MEMORANDUM OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR DATE . AL" iii X42 MEMORANDUM FOR: DEPUTY DIRECTOR (PLANS) ,I 9 TvOR (LMTGELLIGENGE) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (RESEARCH) AUW DEPUTY DIRECTOR (SUPPORT) AAW 490*14TAQLQR? API/#4M01k.QE? P*L GENERAL COUNSEL A>iBi *%ITMDIR6ifTQR R. MATiO'M & BQTd M.M 9? 25X1 LBK:jrc Distribution 1 - each addressee 1 - Executive Director 1 - Exec Registry 11-11' This memorandum contains information for the addressees. Ad- dressees may give this memorandum additional circulation within their components as required. All copies should be destroyed not filed, upon completion of circulation. A master file will be kept in the Executive Director's Office and will be available upon request. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 -9I P80BO167 SECRET Approved For Ragase 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80B01676R 0100100027-3 L , ^ y 3 ~7 /i 27 June 1962 S CT: -'riitins by Francis Gary Powers i. on Monday, 25 e, it meeting was held in the DCI's office proposal. by various publishers that Francis Gary Powers an his experiences. It was cons-lulled that such a b k fraablee, would be harmful to Powers and we in the but 2. That same day the General Counsel and I? talked to Mr. Powers on this subject and he was reluctantly our guideaasce. 3. This Information is for the guidance of all concerned. In ,t Mr. Powers should raise the Issue again it should be to him that the writing of articles or a book would only involve controversy in which he would most likely come out second best. , he should be warned that he will be constantly the target for exploitation by unscrupulous individuals who want to make f of Powers' reputation. Third, he should be aware of the endeavors such as have been proposed to him are eeu financially rewarding than they appear at first. As long is with the Agency or continues an active Air Force career, ve will coati== to be the policy in regard to his writings. It e4vawed for tht high pay of the U-Z pilots has been that they would not have an opportunity for personal gain through writings. sbould be noted that one of the arguments that has been constantly L38 ,.-I jrc Distribution: I io each addressee I - D DCI _ for info. ? 1 Executive Director 1 -,ER Lyman 3. Kirkpatrick satecutivo Director bleu 3 03bwAS Approved For Release 2002/10/22$EcR P80BOl676R000100100027-3 25X1 Approved For ReFeasegbOZif6 1H '6FA-R MbT301676R000100100027-3 cp (. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP B01676R000100100027-3