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December 15, 2016
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October 8, 2002
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July 19, 1962
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Approved For Rease 202i 0 2 CI R P80B01676RA00100100 3 - ---- 1 (CLASSIFICATION) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EXECUTIVE MEMORANDUM OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE MEMORANDUM No.- MEMORANDUM FOR: DEPUTY DIRECTOR (PLANS) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (INTELLIGENCE) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (RESEARCH) DEPUTY DIRECTOR (SUPPORT) COMPTROLLER INSPECTOR GENERAL GENERAL COUNSEL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR NATIONAL ESTIMATES This memorandum contains information for the addressees. Ad- dressees may give this memorandum additional circulation within their components as required. All copies should be destroyed not filed, upon completion of circulation. A master file will be kept in the Executive Director's Office and will be available upon request. Approved For Release 200$/1&22: C*4-FtDF0B01676R000100100033-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : GGIP 80B01676R000100100033-6 :. { = 51_ OU 119 JKIy 1962 SU=CT. T -smistalof Isionoaties on CIA Covert or I. It is tht policy of the Age y to restrict to the greatest possible eb eea* on a strict 0aseed-to.know basis, " knowledge of covert or e activities c4#ed by the goncy, to place as little of this der I I MI 0& as pos sibls is nasaeoramis prepared for tssuaacee outside the Agency. and to insure that say i nformstion released (regardless of tog rss of cls astfcatle ) Is strictly for the use of the his of other eieep s sand ageeciss. or those officers of other agencies with a distinct used to know. s that this policy to rigidly adhered to. the following channels will be used for trsnsasittal of Information en covert and cImm & m Him, m activities; a. go& ister=M#m requested by the tee w ; be - atat.d with the DD/ P and channeled through the l or Dom* b. Slash iaeforaa ion for the Preea ld*at's Foreign Intelligence ,d-,dvloory bard will be cum mud through the Office of the ~no Director. i*for-matea for the Congress will be coordinated DD/P and chamwled throes the DCI or VDC.L. d. Such inforxacea-tioo for any other agencies of the Government Will be dummied throwth the Deputy Director (Plans . 3. I& the swat requests for information on covert or clandestine activities roach the Aged tiered other than nor al conunumications channels, I ranee, will be owed from the IP prior to taking aguen- and the channels *staWished in pearagraph 2 ahem will be used for a eat traer-srnittate. Marshall S. Carter 1 e *aeaud General, USA Deputy Director Approved For Release 2002/l.Q12. ?4K 11 Approved For ReI a 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676ROQW00100033-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000100100033-6 Approved For Release-2002/10/22 : UP8OB01676R000i. 100033-6 21 June 1962 SUBJECT: Release of Information on CIA Covert or Clandestine Activities 1. it is the policy of the Agency to restrict to the greatest pos- sible degree tibe release of any information on any covert or clandestine activities, to pl ce as little of this information as possible in. memo- randa prepared N r issuance outside the Agency, and to insure that any information r eased is strictly for the use of the heads of other departments and ag cies, or those officers of other agencies with a 2. To insure that 04a policy is rigidly adhered to, the fallowing channels will be used for release of this information: a. Any information on covert or clandestine activities requested by the White House will be channeled through the Special Group, for the direct delivery by the DCI or DDCI or their personally designated representative. b. Any information for the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board will be channeled through the Office of the Executive Director. c. Any information for the Congress will be channeled through the General Counsel. 3. In the event of any requests for inforpation on covert or clandestine activities that do not reach the Aged through normal channels, clearances will be obtained from either the DRIP or the Executive Director. Lyman B. KirkpatriE l cut vi firector 4,. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : Cl 01676R000100100033-6