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December 14, 2016
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December 3, 2002
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February 8, 1964
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'Approved For ease 2003102/ EL DP80B01676R000100130040-5 ;VSC REFERRAL NOT REQUIRERD of then in return for prospective long-term military L d c As, to I. dia, we particularly want it to hold foreign exc a.A~ge divorslons from development to defense to a '*_1 S level, lest we end up indirectly helping finance an e ,c sive defense effort via aid which we provide for quite anotlh ~r purpose? 1. We should make clear to both countries what wee t Furthermore, in the course of these discussions I desire tilip.t the following precautions be observed: p pare a,.{store minimum five year programs. Then, as the ?.plans mature and as we get a better reading on Congressio~a.i attitudes, we can-snake a final decision on what INTAP to provide. t y we pk L. Instead, we should indicate to both governments that. they s uld re s i P with either country. Until we have a clearer idea of the prospects for the FY 1965 aid pro gram, it seems to me premature to indicate to India or Pakistan how much military aid they ini?ht be able to.count upon, regardless of how tentative, memoranuum to mne. However, I ('10 not believe that we should yet discu N A ,s , nor ndxa 1.nd p Pakistan under the conditions described in they Secretary o Spate's 16 Januar I have no objection to going forward with exploratory approaches looking toward possible five year MAP T rogra SUBJECT: Military Assistance to India and Pakistan February 8, 1964 NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM NO.' 279 MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF STATE THE SECRETARY O. DEFENSE 7,. In the case of Pakistan, our MLAP help should be appropriately linked to satisfactory performance with respect its alliance obligations ,;25X1 Approved Fore ease 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP80B0167@00100130040-5 iIT ii: \1`1TT 11[1 WA S,1 11: O\ Page 3. Both governments must be made to understand that nr. iz - revocab3ee five year IMP commitments can be undettak+,r ':y the US, both because aid levels each year will de'nend o,-i '>ngress and because our actual aid each year will depend on. cont.ii) tin g Pakistani and Indian performance. 4. Our aaproa.ches to India and Pakistan should b time ,',>r opti- m rn impact. For example, I do not believe that we :;rvt>' ~~ initi- ally app-roach Pakistan until we have assessed the resu.its of the Chou ai visit. With these caveats, I approve proceeding along the lines of