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December 14, 2016
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January 6, 2003
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June 14, 1963
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. 4-j Approved For Rise 2003/02/IE' MfDP80BO1676 14 JUN 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT: Comments on Action Memorandum No. A-255 REFERENCE: Action Memorandum No. A-255, dated 8 June 1963 1. This memorandum is for your information and is in response to paragraph 3 of reference memorandum. 2. At the start of the October 1962 missile crisis all United States civilian aircraft were prohibited from flying in Cuban airspace at the request of the Department of Defense. To the best of our knowledge, CIA did not participate in this decision, although it is likely that the matter was discussed in EXCOM!V1. On 27 November 1962, the ban on United States civilian flights over Cuba was modified at the initiative of the Department of State, from outright prohibition to a warning in the form of a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) advising against such flights since the continued uncertainty of the Cuban situation risked the safety and property of United States citizens. To our knowledge, CIA was not consulted prior to the publication of this NOTAM. Although the risks had been considered as minimal for some time, the NOTAM remained in effect until 6 June 1963, both as a bargaining point with the Cuban Government for the release of Americans imprisoned in Cuba and as a means of inducing Pan American Airways (PAA).to resume service to Cuba, if so desired. The reasoning behind this position is spelled out in the attached memorandum from the then Coordinator for Cuban Affairs, Mr. Sterling J. Cottrell, to the Secretary of State. SECRET - :5- S Va00P 1 Excluded from automatic downgradia; and declaalflcatlen State Dept. review completed Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000100160003-3 Approved For Rise 2003s~/ A-RDP80B01676R100003-3 3. As a member of the Inter-Governmental Committee on Cuba' under Mr. Cottrell''' chairmanship, CIA did participate in discussions which led to the lifting of the NOTAM which, from our standpoint, was incidental to the decision not to resume PAA flights to Havana. This aspect of the problem is also explained in the attached memorandum. 25X1 Richard ems Deputy Director (Plans) Attachment: (1) Memorandum SECRET Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000100160003-3 Approved For Release 2003/02/27: CIA-RDP80B01W6R066100160003-3 ,mot emsists of __ No. - Ot ----i-1---- Coples, SerPal" ies t t Tbs Secretary Tli s C - W. .t aw 1/s AAA Mr. tisartia Y M: CCA Starling J. Cottrell $U Jail: Lifting of listiso to Aisa ( `AM) Vainiag Against Flights in Cubea AAars}aso and 1.sresption of Air Service DurIng the Ostvbosr aissile crisis all Doited States civilian aircraft vera PXOWbitod from f lying in Cuban Date in error- E-eL33487)~l at of the Depatrtrett of Refanso. should read this prahibitiea rss ssdiflad, at 27 November 62 . $ instaes, by' a Notice to Aisven (IOTA3) 30 January 63 ing against such flights (Tab A) since thaix con- is date of timuaase and the a ira-istp of the Osban sitdatiesr publication risked the safety atad property of United States eitiseas. of NOTAM. Althoweb this risk bas; probably been rlaiasl for some ties, the MOTA* be. eestiswad in affect both as a possible bargainiag point for affecting the release of the Ases'ricans imprisoned in Cobs aad as a memo of ind"Is,g Pan Ansitsaa Aiways (PA&) to rows ss service to Cuba, if as desir d. Dasta., with alts ssthorisatiean, tafowned Castro that the t weld Probably be lifts if the Amm isms w,rt d. Dessau so t