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December 12, 2016
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January 30, 2002
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September 9, 1963
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Approved F OFFICE OF THE DIREdYOR 9 September 1963 l Meeting of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Boar DCI Discussion, 1030, 13 September 1963 w 0 1. 1. The following items are those which ?yr. Clifford has ir,3,cated to the Director that he would like to discuss on Friday which directlyoncern N "Coordination of U. S. foreign intelligence activities. (Identification of major problems, gaps and deficiencies encountered by the DCI in the ir-plementation of the President's rnemorandurn of January 16, 1962, concerning coordination and guidance of the total U. S. foreign intelligence effort; and remedial actions taken or contemplated. )" The DCI intends to write a memorandum himself on his work with JSIB n'zernbers and the Defense and State Depart- ments. ',Mill you supply any additional thoughts that you might have. 2. In addition to the above, the DCI also wishes to discuss with the Board the Combined Cryptologic Program, the DIA budget, and the CIA visible budget. Jj,x323 SUSPENSE DATE: LB K: drm Distribution: O& 1-Addressee 1-EXDIR G800P a"MaUc Excluded tromnrt and Aid For Release 2d fl 'T' iA-RDP80B01676R CIA-RDP80B16 Rb00200010002-9 (signed) Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Executive Director A C T I O N Approved FVelease 2002/02/13: CIA-RDP80B01 c-ml 000200010002-9 ACTION MEMORANDUM 293 Meeting of the President's -Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1030, 13 September 1963. see 9 September 19625X1A Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010002-9 Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010002-9 DDDDDDD 11 DOCUMENT SEPARATOR SHEET ? ? Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010002-9 NEWDOC Approved F W lease 2 CIA-RDP80B0166000200010002=9 1qW `. (CLA88IFIC TION) / OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. A -Z92 Date 9 Seapte?nber 1963 deputy Director/Intelligence ?eeeting of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory 1 rd DCI Discussion, 1030, 13 September 1963 a The following items are those which vfr. Clifford has indicated to the Director that he would like to discuss an Friday which direct concern a. "National intelligence estlinatina rocess. (Status and results of survey looking to possible improvements in organization, procedures and product. )" The DCI would like a cornmen Chairman of the Board of Estirzaates. this from the b. "Currant intelligence assessruents and s of report- in -on crisis situations. (The DCI's co ments an the adequacy of present arrangements for providing the President and :.aemberv of his staff with such assessments and reports. )" The DCI, will use the report being prepared by 1-dr. .:arnzan on this. If the DD/I has additional co:nmezzts, please forward at an early date. c. "Intelligence collection activities of Soviet trawlers operating off U. S. coasts. " 2E6 a is ss bpi .e3 The DCI requests that TDD/I prepare a mermorandutsm on this subject after checking with the Navy. SUSPENSE DATE: LBK:drm lci#nedl Leman 11. KirkpatrlCl M Distribution: O-DD/I w/ lcc.`''`~ ' z ,yarx tr-`Patric Wii. 1 4 0 4 d For Release(M fflc:N6IA-RDP80B01676R00020