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December 12, 2016
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January 30, 2002
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September 6, 1963
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Approved Fo lease 2002/02/13: CIA-RDP/80BO167 0002000 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY acecutive F ec < txp (CLASSIFICATION) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. .A-ZE9 Date b General Counsel TO SUBJECT : .iber 19 63 Can4idates for Internship in Congreeesiorial Operations REFERENCE: 1. You will recall that at the Executive committee Meeting on 4 September I advised that we had receic eed an. Invitation from the U.S. Civil Service Co nInission to nominate candidates for the 1963-64 internship in Con- gressional operations. This is conducted by the Civil Service Corn.nission in cooperation with the American Political Science Association, and provides an opportunity for a small nu, n r of carefully selected administrators at middle grade level to acquire, a thorough understanding of Congressional operations. The program provides for a period of orientation :from. 12 November to 20 Deceem? her by the American Political Science Association. IA January the interns begin full-fie work assignments in a Congressman's office or with a House co'm mittee, and in May they transfer to the Senate. The internships terminate not later than IS Auguit so it require* a period of about ) months. The grade level is GS- I I through GS-14, and we should have an understanding that the individual plans to make the Agency his or her career. This offers an unparalleled opportunity for an Agency officer to acquire experience in Congressional operations, preferably in order to qualify for an *ppoint:: a.nt to the staff of the Legislative, Counsel. It is something we can do without becoming involved with partisan politics in view of its sponsorship. Z. I am asking the General Counsel to be the action office in solicit- ing nomination r from all components, perhaps doing this through an Agency-wide notice or an announceernwd at component staff meetings. I request that the General Counsel office, after the receipt of the nominations, diecus;2 the candidates SUSPENSE DATE: l e a r :i? L L JE ~ te a' Approved For Release 2002/02/13 CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010005-6 (CLASSIFICATION) ACTION MEMORANDUM Eappruveu roIiease cuuciuci i s ...w-rcurouau i niuuucuuu i uuuu-o CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY with the Director of Petso*nel and myself, and I hope we will be able to come up with an outstanding candidate who will be selected by the Civil Service Commission for the internship. In view of the tact that the program only sponsors a total of 10 from the entire executive branch, our candidate will have to be extremely well qualified in order to be selected. The deadline for nova na4ons is 27 September, and I would like to have all nominations into the feral Counsel's office by not later than 20 Srpt+ember. Components should be reassured that the individual will be removed from. their T/O and budget during the period of internship and Will be carried by the Agency, jAgned) --Lyman'-'B. Kiikpitrli Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Executive Director cc: DD/I DD/ P DD/S DD/5&T Comptroller Inspector General I /Parsomsl LBK: drm Distribution: 1 addressees noted above 0-- 1 - ExDir Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010005-6 Approved,f,?r.%e B0e.ML -SEop.TT6ig WASHINGTON 25, D.C. AUG 2 8 .,~ Honorable John A. McCone Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. .tsrsi6af; :~nr;n, ~~Z 10005-6---- IN REPLY PLEASE REFER TO Nine e:ecutive branch hid-careerists have just concluded their partici- pation in the 1962-63 Internship in Congressional Operations. This represents the second year in which Federal employees have been active in this program, which is conducted in cooperation with the American Political Science Association. Involving as it does full-time assign- ments in the offices of Senators, Representatives and congressional committees, the interns have acquired a practical understanding of the legislative process, of congressional responsibilities, and of inter- relationships between Congress and the Executive Branch. The evaluations of the 1962-63 program by the participants reflect a high level of enthusiasm and support for the experience and for the new insights they developed. In addition, the evaluations of their performance by Representatives, Senators and committee personnel are extremely complimentary, and indicate the strong positive impressions which they have made for themselves and for their agencies. Having now had the benefit of two years' experience with the program, we are more than ever convinced of its immediate and long-range values to both the participants and their agencies. In view of this, we are now inviting nominations for the 1963-f Internship. The American Political Science Associatiou has graciously agreed to assist us again, and to permit us to enroll ten executive branch personnel in the coming program. Those who participate will also have the benefit of attending an intensive and comprehensive orientation by APSA during November and December to prepare them for the full-time assignments which begin in January, 1964. Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010005-6 Approved For Rele$2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R00V& 010005-6 I am sure that you, too, will feel that this program provides an opportunity for learning in an area of key importance. I hope you will give consideration to nominating candidates from your agency. Enclosed with this letter are copies of the Announcement giving more details on the program for 1963-64. Sincerely yours, Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010005-6