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December 12, 2016
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January 30, 2002
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July 15, 1963
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SUBJECT : a rt*r$ 'Put REFERENCE: of the COntroct to ;n.- re irred see ees s *bull r,evteW and approve: the s1jb:teettvee A c, nditiOAs' U M l,yrraa izp*tric', tea (OCAS TION) 1 xact ttve utr w'4- Approved For Release 2002/02/13: CIA-RDP80B01 i76R0002DDO1 4019-1 ) . - '~' I July i9 tsston convey a Y iorv icees .Asirut*tstrttle-; s,, rued is the i" e~ttnxes s to &dvi" you that apprrove the et with I tartor *0 C"ClUAe $6 x , ~ t at1e to rowtd* a , , p ;;wee Dcsi$n C i y U . M--- - - __ .. - --:.tai* ~e f 4$ scc~ ,=-,plate cloww a - --- - as~x~ts t Gt3A c*sto will be borf by nor.~W1es. t .- e,vr> -i G scbe ~ . far this 1A M1 A 0 R A N D the errs*t we +a~clcet"if sds Wcb can be nU.** s ' t ler Y .ill be r equ*41t+ad to ie Purpose. 4 a D*Vaty DLre?torr (S""o ` tai=sl aspects rac s#aaFirt ttve &ts m, with GSA, - and somitOrrtOg 9orte' -eec+ ~t ' rtAo ,A: is G$ ` SC~SBggGATION -. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. _'-- 91 Approved Fob OD q p i~}$ DP80B01674*200010019-1 576 qY11 15 JUL 1963 go 20 SUMM Was Arty OISO= tt tip, U Jh1Y 1963 yamm liwsrs. Tasko and 1U 3.des of GSA., Pine Arts Ctmdttee, Nj~~ 41 INTL l CI,a1N? INTL 'teas, elated Owe awning by staatL that the A bad INTL I. " f th tk segestiead OMMOWSWIng all to aorano mae a the of a oosaea3.tstt to advise the APO W recur" redsoomtleft Of Mes~lalnartsxeat beailditag. He farther reported that the Van oee of this a~tiag wave to hear a report from Mr. task. Mr. Teske stated that WA non has a soggestios ter the hint of a color ooosmita*t vjadsr GM lirestios. Ms stated that GSA is a g sst ing a firm knoa as 20 (Interior *As" Pssin 4otales:ay). in is mokiaeg two proposals t (1) U at for $3,000 they V=,1d icy amt in broad detail the psyvho1 of color to be used mot the BwAVarte" bsilding and that for $19,400 the vemila provide specific details of colors to be used to each on m, sad corridor. oar a lamr sus pr;~aest of 02,000 1'dD roe* provide a eneplete color for the , bei ng. (2) the soooad vas an a mare limited piesam al basis- that far the sew of $400W OW weld provide us with 250 La w of ee-setltsms "me. 2. At this the setting vas transtarred to the ores of Mr. INTL teieah *e re described to Mr. WtVatrick the ftet that W. A. Gates Lloyd had inthed, Mr. Dsly of P as to the possibility for INTL Of service the retie stated that Mrthe D had r INTL 1oil4~Uag? INTL p to pitfalls that aatdbt voamr it as r dealt directly with as interior decorator of its an choice. this disceaasion led to the point that CCL wm1d send to the Mesa Mesare. 3hsko, MODy k %L a rz; sad 1ho at for a confercace frith the Fine Arts Cawi.ttee. Several naeetiags of Mr. Muko and the Piece Arts Ca>taaai.ttow resulted in the deeiston an Aare 10th that O U would not be able to provide the ltisg service mithis * d r am ma rgaver and that the veld suggest the hiring of a INTL .lot this se vice. stated to Mr. #iz patrie s that it was his sprees to letting a contract to IS providing that CIA r oes oc+sasltsat by GSA to advise as. Mr. Yasko now reports that ibr. Daly f77 pp~~?;[~ '~qq~~Ili"ti ,. ~~-~hgnt L~1 Approved'F'or elease 16RMM P;S QNgIA-RDP80B01676R000200010019-1 Approved For Release 2002/02/13: CIA-RDP80B016JO200010019-1 m line ArU Careatttes owns Zl Jly 063 _ ed sit tb m- rho t 1&. ~-alao TI NTL ter to w. ICtz tri~c ti~pa -- lt*& o WA - cogfteat to arm a aostraat, sg^dt it to G" Mr lei, ale. At this Vint U E 001100 tetwom i , STATI TL proD3.emr vim the a~ ~ csratrt t GSA oontmet vith the I tiro. AMM tons seised by W. nr~tpatartet vas on NTL am.-Ming .ng. I NTL vitt~-in two to three ebmt the tact that ordwe INTL iatsr3seted that he s mwcumd have been issued to stop sU Vdn' IS the bui1 and that tIMM w- app nt in t~s of allewt ~~ to got W vitb ck oked its WNW' STATIN L lsss~n~r At this petat vm" be critical i`n tdmsthS or as d~ ` of three owe vas Wt Wke stated that in his INTL qWytjw tinier oat maw a fss* ? )&. ~, atri~c stated to or. .INTL that be do abomd with the uslW with G- saa the canumat. k. !la annents vet made wso u tbs Of ith in n~~ MW *0 VwX t be aW3mdttsd Y 0 !'alt at s p3 5 aioatteas4? SIGNED C~id'ssr f1s` NTL cL i . >a (Omuta) NTL 13 Aar 63,P STATIN ADMINISTRATIVE -- INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010019-1 25X1 C Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010019-1 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/02/13 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200010019-1