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December 15, 2016
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August 22, 2003
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July 2, 1963
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Approved For elease 2003/10/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010024-5 sLk"LL. SG~y~i (CLASSIFICATION ) ACTION MEMORANDUM OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. A-Z62 Date 2 July 1963 TO SUBJECT REFERENCE: Deputy Director/Plans Deputy Director/Intelligence African Policy Cemmittoo 1. The Secretary of State has established an African. Policy Committee to be chaired by Assistant Secretary Williarns. H. has asked that the Agency ce,signate a representative, and our nomination will be Mr. Bron- son Tweedy; 'Chief, Africa Division. 2. In order to insure that the DD/I area is kept informed of state Depaa ent thinking in this field, it is requested that Mr. Tweedy arrange with DD/I for a representative to accompany him to the meetings when nono ratfon&I matters are to be discussed. if that Is permissible under the ground rules to be established. i 's:arthe r, it In requested that memoranda for the record be kept on the proceeding, of these meetings, to be circulated as quickly as possible after t meeting to the Director's Office for informa- tion. State Department, NSC reviews completed SUSPENSE DATE: LB K: drm Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Executive Director '7"r ? it j 813 Distribution: Original w/att. = DD/P 1 w/att. - DD/I; 1-DCI; 1 -DDCI;(ER; 1-ExDir Approved For Release 2OO31~2 : CIA DR8t 1tf 16 000200010024-5 (CLASSIFIC TION Approv*oelease 2003/10/02: CIA-RDP80,*000200010024-5 THE SECRETARY OF STATE WASHINGTON LIMITED OFFICIAL USE June 20, 1963 The continuing need to improve the formulation and execution of United States foreign policy is a matter of deep interest to me and, I know, to you and your Agency as well. The way in which we meet this need clearly depends greatly upon the area of the world or the kind of problem with which we are dealing. In Africa the United States is confronted with rapidly changing internal conditions, readjustment of the old colonial relationship toward a new and more rewarding cooperative arrangement, long-term Soviet bloc activities and aspirations and the emergence of this continent as a more signifi- cant force in the world. As a consequence United States policy must deal with many variables. The need is therefore particularly great for full exchange of views and broad coordination of policy within the Federal Government. These twin tasks can, in my opinion, be promoted by the creation of an African Policy Committee. I therefore propose to establish such a committee, and I invite you to designate an appropriate senior official in your Department to be your repre- sentative. I have asked Assistant Secretary Williams to be its Chairman and to get in touch with your representative when he has been selected. As you may know, we have thought that the Latin America Policy Committee has been helpful in evolving our policy in the Western Hemisphere, and with suitable adaptations I would expect that the African Committee could be similarly successful. Unlike many committees the Latin America Committee has succeeded in reducing some of the paper load we all carry, and because its members are prepared to speak for their agencies, it has helped to establish policy positions rapidly and to take action effectively. I think that these characteristics are extremely important, and I would expect the African Committee to emulate them. I know that your representative will play a very helpful role in making this effort a success. The Honorable John A. McCone, Director, Central Intelligence Agency. Approved For Release t - I '8iF4rt '"u OB01676R000200010024-5 ~~.. Approvefelease 2003/10/02: CIA-RDP80,6S000200010024-5 LIMITED OFFICIAL USE I am enclosing a brief background paper on the scope of this Committee. Since the group should be flexible in its approach, it will wish to consider this paper as indicative of its role, rather than as a rigid interpretation of its duties. Sincerely, Background Paper. LIMITED OFFICIAL USE Approved For Release 2003/10/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010024-5 Approvecaelease 2003/10/02: CIA-RDP80WM6AW000200010024-5 K T(jj ?F1' CC `s UK% almdan g ha cG ??(Bp- 'Lo 00?abliohad by ?he 30@,002n-6y OR ?6 --dvioo Mm _ ?>~?b~~ ~p?b~e~ fl~ A~fl~afl g? ~~a~,o~afla ~~fl~ano~fl~~ ao opeTaaflo? o off police ~~~a~~~~a?$? o C~ afl~s a G~c~Qffo?a #~ ~Q?r~~?a~~y . ~~ ~ ~ . g oo ~e~g~ ~~~fl~c~~~a~o- s . ~Q~~~a~w?a8f~~e~3 g~?m ID~~a~eg ~~? ~ff ~g~?Qo. . ?fl~QflsQe~?aa Cfloc~o ??sIltQt.@u20Cmn ~ P np~fla?Q. Lc~~Q~?a~i~e~Qn~s ~Up?? oaco T-Thie~o OX-Coo ??~f~i3 ~Qr~~~r~ ~ ap~~opQ~3a~Q ~~?oflc1e~ a~3 ~~e~flIQr~epa~a?Qo^ ag Bor ~nbofle~~7cu~?o ~cg1 ~'z~ e ~p? 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Action Memorandum No. A?262. 2 July 1963 1. In view of my imminent transfer to EE, is replacing me on the African Policy Committee. effective with the meeting of 12 September. 2. 1 assume this has your concurrence. 25X1A Approved For RelWe 2003/10/02: CIA-RDP80B01676R01 00010024-5 ACTION MEMO #261 SEE SPECIAL MATERIAL CARD FOR DISTRIBUTION 25X1A 29 Jun 3 Approved For Release 2003/10/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200010024-5