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December 15, 2016
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October 17, 2003
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December 10, 1963
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1104. it A-RbP80B01676R0002AQ020021 OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. A-323 Date it) December } 913 Director of Personnel Agency Community Morale and Recreational Activities Neither the DDCI nor myself feel that we are currently being kept sufficiently apprised of community morale and recreational activities sponsored or encouraged by the Agency. I do receive the monthly Personnel Office report via DD/S and perhaps this provides as good a vehicle as any for keeping us informed. In the event that any of these subjects are not fully covered in that report, would you please give consideration either to supplementing the report or to providing us with an additional report. signed) Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Executive Director LBK: drm Distribution: Original and ,1 A,ddre s se,e 1 - ExDir CLASSIFICATION) Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200020021-7 A C T I O N Approved For ReIe 2003/11/ A- P.aO 1 76R00 020021-7 MEMORANDUM FOR : Executive Director THROUGH SUBJECT REFERENCE Deputy Director for Suppor'/~ 2 4 DEC 1$63 Recreational Activities Your Action Memo No. A-323. Subject: Agency Community Morale and Recreational Activities, dated 10 Dec 63 1. This memorandum is for information only. Z. In April 1962 the Agency's recreation program consisted of only eight activities in which under nemployees actively participated. 25X1 basis of our belief that great'ez~mploye? participation would on the result from an exp*nded program and that there existed an unsatisfied employee need for a bettor variety of recreational activities, this Office initiated an effort to organise new activities and to broaden the scope of the recreation program. That, we were correct in our earlier belief that employees would respond to an improved program is shown by the attachment, wbic.h lists 27 activities in operation in December 1963 with almostiactive participants. 3. To date, recreational activities have been financed by dues paid by participants and from money received from the CIA Welfare Assistance Board. With the dramatic growth of the recreation program during the past 20 months. it soon became apparent that some new source of revenue had to be found before new activities and continued improvement of the program could be achieved. At the same time. it was felt that some t formal mechanism was necessary to provide for the orderly management and organisation of current and new activities. As a result. an Employee Association, known as the 25th Hour Recreation Association, was formed this month. The Association is a formal. unincorporated entity that will be managed by a board of Directors consisting of live members, four of whom have been elected by the presidents of the current clubs and activities. I have appointed the fifth Director. the Chief. Benefits and Services Division, who has' been elected President to the Hoard, thus assuring command participation in the management of this Association in the same manner as is done with the Northwest Federal Credit Union and the Government Employees' Health Association. To ensure full compliance with Agency security, cover, financial, and other policy and administrative requirements, the Board. at its first meeting hold on 20 December 1963. has recommended the appointment of advisors. 0002002 Approved For Rele.2003A 1l"diA-WE11oa 01676ROOW020021-7 4. In this new phase of its development. and through the impetus of the Association, the Agency's recreation program should eater a spirited period of growth and increased employee participation. An Agency- wide membership drive will be conducted after the first of the year in the hope of increasing membership in the 25X1 Headquarters area. At the same time, the new Association plans to explore many additional new activities, such as a ticket service by which members can purchase tickets to plays. sports, anal other events at a significant reduction in price. In addition. the Association will investigate the feasibility of organizing tours and vacation trips at reduced group fares as well as discount purchases of merchandise. One long range goal of the next several years, should the Recreation Association hopes for expanded membership and income-earning potential be fulfilled, would be to provide a gym, meeting rooms, bowling alloys, barber shop, beauty parlor, and a small PX, in the same fashion as has recently been accomplished by the National Security Agency through a building fund. At any rate, we are confident that the attention now being given to our recreation program will result in a significant increase is the number of activities and in employee participation and that the anticipated growth will more than satisfy employee needs for this specific type of outlet. Emmett D. Echols Director of Personnel Attachment Distribution: 0 - D/Pers 1 - ER 2 - DDS 1 - D/Pers (stayback) 1 - C/BSD OP/ BSDI Approved For Release 20(3 C1A=F[OBO faifi~ 0 0021-7 L- " L a cd., doc188f1t~ 20 December 1963) 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200020021-7 Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200020021-7 (CAE9 Approved For ReleasLe bb3%t''hi4 : CIA-RDP80130 76ROd42~0020 6-21-fi O.t1'Ic:E OF THE DI EICA'OR Actions /Aerl!orc)r:li;r:l P: rr ;25X1 ,;REFERENCE: sonnt't U;.t'( ct.':')r/Suit-)or.t 010 iunity 1`lora.le and I..ecreat ion:a.1.tivitie=e tY!c r ;.i e V)j)CI nor myself feel. that We tre.' cu.r i'. )_tf V Tel ~ C(.t ~1h:i 'itiy 11ip1sed of community morailr. and 1ecr ]tl~itl',.f! d or encouraged by the Agency. ? do receive the r1'1 ;ntrtiy 17.1e_17 sonnel 'Office report via DD/S and per this ,)rovides a:, , ood a l,lc.t: as a :w for keeping us informed. In the event that any o tt ,.., si1'.?fit (.'t a C not fully co/e2'! d lnrthat 1'C, port., would von pl d' F Div i OIls1