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December 12, 2016
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April 22, 2002
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October 24, 1963
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proved For Release 2002/08/ P8 0B01676R000200020049-7 (CLASSIFICATION) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. A.104 Date 24 October 1963 1. Will you take forthwith the necessary action to establish a erxanentt CIA Training Selection Board. This Board will have the final authority to recommend to the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence and the Director of Central Intelligence those candidates selected for training with particular reference to external training at the senior war colleges, the State Department Senior Seminar in Foreign Policy and such other programs as the Advanced Management School at Harvard. While this will be the first priority for this Board, it should eventually become the vehicle used for approval of major Agency training programs. 2. Inasmuch as the primary responsibility for training rests with the Director of Training and the LOCI has recently reiterated his policy of desiring that the Director of Training have cognizance and general super- vision over all Agency training, the Director of Training should chair the CIA Selection Board. The Director of Personnel or his Deputy and a representative from the Comptroller's office should also be members of the Board. There should be representatives on the Board fr"m each of the four Directorates. 3. It will be a requirement that members of the Board will have sufficient time available to devote several weeks each year to its activities; e. g. , when selections are made for the senior service schools, Board members will be required to devote full time to studying the back- grounds and records of all candidates, and the Board will, as a body, have SUSPENSE DATE: Deputy Director/ Support CIA Training Selection Board ~EKCIUded tfCm a~^'~d daenfesdi ~~ 1" .. t (CLASSIFICATION) Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200020049-7 A C T I 0 N proved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200020049-7 meaningful interviews with each of the;ddtteef. SSter, the Board will be responsible for appropriate follow-through with the nominating components in the event that the Board feels training other than that recommended would be more appropriate for the individual. (signed) LYman B. Kirkpatrick l..yrmm B. Kirkpatrick Executive btrector LB K: drm Distribution: Original and co w ER - ExDir. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B0l676R000200020049-7 Cpproved For Releas2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000220049-7 31 October 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 1. I have just read your Action Memorandum setting up the CIA Training Selection Berl and I am in full accord with it. I wish you would impress upon all the members of the Board, either th.rengh brute strength, persosion, cajolery. or a written directive.. that Candidates recommended for selection must be fully representative of the " of people we pride ourselves on having n the Agency. They should have a good knowledge of the entire operations of the Agency and be fully capable of standing up on their, two feet and representing the Agency in any discussion. There are many other attributes that they should have that I will leave up to the hoard to screen, but the point I am trying to make is that the Bosrd should have a two-way ort ntation ?:;? that they arse. selecting a representative of the Agency to go out Est other agencies and should therefore be outst -f men, and`tbo other orientation is the value of the trail to be accia&ed by the individual and how he will use that training when. he return-tO Me- Agency. Under no circumstances should selection be a re"'. x?d for l and faithful service or a means of farming a fellow, out for a Year just to get rid of Mm. 3. may have' already done this sad if so please , sTfollow through 'candidates are nominated. MSC:bec Orig Adee (by hand) 1 - DDCI files M.a.C. Approved For Release 20 ! 8/ 't-~-EIA-RDP8980+1#76