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December 15, 2016
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October 17, 2003
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October 15, 1963
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roved For Release 200311.1/04: ClA- DP80B01676R0 00020054-1 ~CT,AggIF'IOATION) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. TO : f p Y Director SUBJECT : , ppoiatv"Uts with Clef. of moons and Bases REFERENCE: 1 October 19b3 A..4.1 to see Chiefs of t; t o # . ieCoa a has expre*$*a 1. ir rt*re for or "tarn from overseas posts. issofas as it is gsstamasses ncticablrr. ds This also $iO:s to the DDCI and the F-xe,cativee tirectoarw is i~titi.all for ._~...l Y The office of the Lxesntiv+ee J retrctox vAU be the feral PO~ s It is requested that calls be made: to t ct* tllr to advance 01 arriv sake the appOtntInent= au,,* of demands on time it cancel these apPointrsaet t s w 2 It should be un erst**d . ccassiost be necessary to at e a snap on T ostposen eats or casncellat1. 'will be concern and the indite . r,- cc: DD/1 D/ST. D ctlp between the 011 1" (signed) Lyman B. Kirkpatrick LYn,ma B. Kirkpatrick Exelcutivea i:+`irector 4 w semis is & slight deviation ron ; rect,sr. bUt it $ppl,tes h ee Orsantaation of the Office of t ue-this 5 bJeCt. It is inte4nd ed to sire plifY the pr' russets Conceesr~ag eee may be seeing the Sarno individual. 9j "o on* or all thr SUSPENSE DATE: LBK:rkg - 1 ? 1"rrT F.A /DDCI, ExecDir,- Approved For Release 2003/11/04 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000280 ? -1 of theses appois~-exsr s. -1 sirdepe.xt arsa so that there A C T I 0 N M E M 0 R A N D U M 25X1 F, is 1?' proved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80B01676RR20 02005 0 12 October 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD On 11 October, Mr. McCone stated that he wished, insofar as it is practicable, to see all chiefs of station before they depart for a post overseas - and all chiefs of station when they return from a tour of duty overseas. 25X1 Orig - r eneral Carte ".: cc - Mr.`KiTkpatrick Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200020054-1