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December 12, 2016
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August 19, 2002
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June 25, 1964
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Approved 'For Release 2002/09/01+.; P80B01676 200030015-11 ) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Action Memorandum No. 362 Director/ Iageelllgeet er puns ch leegy 1)eeputy Director/ science and To p`uty Director/ tpport SUBJECT : REFERENCE: eases Rotational 1 Frogr ea!nsibflitl- provide ee reeae it p s argiaag I. In discn usv se training for Agency person" 14 the Office of Training hav are to the services of highly qualified officers who are eexpe1st current substantively. In most tancees, these officers are assigned re- outside the C :ffice of Training and it follows, therefore, t at *0 Off of Training should be in a position to levy Ment for instructor$ an rotational tours of duty. 2. Because OTR provides training for the entire Agency, and past x ienCe suggests that a broader and aree in view of approach the wo that be useful, the concept of rotational programs be#w-aeaeae C~ efy Agency components should be expanded to include C`Pft and e~h+er ~g the four Iiirsetorates? Experienced officers outside of OTR can make a strong contribvtiOas to the training effort and will. on c+pleetion of their riearece to their assignment* to ~C3T`ft, bring back additional rs OTR e andicer ~ should b. rotated parent components. Similarly. i e~ratst of to the Directorate* to fill vacancies created by the a~see~' --A OTR instructor l t :Diirectoratet officers to ?T . It ess 4Vk the ~xbstaaecee nd skills ii aa r on "I broaden and renew their cxvw a,-ecess. the *raining F i n are responsible for transmitting 3. 1 am convinced that an effsctiv'ee approach to the objective of eshe fir Directorate* n t ' e tation betw accomplishing ""Ore systematic ro SUSPENSE DATE: ear .mc l U, U (CLASSIFICATION) 25 June 1964 A C T I O N Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200030015-3 Approved For Release 2002/p91Q4: CIA-RDP80B01676~0200030015-3 nil OTR is provided by the idcarser i-rogta -. ati a.d for Age"y officors asleet*d qualitatively and r o need for admuaeexueat. the M.idcareer Pro ram. affords a part ufarly approp reftUos of Agency officers to and frax t TI with co*ssquont advantage to the tra ng program, to the Career Services, att to the lndfividnai office re. 4, 1 can w bt now, qualified zntdcareer a ers is plam"g Ave-year Pregrame tting this program started. I for their asi reer a assigait here to be rotated to the Office *(Training as follows: DD# P' -- 5 DD/ I ., . 3 Di/S-_2 DD/ SIT - s POUCT than year, Lynion U. Kirkpatrick E*.c> ve Director Originating Office: OTR Retyped for signature O/ExecDir:mp (26 June 64) Distribution: Orig. - DD/ I cc - Remaining addressees ER's DDCI ExDir OTR Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT : Proposed Draft of Action Memorandum on the Mid-career Rotational Program 1. Attached is the draft of an Action Memorandum proposing the regularization of a mid-career rotational program between the Directo- rates and the Office of Training. 2. For many years, I have been advocating an organized rotational program between OTR and the Clandestine Services. So far as it has gone, it has been successful if we are to take at face value the state- ments of DDP officers who describe their tours of duty in OTR as a valuable experience in the substance of their professional training and actual competence. Numerous other officers have expressed similar sentiments. Some have mentioned, however, that they wished their tours with OTR could have come at an earlier stage in their service with the Agency so that they could have profited sooner in the applica- tion of the experience gained. 3. I have the impression that developments have now occurred within the Agency which, together with the establishment of the Midcareer Program, provide the right combination of circumstances to achieve important advances in the Agency training program and, at the same time, provide reciprocal advantages to the Directorates. 4. It is of central importance that we institutionalize a normal ex- pectancy on the part of any Agency officer of whatever seniority that a tour of duty in the Agency training process may constitute a regular part of his career service with the Agency. The reasons are clear: a. There is a psychological tendency on the part of other com- ponent officers to consider a tour with OTR as an abnormal and unwarranted interruption of their career service specialization. Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 Approved For Rase 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R 200030015-3 b. An image has developed with some officers of other Agency components that assignment to Training represents their being sloughed off, disposed of, or judged as less qualified than their component colleagues. c. There is concern about promotion and future career assign- ments. d. Meanwhile, on our side, there is need for rotational assign- ment to OTR of some younger officers from other components as training instructors. The average age of our current instructor personnel is about the mid-forties. At the same time, we must be in a position systematically to rotate younger OTR officers to other components if they are to be groomed effectively through the experi- ence and career ladder. 5. I can think of no more effective way than that represented by the Midcareer Program to advance on these objectives in view of the fact that the Midcareer Program addresses itself to program planning for Agency officers selected for their quality and potential. 25X1 MATT WW BAIRD Director of Training Attachment: As stated above Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 Approved For R1Vse 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676F200030015-3 24 April 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT: Clandestine Service's Support to OTR in the Mid-Career Grade Category 1. As you know, we are making a real effort in the Clandestine Services to raise the qualitative level of our support to the Office of Training in the area of instructional cadre. Discussions with the - Director of Training and with the Deputy Director of Training have identified the need for the provision of a number of mid-career officers who can serve as instructors, particularly in connection with the JOT courses. We are fully in accord with the desirability of this development and we propose to support it. 2. The Acting Deputy Director for Support discussed with me yesterday a request from the Director of Training to the Executive Director-Comptroller for the issuance of an Action Memorandum which would direct us to provide a specific number of such officers each year. I see no useful purpose to be served by the issuance of such an Action Memorandum. Whether it issues or not, it is our intention to work toward providing the Office of Training with as many mid-career and senior officers as instructional cadre as he can reasonably accommodate. We will be able to do this, however, if the tour of duty with the Office of Training is held to a two year period of actual on-the-job duty, not counting the additional time needed in connection with processing on board and processing back to the CS. In each case in which we provide such an officer, it would be the practice to advise that officer of the position to which he will be returned in the CS when he has completed his two year contribution to our training objectives. 3. The quota of five mentioned in the Director of Training memorandum is not unreasonable, and we should be able to stick Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 ? -=4 ,- Approved For R(#se 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676 200030015-3 pretty close to it if we can also expect that the tour will be a two year tour and not a three year tour. 25X1 Assistant Deputy Director or an CONCUR: 3 S/ Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Executive Director - Comptroller cc: DDCI Acting DD/ S DTR DDP/ TRO Approved For Release 2002/09/04: QIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 is reacting against Action Memo memo represents good step forward and believe we should concur with the substance. in conversation with me. Otherwise, substance of in purely DD/P context. There is need for centralized policy embracing also DD/S, DD/I, DD/S&T. Mechanism of how centralized policy embracing all directorates not so important as achievement of objective. DD/P is sensitive to action memos regarding them as directed to DD/P solely or primarily- -Recall ~s sensitivity im 0 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030015-3 Here is Matt's memorandum arftl his pro- posed Mid-career Rotational Program Ac- tion Memorandum which we have been dis- cussing. As I told you, I has some rather strong views on this which I think he should be permitted to air before he is handed an annual specified quota. FROM: Acting Deputy Director for Support ROOM NO. BUILDING E N F RVkA 20(~2/01dqd&!t 8M 03 FORM NO I FEB 55 241 REPLACES FORM 36-8 WHICH MAY BE USED. ved F~Nb02/09/04 :CIA-RDP8p]B01MM0015-3 E] SECRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET ADD/P TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) Executive Director-Comptroller OFFICER'S INITIALS .USE R ~110U5 yO , E~~TtQ s L : SECRET - ., ^ CONFIDENTIAL ?l It2ilGS DATE 2 7 APR 1934 COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) 25;1