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December 12, 2016
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August 20, 2002
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June 16, 1964
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Approved F elease 20 1; IA-RDP80130167 RQ0 0200030Q23,4 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT Progress Report No. 1: CIA Information Handling REFERENCES a. b. c. Action Memo A-375, 28 April 64 DDS&T Memo 1403-64, 15 May 64 ExecDir Memo for DDI and DDS&T, 22 May 64 1. In reference a. you placed upon the DD/I the responsibility for developing "the best possible system foratheahandling monthly information, indexing and data processing," progress reports. This is the first such report. 2. Action to date has been in two areas. First, it was necessary to get clarification from O/DCI regarding intent, particularly where conflict appeared to exist between the allocation of assets between Agency demands and Community demands. Second, it was necessary to formulate a rationale for developing policy and concepts on an Agency-wide basis and for implementing approved policy and concepts. 3. Clarification the have irector's Cartereand through conversations which the Executive Director, and further clarified by reference ions issued by the Executive Director in response to certain questions raised by the DD/S&T in reference b. 4. I now have satisfied myself as to how to proceed. My general concept is as follows: ? Placing general responsibility on the DD/I for the over-all development of information systems is sound. DD/I is the intelligence production area, hence should in collaboration initheothemulation concerned areas, play the key of policy to guide the development of information systems. Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA`-`RDP 0B01676R000200030023-4 r! I t Y.u uu 25X1 Approved F Release 2002/09/04 :CIA-RDP80B016760200030023-4 WO A policy group to guide this development can, in my judgment, operate effectively by having in the group representatives from the components having major information systems responsibility, both user and designer. I therefore plan to use an informal group to be known as Project 375 Group (after the number of your Action Memorandum), composed of: Paul A. Borel, Chairman Joseph Becker 1 ILLEGIB ? I intend to propose to the Project 375 Group that we first draw up general guidelines indicating the direction the Agency should take in the years ahead. This would cover such fields as transmissioneorieval, information, machine translation, storage, and processing photographic intelligence. ? We would then recapitulate the programs underway in DDP, in NPIC, in OCS, in OCR, and identify the gaps between what we had set as goals and what we had underway. From that point we would recommend to DCI what more we ought to be doing together with costs involved. Once an over-all program was approved at a given level, we would press for implementation, and conduct periodic reviews to surface desirable modifications in the over-all program. 5. As you know, the area of information processing is a complex one; the implementation of programs cuts across directorate ~- lines as does perhaps no other activity. The encouraging thing S, is already is that much of what wmust andeOCRy, Ia nbebieve professionally worked on by OC good will we can collectively that given this start and given g accomplish the DCI's wishes with the approach outlined above. As long as I have the responsibility to coordinate these matters in his behalf, I will seek to usepresent channels manddd and existing machinery whenever possible. be proposed by the group, the matter would be presented to the CIA Research and Development Review Board and budgeted for by the appropriate directorate. - 2 - Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CJA-RDR80B01676R000200030023-4 Approved Ft 'Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80B016 6 00200030023-4 6. In short, through an informal grouping of those now most heavily engaged in various systems work we will pursue the objective of developing in CIA advanced information handling systems which not only are responsive to the needs of the times but which are related to each other in a meaningful way. 7. One last point. You asked for monthly reports. In significant progress this business, once the main lines are set, ro ose therefore, I p p arters . is more likely to be seen by qu with your approval, to hereafter submit Project 375 Reports quarterly. PAUL A. BOREL Assistant Deputy Director Intelligence/Management cc: Mr. Becker 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/09/04: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000200030023-4 - 3 -