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December 15, 2016
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October 17, 2003
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May 8, 1964
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,Approvea i-or Kelease LUUJI11IU4 :G3i4~Rfu1rt$Ut$Ulb(bI(000 UUUjUU4o-( L l- 5-1-1 -: ~ - { ~f '.mss A ticm I n A-354 dui 28 JONONO 1964j, sow 644"t `Y uie ~eaa dated 31111119911 196, s" 40 t 1. iefor a (b) has bees iavi " I si in s t1 a1 ee?- aeat with the Ia a1s owt . 8. It at ha e1i to expedite the i"Waft at the NVOPO"d ra g aelatdoss vtt a vim to haying reaWat In the bonds of to ti./e3d atati as is time to be tsd at the begot Fiscal Y 1965. I tad , fit that the die a-tc h to field ste-ti refer.. +a-10eed is Your fora ah ~-.b. be O wt imodieataay. 'Yeae di atch should aearhs it * ieteaut ele that fsilaare at these now Provis.3 e, as as -li*d 04 t ei d! by each stations, to i eve si ~t rsd*at is wabers at ' iclars will remit is mssaiatwy redo twit as which my be si favorable to the imdividool sed to the stage. b. Xi .ck dace i Virectw-t aptrcell*r 0 is (8 may 1964) DistriVUMMT' - Orig & 2 - Addressee 1 - ZxDir-comet 2 - 8ubject/BPAM 1 - 8ea~dirg/BPA$ 1 - sAB/BPM Approved For, Release 2003/11/04 CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030048-7 Approved For R se 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP 4/ Z-;le -~. A 1 i'tlI~'J tl . ammuv* Director + __ _" KOWAMIM 5MM: ASOMW Vehicles VON =MI (a) Action A-354 t dated ~ Y 2.964 to =/8 rrm 3 lesearenyd~et frees Ta/5 to 8 -CaMt dated 31 *rah X9&, seams subject 1. Atteueh t M. `fib A is the 111/8's reply to ,Actiaa NOMOVIEN&M A-3514. We have disewraed the prcosad regulaticst -vehicle obwW*s i arose mmbers of the 11/$* s stag conesrned with the Asemy and agree that the actions cited are vel:l-desi d to reduce the ni my of QP vehicles. wehave no alternative or additicfla' ec measures to suggest, but ass +s that as drafts of the revised regulations ere cawleted, we will have an sport' u*ity to review then. 2. Also attached at Tab 8 is a proposed reply to the 0/8 which we suggest be sent over 3'UU signature. eJ l.a.~ el lF u.L YI ~. 25X1 aAY 1964 NUTOVer D ? e1 Attae is (2) Distribution: - ofBIAX a1 8tt Approved For Release 2003/11/04 :CIA-F#0I1676R000200030048-7 ,'alt Division U14 the oval of se*+ the total motes MS'eg to tss'S; 'tort t OP r -it x i & b"WOM S MOMO ~d offtCV be as persuw n tlowe. Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030048J V- 64-1873 roved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80BO1676R 2000300 8- 1. I bb ran*= IS Lro A -354 dt3 2$ J 64 " :t. same "ble'a Ye$ 1 QV 2. lu A900" to a*t ~ -? -j-he z tcmOt - atop" ti ; es d to ~ " redectlim ~i al t? x a-1 { `? a se+a to lieu at iai of tmwosumm e-11 Os w . proved For Release 2003/11/04 : CIA;RDP80B01676R0Q2200030048-7 e. Permits an alternate method of reimbursing tvr,dse of a QP vehicle by providing that the etngloyee$ will .pray all' 1Ii` of vehicle operation (L e.. . oil, lubrication, washing and tire repairs), but will make no claim to Agency for costs involve in official travel in the vehicle. Conversely, the Agency will not require mileage rate reimbursement for personal use of the QP vehicle. f. Permits Chiefs of Station. to authorise transportation allowances without the necessity for sezuring Headquarters approval on each case. 4. Ths above{ cb gel In Agency Regulations are designed to make transportation allowances more acceptable to employees than QP vehicles. Additional measures planned to bring about the desired changes are: a. A request to the Agency's Credit Union for preferential interest rates for as mobile loans to employees whose vehicles will be used for official r "Poses in lieu of QP vehicl s. b. A dispatch to all Chiefs of Station firmly acing *0 Age y's vehtculsr economy program, an i emphasizing Agency intent to got out of the QP v icle business wherever possible. c. Special attention to Agency vehicle usage and economies by members of the Inspector General's ilk as a part of their regular system of aucitte and inspection& Orig - Adse X- ER 1 - D/BPAM 2 - DD/S :+-tal Smart Asei5W to the D / Otrector of Logistics Disit1bution: D S L. K. White ?epttty Director for Support Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200030048-7