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December 12, 2016
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June 17, 2002
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January 23, 1965
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or Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676 00200040004 4 ?=2)7 Peputy Dir rAlpixtr Liec TO Deputy Lirector Director P.uppo Inspector Casaeral General Counsel (CLASSEFICATION) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR SUBJECT 1146 Bogert Development* REFERENCE: 1. The ear 1b6 revie*ad by the 1147/4146,4ol basatm approved the Aseacy ddition to the usual limitations ao tote authority and ort totst aumbor of plioo two mew restrittiona: A.436 Action Memorandum No. JAN 1965 v Date tf the Ageacy Is.L5 to ter adjustment*, the President 6616tittiOil to Out CP0AiiitC66. levol for atm obli&ationai reau hes this year a. AmzLni allowable iher of positions *AA 11 opecilic Atm tiee t:1 the 0Yerall tA41 supergrade sad scientific payschede erripioyee* autharigea. b. A set level, which etwoOt ary paid o aa Attacy..voitis besis. 4 for the avereyie Z. both of these new lizeitatione have beee .stltsieo ernment. The first otter testrietteg the Tther of rade* le and **that the catilas, oa sulertrades, has noel:a ilit6;111 the press, is easily twitterstotni. itud poses (*a- great probieli, 1A. The eeelseid Slaw costrol factor, the average salary stipulation, more c plea ar.d requires oath elaboration aad action. ... the pa plait* of this -nem Tandem. 3. 04v ditterf.l. CievereAlont ously the change in graUtte to stop escalation in the sire and is the doflar colas of agetticiec Thee. meattoras have aeon taken agsiut tmckki. SUSPENSE DATE: SEChET ' CRO;12 1 1 =' Enctutd tatr, ter.r.nht, 11,;:fr7r-tr?In7, z,-...1 . LI,-?.1.7.111r,'1'41 (CLASSIFICATION) Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP801301676R000200040004-4 0 4Z>Pzic)4t1'14 or Relete 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676 02000400044 7 of two recezit pay raises for Federal employees and the abundantly clear policies of this Adminietration with respect to inc axed productivity and economy in GOVCrarritszti operations. 1Lach agency is charged with keeping within the limits established and with Lasing steps now to assure that controls are developed to meet these objectives. 4. The Bureau of the Budget contends that, even alter allowances have been made for pay raises and the ueual periodic step increases, the Agency average salary over the past year has shown a sharp rise. The Bureau feels that our promotion rat* may be unduly high, that there has been too great a margin between position grade and the actual grade of the incumbent, and that grade structure within organizational components may be richer than actual responsibilities justify. The Bureau has also suggested that Agency retirement rates, under both the new legislation and coasting Civil Service arrangements, should start to accelerate, with a concomitant lowering of average salary needs. S. Based on the foregoing coasieratioas the Bureau of the Budget has assigned an Agency average salary for FY 1966 which is exceedingly austere. A careful examieation of Agency experience in this area is bein made in preparation for further negotiations with the Bureau, but even if some relief is obtained from the assigned figure, the problem t)f adhering to a set average salary is a substantial task for Agency management. 6. There are mitigating factors. believed to be unique to CIA, wttich have contribeteci to the trend toward higher average salaries. Firet is the legitimate and anticipated result of the Agency's deliberate policy of recruiting below the grade of the position and then promoting to the grade. La other words, people brought aboard in the lower grades are now growing into their full responsibilities and this is being recLgnized by promotion. This policy of k...0Dizig substantially below grade differs from the practice elsewhere in Government. 6econd, the Agency skills mix has also chnn4 - materially over the past year with many lower grade personnel droppeu from Tables of Organization and their numbers reduced through attritiela (one of the manifestations of an organization coming down in over-ail personnel strength). Finally, new positions at higher grade levels have been created to accommodate an increasing requirement LI the scientific and technical fields. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80601676R000200040004-4 or Rele e 2002/08/21,: CIA-RDP OB01676R200040004-4 li A ogMs.a that they when IT 11164 Is the interim. WNW level funds a the Agencies Gas? sad will Ise defeated ea O. Admittedly. responding to to artificial rigging. meat must propose te Mee* Ml *cope at personnel through recruitment* pay* prookatioa sad separation. The Office of Suelytt. Presren; Am/pas wed of Per Seeleel are cressently developing proposals which monetary sad perseamel centrals While inalataintag the isles i Career Service ceocept. The results et these itiVorte will be dises;* fertheensiag meeting; at the Tiaaacial Policy aad Nudge& Committee. 10. Three steps are immediately obvious. nil& SS a temporary there will be no opsradiusat peaitions until an appropriate nmeetary sad control system liar imter approved. Some. promotions *cameo most be bald to those which you In are absolutely essential. Third. all Directorates mutat isstitute ark surest*** program to initiate retirement if these personae:1 olio qualify under the law at this time. This is vital bit provide essential headroom and Aesdbility In porseamil moassement throughout the Agency. Tlyis Offke of Perseenel will provide Emelt Directorate with the same* of peremmel under their jerisetictioa who dotal* for retirement over the mart 10 mouths. &Mat Directorate will import to me by Maw* I 1946 she actions taken to effect retirement of thee* persoaset. ea be wiry fluid coutrol glvse time and susceptible e. Agency manage - task Involves the positios greding (signed) ?77. Lyman B. dirhpatricx 25X1 LeAecutive Directer.Compireller BPAM Distribution: Orig DD/P 1 - Each addressee 1 - Executive Director-Comptroller 1 - Executive Registry 1 - D/BPAM flm (14 January 1965) 3 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B176R000200040004-4